Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Randomness...

  • Tomorrow is our big Thomas Day Out! I asked Will today if he was excited to go and see Thomas, his reply was, "I wuv you Thomas!" That explains it all.
  • I truly believe that motherhood comes in stages...newborn...challenging...5-8 month stage...joyful and exciting...8 months-1 year....scared they will knock their head on every corner of the house and what else can they get into...then the 1st year marker...blissful....such a great year....2nd year marker...testing me...testing me and more testing me...good moments...bad moments....back to good moments again.
  • Can you believe we are in the "thinking" about stage to have another little bubsy or bubzette? Me either...but you know what? It feels right.
  • Will loves his new big boy bed now and even will let me know when he wants to go to bed! Totally amazing! Two weeks ago I was ready to give up. He has always been a great sleeper, just not the best at change.
  • Lew has been working super long hours and unfortunately is going to have to add another day of work each week! Sucks big time. Will and miss him when he is gone. It also stinks because I have to arrange some of my clients around his schedule.
  • Do you ever feel like one of your family member has a "tude" with you and you are not sure why? I kinda of feel like that way now.
  • We are going to go to Door County, Wisconsin in August for a family vacation. That is where Lew used to go as a kid. It will be kind of neat to share that experience with Will.
  • Lately I have been obsessed with Haribo gummy bears. Totally addicting.
  • I am getting concerned that my wild flowers that I got from the dollar section at Target just might not grow.
  • Will is talking so much fact he repeats whatever we say. I actually feel like I can communicate with him now. So amazing how he is becoming a little person! He even says..." I wuv you mor den air." Such a cutie! That is our little saying that Lew's mom started way back.
  • I am not the best cook but I am getting better. I am a baker and find it so relaxing.
  • Is anyone happy that Kate is off Dancing with the stars? too.
  • I wonder if the 16 and Pregnant moms are going to do the Teen Mom show? I kind of hope they show what is going on with the last cast. Yes. this is my guilty pleasure show. Along with many others....can we say I am so excited for the Housewives of NJ to come back! Major drama.
  • Okay. I am done being random.
  • Will says..."I wuv it!"


MommyLovesStilettos said...

My boyfriend just said last night that he hoped the girls on 16 and Pregnant do a Teen mom show. He actually likes to watch that show with me!! LOL

Anonymous said...

love this list! Some of my phases would be different with Sammy then with yours with Will. I heard a stat. from my friend Katie that its like they are on a 6 month schedule or so.. 6 months are tough.. then 6 months are easier.. not saying there isn't a little of both mixed in.. but you know what I mean! Have fun tomorrow! That stinks about another day of work for Lew!!

blueviolet said...

Did you say KINDA happy that Kate is off DWTS? Mega happy! Her attitude was just not nice!

Haribo...the golden colored bag one? Yep, those are darn fruity good!

Helene said...

Oh I'm so happy Kate got booted off of DWTS! I couldn't stand her eye rolling and constant whining. She kept whining that she's not a dancer...blah, blah, blah...I don't remember them holding a gun to her head saying she HAD to do the show.

Gummy bears....yum!

bbcd mama said...

I used to go to Door County, too! And I totally laughed at the "worried they'll fall and crack their head" phase. That's so where we are with Maddie!

Oh, and Bubs will make a grand big bro!

Brandi said...

I missed Kate the entire time she was on DWTS! I hate that. I would have loved to have seen it when the judges told her she sucked.

That's exciting that y'all are thinking about another little 'Bub' in the oven. ;)

I am SO glad Will is sleeping good for you. Bedtime can be such a headache!

And family members with a 'tude'... yeah, got that here. Thankfully it's 'extended' family, or 'outlaws' as I like to call 'em. ;)

Candra said...

I would like to second the Haribo gummy bear obsession I sometimes feel I need some sort of intervention........ ;-)

Chelle said...

I am in love w/16 & Pregnant...I hope to GOD they have a Teen Mom--I need something besides Big Brother to watch this summer :)

And totally get the 'tude with someone in the family. Pretty sure I could write a novel about people just treating me like crap on a semi-regular basis. Sad, but whatevs--I have my girls, my husband and my blog friends that are so good to me :)

And yay for thinking of having another little one! Best decision we ever made. I can't imagine my life without my girls.


Christy said...

A possible baby #2? That is exciting!