Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

From my little elves to yours...have a magical day!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Santa is coming...

Santa told me he is done wrapping these two little boys' presents!

I can't believe Christmas is in 5 days! Where did the time go? It seems the holidays are coming and going in a flash. Seeing smiling faces from my boys on Christmas morning will be priceless. I really live for their happiness, it makes all the icky stuff seem pointless.

I am hoping we will check out Christmas lights on Christmas Eve night, like my parents did with us. A tradition that never grows old. Santa will surely find his way with the brightest of lights. My 7 year old self remembers those drives like they were yesterday. So much wonder and imagination at that age, I hope my boys believe for a long time.

Let us soak up these last 5 days, and remember what our 7 year old self enjoyed about Christmas.

Monday, December 17, 2012

what's been happening...

hello.  we are still here.  blogging lately seems kind of like a chore.  but.  i know i have to keep going for my sanity and for the sake of my boys memories.  because if i am anything like my sister, i will not remember a lot of them!

  • i was so utterly sad when i heard about the school in CT.  i can't even imagine and i just pray for everyone involved.  my sweet Will is almost that age.  it just breaks my heart.
  • we had a stomach bug last week.  boo.  my sister came right in the midst of it all.  so thankful she didn't run for the hills.  regardless of the bug, i was so happy to spend time with her.  she really is like a second mom to me.
  • the boys and i are going to VA. the day after Christmas to see my family!  i will be traveling on my own, with two little ones, keep your fingers crossed.
  • santa has wrapped a lot and has to get some stocking stuffers.  he is on a roll!
  • the annual let's make Christmas cookies hasn't happened because of said stomach bug.  maybe we will try and squeeze in a batch this week.
  • Will got sick an 2 hours after his school Christmas program.  that was my main goal, to get us through it.
  • Eli clearly is my little rebel baby.  runs, jumps, and climbs everything.  in one week he busted his lip, twice, got a black eye and gave himself an egg on his head.  but, he keeps on going.
  • still adjusting here.  it can be quite lonely.  i wish that i already had friends here.  i think once i can get some clients, then i might feel better about this all.  i just keep telling myself, everything happens for a reason.  there is a reason, Lew got transferred here over GA. 

                                                                     An oldie but a sweet boys

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wordless Wonderful Wednesday


Happy Wednesday friends.  Happenings now and from the summer.  That beach looks pretty good right about now!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

a random kind of day...

  • Tree is up.  I love this time of year.  Which makes it harder being away from home.  The real home.  I did some black Friday shopping.  Totally crazy!  People are seriously serious about getting their deals.  All I went out for was legos.  Santa is pretty much done with Will.  We are, I mean Santa is debating on the whole big boy bike thing.  I always got that big present on Christmas.  Partly because, there were three older siblings and my parents only splurged on Christmas.  I feel like Will does get a lot, but Christmas always meant so much to my mom.  So, I tend to go overboard.  I think Santa might bring Eli a ball pit, which I know he will love.  I am debating on the whole Christmas cards this year.  I really am not feeling it.  Maybe because we are still unsettled.
  • My business cards have shipped!  Hooray!  So excited for them to finally get here.  Once they come, I am going to hit some of the hot spots.  As much as I would like to go into a gym, it is not really practical with two little ones.  A Personal Training studio would be better, so that I can work my hours around Lew's schedule.
  • I have done quite a bit of online shopping.  I have to say, it can be addicting!  My niece requested suspenders and nerd glasses!  I thought it was hilarious but, it is definitely her.  Can't wait to see her face when she opens them up.
  • The plan is for the boys and I to go back to VA the day after Christmas, I think I am totally crazy for doing this.  By myself.
  • Will watched Home Alone yesterday and loved it!  I knew he would.  He is actually trying to create booby traps around the house.  Too funny.
  • Will is full on writing his name.  I know some 4 year olds have been doing it for awhile, but he never showed interest in coloring or writing.  It is so amazing!  I can't believe he is doing it.  His teacher is amazing and actually does one on one writing lessons with each kid.  We got a new app that is helping him spell and learn sounds of the basic sight words.  He is doing great on that as well.
  • I decided Eli might be getting too much sleep during the day hence the 4:30 wake up calls.  So, I took out the morning nap.  I feel like, he is still so young, but I wasn't sure what else to do.  He is doing pretty good so far.  The last two days he was gotten up at 7 and today 6.  Then I try and get him to nap around 12:30 and he has been sleeping tell about 3 or 3:30.  Then bed around 8.  Once we are a week in, I am hoping that he will get the hang of it.
  • My sister is in the Bahamas.  Miss her even more because we haven't been able to do any face time.  She definitely needed a little relaxation.
  • Just finished reading Easy.  Really good.  Easy read, that you won't want to put down.  I have a ton of books that I want to read, but haven't really been motivated.
  • Did I tell you that I was making Will's stocking?'s slowed down to a crawl.  If I want this to be done, then I really have to kick it into high gear.

