Friday, April 30, 2010

Mommy's Pon . . .

Recently it was that time of the month for me.

And seeing how it is that I have a 2 year old that follows me everywhere, he happened to witness me, ummm.. how shall I say this....

...using a feminine product.

Trying to shoe him away...he was still curious. Yes. I know. This sounds weird. Maybe a little too personal. Maybe it happened to you? So.

Anyway. That was that. Or so I thought.

Later that day we were upstairs doing laundry and out came Will, with a tampon tucked into his waist band! He had reached into the medicine cabinet and just helped himself! I could not help but laugh.

So. I had to tell him. These are mommy's tampons and only for mommy, not for Bubsy. Of course he looked blank in the face and got kind of po'd when I took it away from him.

Fast forward a few days later and thinking the whole incident is out of his head. I was making our bed and out comes Will with another tampon, only this time he is holding it, thank the lord and says, "Mommy's pon" and then he hands it to me. Gotta love him!

Have you ever had something embarrassing like this happen before?

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Just a quick little post.

Yes. We are still here.

Will has yet another double ear infection. He is one miserable little bubsy.

He has been so kind to share it with me as well.

I feel like crap. I am ready for the cold/flu season to be over with!

Hopefully I will be back soon with more "healthy" posts.

Monday, April 26, 2010

We Puffy Heart Him . . .

Friday was our big adventure with Thomas Day Out. Let me just say, Will was in Choo Choo heaven!

It was at the B & O Railroad museum in Baltimore which also had a lot older trains we could explore as well.

Will and I taking a breather from all the Thomas activity...
Will in his engineer hat...he kept putting it on back words...such a character!

Getting ready to take off on can't see it but right above Will's head there was a bullet hole!! Totally freaked me out!!
I puffy heart this little bubsy!

Good Ole' Thomas!

I have to say after a couple hours there, my bubsy had about had it and was totally tuckered out! But we got some wonderful pictures and Will got some Thomas souvenirs like a new Thomas night light, a Thomas Day Out T-Shirt, Jack the digger, a Thomas Hat, and a Thomas beach ball.
Yes. We spoil him rotten. But he is worth it all! Such great memories we got to create with our little guy.
When we got to the parking lot, Will said, "Thomas going nite nite." He keeps telling me Thomas is taking a nap or Thomas is going night night.
That boy is definitely my lovey!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Randomness...

  • Tomorrow is our big Thomas Day Out! I asked Will today if he was excited to go and see Thomas, his reply was, "I wuv you Thomas!" That explains it all.
  • I truly believe that motherhood comes in stages...newborn...challenging...5-8 month stage...joyful and exciting...8 months-1 year....scared they will knock their head on every corner of the house and what else can they get into...then the 1st year marker...blissful....such a great year....2nd year marker...testing me...testing me and more testing me...good moments...bad moments....back to good moments again.
  • Can you believe we are in the "thinking" about stage to have another little bubsy or bubzette? Me either...but you know what? It feels right.
  • Will loves his new big boy bed now and even will let me know when he wants to go to bed! Totally amazing! Two weeks ago I was ready to give up. He has always been a great sleeper, just not the best at change.
  • Lew has been working super long hours and unfortunately is going to have to add another day of work each week! Sucks big time. Will and miss him when he is gone. It also stinks because I have to arrange some of my clients around his schedule.
  • Do you ever feel like one of your family member has a "tude" with you and you are not sure why? I kinda of feel like that way now.
  • We are going to go to Door County, Wisconsin in August for a family vacation. That is where Lew used to go as a kid. It will be kind of neat to share that experience with Will.
  • Lately I have been obsessed with Haribo gummy bears. Totally addicting.
  • I am getting concerned that my wild flowers that I got from the dollar section at Target just might not grow.
  • Will is talking so much fact he repeats whatever we say. I actually feel like I can communicate with him now. So amazing how he is becoming a little person! He even says..." I wuv you mor den air." Such a cutie! That is our little saying that Lew's mom started way back.
  • I am not the best cook but I am getting better. I am a baker and find it so relaxing.
  • Is anyone happy that Kate is off Dancing with the stars? too.
  • I wonder if the 16 and Pregnant moms are going to do the Teen Mom show? I kind of hope they show what is going on with the last cast. Yes. this is my guilty pleasure show. Along with many others....can we say I am so excited for the Housewives of NJ to come back! Major drama.
  • Okay. I am done being random.
  • Will says..."I wuv it!"

