Monday, August 30, 2010

Chicago Part 2 . . .

I know. I am horrible. Going through hundreds of pictures is not my favorite thing to do. These pictures were of our Thomas Day out adventure. It was such a great experience even though Will was not 100% that day. It was also about 110 degrees! Not fun.

Will smiling it up even though later in the day he would be diagnosed with a double ear infection! Gotta love another Thomas Day Out. This one was so much better!

Thomas in all his glory. It was a very very very hot day there!

I love this half face shot, rosy cheeks and one sick boy who soaked up his idol.

It was so neat to be on this train with the windows open, everyone was waving and Will just loved it. So much better than B-More Thomas.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Messy Playdate . . .

Will has a new friend that we have been meeting up with lately, hence the lack of blogging.

He is having such a good time and it is nice because it really tuckers him out!

Those baby blues just melt my heart, even when tantrums are lurking around the corner.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chicago Part 1 . . .The Drive !

Yes. We drove.
When you are going to be gone for two weeks, it can be mighty expensive to put our sweet Ella in a kennel. So we decided to make the long journey with her.
I have to say Will and Ella are the best car travelers. Except in rest stops. Will acts like a monkey gone mad. That is a whole other story. With more ear infections involved. Yeah, I know...again!
Lew has done the drive so much so it doesn't bother him but I start going stir crazy! The drive can be anywhere from 10-14 hours! No. We did not stay over anywhere! I wish we would have because I hate the drive.

Will was busy playing with trains and watching movies the whole way there. When we got to Indiana I started taking pics of him and he wanted to take a picture with every toy he had. Such a silly guy!

All I have to say is boo! Go Cubs!
There are over 500 photos I have to go through but I promise there will be more interesting posts soon!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Where were we ?

Take a guess. We are back. Finally.