Off to enjoy some peace and quiet while the baby is napping. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Happenings...

1. Big playing basketball in the freezing cold. 2. Big and his list to Santa.  We mailed it off in hopes that Santa just might write back. 3. Little babies' playing outside in the freezing cold. This kid full on runs, is totally top heavy with his coat, and has taken a few bad falls.  But, gets right back up.  Maybe the next Brian Urlacher? 4. My babies on Thanksgiving day, little being forced by big. 5. Face time with the sister.  Working on my business cards with her.  6. Pumpkin cheesecake by Nana. So good. 7. A not so freezing day at the park, with my rambunctious boys!

There has been a major lack of posting on my part.  I get motivated and then I don't.  Total slacker.  Trying to get in the groove is really hard.  I have had a couple of mini break downs.  Missing my sister, missing our old neighborhood, and missing my day to day routine.  I am really hoping once my business cards get here, and I can get them out, that I can get some Personal Training started again. 

I did go on an interview, and I guess I didn't get the memo to go barefoot because the owner was.  Totally weird.  He just did a weight class too.  I told my sister he reminded me of some guy stuck in the 80's.  He didn't have any clients for me.  Not sure why he interviewed me.  Pointless and I felt sorry for him because the place has so much potential.  I love working and right now, I feel like I am going in slow motion.

Will has good and bad days.  He misses home now.  Wants to go back to Maryland.  He has been in school for a week but with the holiday, he hasn't had time to really get in a groove.  I found a kid's play place, so hoping we can get there this week.  He is also getting really good at riding his bike.  So, we think since his birthday is in January, that we will graduate him to a big boy bike.  Can't believe he will be 5!

Eli.  Where do I begin.  He is getting a whole bunch of teeth.  Wakes up at the butt crack of dawn.  Is very attached to mommy.  Is warming up to his Nana and Uncle Nick.  Throws his food when he is done.  Could drink milk all day long.

Visited the dr. yesterday and it looks like the tendons in my ankle are completely inflammed. Not good. This is the ankle I broke and it has never fully healed right.  Going to see an ortho doctor this week sometime.  Boo.

Santa has been busy here.  He told me, Will is finished.  Eli is just getting started.  Tree is up.  Stockings are hung.  Navy blue reindeer ties have been bought for Santa visit.  Online shopping has been my therapy.  Kind of dangerous.

Hoping to not be such a slacker and get motivated again.