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Target Garden . . .

Yep. I was that person in the dollar section at Target looking at all the mini plants. I don't have a green thumb, so I thought this would be perfect for me.

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical that anything would actually grow out of the dollar section. But guess what? My sunflowers are showing some life!

In the middle I have some wild flowers. Then on the right I just planted some strawberries. Lew was laughing at me last night, saying did I really think strawberries were going to grow in that!

If everything ends up growing I am going to go back and get some basil and oregano. Why not? Will loves to help me water them too. It's our little project.

So if you were wondering about those little plants in the dollar section....go ahead and give them a shot. They deserve a little love too.

Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm Lovin' me Some Mom Cool Aid !

I bet you are thinking Mom Cool Aid is some wonderfully awesome alcoholic beverage that you have after a long day with your kids?


You know that saying..."I wish I were drinking that cool aid."

Right? Or is it something I made up? I don't know. Anyway.

Mom Cool Aid= sweet, refreshing, sugary, whole hearted mom advice. That's right. I know I made this up. As cheesy as it sounds, it is so true. Drinking the cool aid is definitely something I am going to start to do more of.

I constantly question mommy decisions, ready for the potty or not, sleeping issues, crib issues (as you all know by now), what to feed him, does he need vitamins, does he have allergies....etc. You know it all. Because you have been there too.

I really just want to thank all the moms and everyone last week who gave me some wonderfully, tasty Mom Cool Aid. It worked!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

No Nap = Major Crankiness !

I am sitting here listening to Will up in his room when he is supposed to be napping. It is 2:44. He has been up there since 2:00. He fell asleep on the way home from errands so I put him up in his room thinking he would continue to sleep.


He only slept for 5 minutes in the car!

All I hear are MaMAMaMAMaaaaaaa's coming from his room.

I am so tired!

The last two nights he has woke up looking for me and has come into our room to sleep in bed with us. He falls right to sleep. What the heck?

This morning he had me up at 5:45. What is he thinking? This whole bed thing has screwed with both of our sleeping habits.

To make it worse Lew has been going to work at 5am all week so he never hears a peep...or that is what he says.

Now he is banging on the door.

I was hoping for an hour of peace fullness. Not happening.

I also gave him some Zyrtec because our allergies have been horrible. I wonder if that stuff made him hyper or something?

11 more minutes and then I will go up there.

Great. This means I get to take a cranky toddler with me to train. This is going to be interesting.

Breathe Jenny. Just breathe.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pour Your Heart Out . . . This Mommy Gig

I am linking up with Shell this week at Things I Can't Say because...well sometimes you just need to pour your heart out. If you feel the same, go on over and link up.

Lately I have been wondering about this whole mommy gig. Yeah. You heard me right. Sometimes I question the whole...should I have gone back to work? I mean I truly have the best job. I am a Personal Trainer that makes up her own hours so that she can be with her son. That is the way I would want it to be. I am totally lucky.

But then there are those times when I wish I could be with the working force. Go back to managing and training in a gym. I really do miss chatting and working with my peers. Taking classes whenever I wanted. But then I am working for someone else and not myself. I like working for myself. I feel like I have a more personal relationship with all my clients.

When I see people leave in the morning to go to work, sometimes I wonder where they are going and can they take me with them. Is that horrible? I feel guilty even writing that.