Happy weekend!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


1. My baby is getting his one year molars.  Frozen bagels, work like magic. 2. I had my first birthday without my family this past Sunday.  It was uneventful.  I did get some amazing gifts and these yummy cupcakes. And I got a date night with Lew a couple days before.  So...I guess it was good. 3. My first baby started his new school on Monday.  I love it.  Like the teacher is so amazing.  Although, hello cold.  Taking both boys in and out of the car with huge coats on, not fun.  He had a great first day, made a turkey, practiced his name and played with new friends.
Transitioning has been hard. Can I be a baby and say it has been the hardest on me?  Because it feels that way.  As great as this move is for us, its difficult all at the same time.  Lew works really long hours, so we miss him a ton. I am out on my own, venturing around town and it can be lonely.
Bright sister has a business trip planned for the beginning of December and I am going to go visit her after Christmas.  She's amazing.  Not sure what I would do without her.
Now, time to get cracking on Will's Christmas stocking.  Yes.  I am making the impossible stocking, that took my girl friend a year to complete.  I have 42 days.  Wish me luck.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

First Week...

This first week has been kind of a blur.  House hunting, going to preschool appointments, checking out Daddy's old stomping grounds, and just taking it all in.

 Is it weird to say, that I kind of feel like I am on vacation and this is not real?  Because, that is how I feel.  A tad overwhelmed and slightly scared.

 I went to the grocery store by myself yesterday.  I felt like a stranger.  Like, why are all these people staring at me.  Truth is, I fit right in.  Maybe that's my problem.

Found Will's perfect preschool yesterday.  Like it's the preschool I have been dreaming of for him.  Small, with an amazing teacher and super nice staff. Once he goes to school, maybe it will feel real for me.

Today is Lew's first day of work.  The kicker.  He wasn't nervous.  He has nerves of steel.  I have sent my resume to a couple gyms and personal training studios and I my heart is palpitating.  I really hope he has a great day.  I am anxious for him.

We decided we definitely want to buy within the next couple of months, rather than rent.  So.  We are staying with nana until then.  We have already gotten in touch with a realtor and have started the process.  I would love to live in down town Palatine, because it has the most wonderful historic houses.  I even told Lew, I would take a cottage.  Just to be down town.  I can't wait to have our own place that is ours.  That I can put our stamp on it.

On tap for today, going to the park.  Bundled up.  Eli is not a fan of his coat, his hat, or his mittens.  Guess he will have to learn quickly to love it.  Will wants to know when the snow is coming so he can put on his snow pants.  Sometimes, I wish I was the kid.  Just go with the flow and play.  The life.

1. Bundled my little marsh mellows up for a little exercise in the cold.  Good times. 2. Eli channeling his Chicago roots. 3. My sweet robin all bundled up underneath his costume.. 4.  I was informed by Will that I had to Mommy cat.  5. Batman off to save the day...and get more candy.  He was so funny.  He would say trick or treat and then say..."I'm Batman!' 6. Ooops missed a picture.  Eli who loves taking my wallet and credit cards.  Actually lost and found a card in a matter of minutes at a store.  Even more good times.

Monday, October 29, 2012 we are

We made it.  Six hours on Saturday. Ten on Sunday.  More on that later.  Just thankful that move is finally over. 

A little overwhelmed.  A little tired.  Some tears. 

But, all is ok.  We found a Target to make it all better.  Our new Target.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Is This Really Happening..

Tomorrow we leave. I am in a almost completely empty house. Boys snuggled near us. So many memories. But, so many more to make.

Ready or not, this is happening.

Boys under our favorite tree.

Next time I write, we will be in Chicago. High of 40 something on Sunday. Oh boy.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Last days...

We are now within days of our big move. House is pretty much packed. Boxes and bins surround us. House hunt hasn't been very successful. Sick kiddos and mommy. 1st birthday happening in a day! New iPhone for mommy...yeah. Totally exhausted. But, my first baby couldn't think about moving without jumping in leaves. Under his favorite tree. I definitely agree. Heart this boy more than air.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Eli Birthday Party...Part 1

Pape with his kids...Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes...Pape bribing Eli with food for a smoochie...First cupcake, yummy...Doing silly pictures with the kids...Just being sisters...Hmmm, this is pretty good...Mommy getting her pose on (something my 14 year old niece does on instagram, all the time)...Thing 1 and Thing 2 cookies...Diving into the cupcake, he actually didn't really enjoy it as much as Will....More kissy face poses...Mimi and JJ photo boothing it...