I kinda think I might be feeling this way because Will is going through some transitions as you all know and really testing my mothering skills. Both my sisters have been otherwise occupied and trying to talk to them about all this has been impossible. But I am glad that I have the bloggy world because then I would feel truly lonely watching everyone in my neighborhood go to work.

The other thing is Will and I go out and about all the time and there are some kids his age in our neighborhood but they live on the other side of it and every time I have said hi to those mothers they really don't respond to me.

I guess I am kinda feeling left out in this mommy gig.

Thanks for listening.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Future Cub ? ?

We are major cubby fans here and Will is definitely one of their smallest! If there were tee-ball for 2 year olds...Lew would have him in it. When Nana visited from Chicago last September she brought him his first hat. If he sees anything related to baseball on tv he runs and gets his ball and his hat and starts pitching it around the house. It is hilarious!

This morning he started in on it and really started playing the part of a serious ball player. Will's game face..or is he ticked at me for closing the door last night??

"Catch this one Mama!"

Will throwing his ball down the hall. This kid can throw!
Go Cubbies!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Crib Jumper . . .

Will's crib jump the other night was not a one time thing. In fact the kid hurls himself out of it!

Friday night was pretty bad. I had put him in there for bedtime and he pitched a royal fit! He hoisted himself out by using the side of his crib and then swung the leg over. This went on several times. Finally I rocked him to sleep because...well I caved. I was being selfish and wanted some mommy time. He fell asleep.

Saturday I went to the library and got a book called Toddler 411. Again...I turn to books to help me raise my child. I can just hear my mom saying, "a book is not going to teach you anything about a kid, you have to just go through it." Well, the book gave me some sound advice. We put him in his crib at bedtime. He jumped it of course, but this time I had his old mattress on the ground next to his crib so there were no visits to night time peds. again! What I did next, I thought I would never do.

I shut the door on him. Just shut it. That is what the book said to do. Meanwhile Will is throwing toys around in his room. Then he proceeds to grab his plastic golf clubs and bangs on the door to let him out. I felt like I was ferberizing him all over again. He was crying pitching a fit but he thought he could have it his way and that I would come rescue him. Believe me. I felt horrible. I hate to hear him cry. But after about 40 minutes off full on tantrum. He fell asleep. It was the cutest thing ever to go into his room and see him laying on top of all of his blankets and snuggling with his Alfred(lovey). Put him in his crib and said tomorrow we take apart the crib and transform it into his toddler bed. Major sadness.

We got his toddler bed all ready for him and unfortunately Lew was working so bedtime was on me. I put him in there and of course he was not too happy with me. But I made sure to take out the golf clubs! He fell asleep within 10 minutes, right by the door. I moved him to his new bed and he curled into a little ball. This morning he did not jump out of his bed. He waited for me. The baby in him was giving at least that to me.

So sad. My baby is growing up. I guess I thought he would be in the crib for longer. How did you transition your little ones into a big kid bed? Did you have some major melt downs like us?

Friday, April 9, 2010

I Need Mom Advice. . . Pronto !

I never thought my 200th post would be this post. A I need help kinda post. You know when you are thinking, man my day is going great and everything is honky dori? Well that was my day up until about 8pm.

Will has always been an excellent sleeper. We did the Ferber method on him when he was 4 months old and it worked. He did not need mommy and daddy to rock him to sleep or any other device to help him.

But lately he has gotten attached. Particularly to me. Which I knew would happen because we spend every waking minute together except when I go and train.

Anyway. I tell Lew to not drag out bedtime with games and running around. But that never happens. When we put Will in his bed last night he was fine. I turned on his music and he was playing with one of his trains we allow him to have in there. Then Lew is over there asking for more hugs and kisses and the kid starts to freak out. I knew it. So who does he want mommy. I sit and rock with him for about 5 minutes and then tell him its night night and he is going back in his bed.

I do just that. Then he throws his binky(which he can only have for bedtime now) out and the train. I come down the stairs and I hear him crying. I think he will have to fall asleep eventually. But oh no. What do we hear but Will at the top of the stairs!

He climbed out of his bed! I just thought, man so much for me reading my book tonight. So I go upstairs and I think he is tired but he is just pretty much being Will's bad twin. Throwing stuff, hitting, telling me no he's not going back in his bed. So what do I do? Put him back in the bed and he climbs out again. So... I shut his bedroom door with him not in his crib. For a good 10 minutes I listen to him bang the door, throw stuff and god knows what else. I tell Lew I am going to go upstairs and read my book so I can keep a listen. Lew said he was going to go to bed. Thanks!

When I am in bed, trying to read. Not happening. Will is still in there crying and shaking the door knob. Lew comes in and sets the alarm and is like how am I supposed to go to sleep?! Are you kidding me? Like. Hello. I know you have to get up early and all but I am just as tired. I wanted a relaxing evening with my husband but that did not happen.

So I say fine. Let me go and cuddle with Will until he falls asleep. Well. To make this long story short. Will lost his one and only binky in his throwing tantrum. Lew got up and searched the whole room for it and we could not locate it. Finally Will seemed to be fading. Lew went to bed and I was rocking Will who at this point was definitely tired and talking gibberish. His eyes were closing and I thought for sure I would be in the clear. Nope. He is now wailing for his binky. That damn thing is seriously going to be the death of me. I look at the clock. It is now 10pm.

I go and change out of my pj's and put my shoes on. Grab Will and we head out to the 24 hour Rite Aid. Yes. You read that right. I was desperate. I gave in to those stinkin' binkys. We make it to there about 10:15ish. Pay for them and then I rip those suckers open. Hand him one. Pull out of the parking lot. Look back.

He's out! Out!

So my question to you is, what the heck do I do about all this. The binky? The climbing out of the crib? He did not climb out this morning maybe because he was calm and not trying to be Will's bad twin. I can't wait to deal with nap time this afternoon. Mommy needs a break! Please help!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

NYC Pictures GALORE ! ! !

On our way...
This was our hotel was very surreal.
One of the many baths that they took!
Very first taxi ride...
Will in his element at the Toys R' Us in Time Square...
Will letting off some energy at Central Park Zoo...

Everyday Will had to check out what the cranes were doing...
Will and Lilly at Battery Park...You can see the Statue of Libery right by his head...

The "ills" running around Battery Park...
Mommy and her bubsy....
Easter picture in the mix...on our way to brunch with the cousins...
Enjoying some running around and glorious city sunshine!
Will and Ella on Easter...she loves her Will so.....much!

Our NYC experience was amazing! We had great weather all three days and Will did surprisingly well w/o naps. Although he was quite tuckered out at the end of the day. He usually passed out on me around 7:30. Not a bad thing for sure.
We visited Central Park Zoo. The petting zoo there. We got to play on the castle playground. Visited Dylan's Candy shop..unfortunately Will was napping in his stroller at this point but he did get a special treat. That place is amazing if you are a sweet lover like myself! That all took one day! It was one long day too.
We took a ride on the subway. Will loved it because Lilly told him it was Thomas. So every where we went will wanted to ride Thomas.
We had some interesting cab rides...I think those are always interesting though.
We ate at some yummy restaurants and some smaller low key joints. All were wonderful!
We took in some shopping in Chinatown, Herald Square, you name it we stopped there. Will got a nice little addition to his summer wardrobe. He also got Bill and Ben from Toys R' Us.
We wanted to take a tour on the Statue of Liberty but she was booked until May 31. So we settled for a walk to Battery Park and pictures from a far. We also got to see some very eclectic entertainers down there as well. We ventured to South Street Seaport and had a wonderful dinner down there.
It amazes me that every time I got to NYC, I can always find a place that I have not been before.
Such fun.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Because I Am Lazy ! ! !

Our trip to NYC was a blast and I feel like I am still recovering from it all. I will have pictures and stories to tell from there in the next couple of days. But for now. I am being lazy and posting some donut pictures of Will.