It is so hard to weed through a gazillion photos, but I am hoping to get some more up soon!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Missing you...

I haven't even left yet, and I am missing you.  Tears well in my eyes, just thinking about leaving you.  Who knew moving could be so exciting and sad at the same time.  You have been by my side since I was born, watched me through happy eyes at graduations, and through the loss of our mom.  You have become such a staple in my daily life, I am not quite sure how I will do with this change.

For now, for my boys, for Lew, I will be strong.  I have to be.  Thanks for loving me and supporting me in this next journey.  

Love you more than air, my sweet sisters.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Because life takes over...

With everything going on, ahem a big move happening in 17 days.  Yes.  I am counting.

But someone, my special little one, my sweet baby boy, is turning one on the 23rd!  Where did the year go? So.  We are celebrating, a little early.  In fact, this weekend.  I have been busy getting his Dr. Seuss party together for weeks now, but this week, I have kicked it into high gear.

I can't wait to celebrate you, my thing two...

Yes.  I made these.  Thanks Pinterest.

Monday, October 8, 2012

who knew...

that we would be moving to Chicago...

that we will be there just in time for Halloween...

that packing can be somewhat therapeutic...

that finding a place to live, is a lot harder than we thought...

that nana would be so amazingly awesome and be such a big help...

that Will is definitely showing signs of feeling the "stress" of a move...

that he would be so amazingly snuggle-ble when daddy had to work late...

that my almost 1 year old has been walking, climbing, standing on furniture for the last two months...

that he is definitely a bit of a dare devil and has no fear...(yes..everything is child proof)

that we would be having Eli's birthday this weekend...

daddy would be willing to part with "bachelor" stuff...

you could be excited, nervous, and scared all at the same time...

you could miss family and friends so much, and you haven't even left yet.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012

Batman and Robin!

Halloween Preview....

At first Will wanted to be a T-Rex and I had found the perfect costume!  Eli would be a Triceratops, so I could have two of the sweetest dinosaurs.

Enter Halloween store and everything changes.  Will saw Batman and had to be it.  He has never watched Batman, only heard of him from his friends at school.  But, the fascination started and now Will's world is engulfed in everything Batman.  "Mom, can we watch Batman on TV, Mom can we go down the Batman isle at the store, Mom can I watch Batman on the computer?"  The obsession begins.

Of course, I have to use having two boys to my advantage and be all matchy matchy.  So, Eli is now  Batman's famous side kick, Robin.  I know in a couple of years, they will voice their opinions more and I won't be able to get this clever with costumes.  I am running with it while I can and totally loving it.

I mean, I think I have the cutest Batman and Robin around!  Who knew Robin loved his binki so much?!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


  • Right now I am watching Dance Moms reunion.  Why?  I don't know.  Total entertainment.  Another show I started watching, Breaking Amish.  Addicting.
  • I took Will to school today and the parking lot was empty.  Hello, holiday.  Will was quite upset.  That's how much he loves school.
  • Finished my Christmas shopping for Will today.  I am sure I will pick up a few things but, the big stuff is DONE.  Yeah!
  • Is there such thing as fall allergies?  Because I totally think I have them.  Lew said they don't exist.
  • Eli still wakes at night.  Not sure why.  He walks, climbs and is non-stop.  By the end of the day, I am exhausted.  But, he still wakes.  Sometimes he falls back to sleep, other times I give water bottles to him.  A sip of that and he is back to sleep.  I have to say he is a totally different baby from Will.
  • Will ate pancakes last night.  Doesn't seem like much but, being sick his whole second year of life, really screwed up his eating habits.  So.  I take what I can get.
  • This transfer/move is stressful and exhausting.  Lew found out that his boss, wasn't doing some follow ups that he said he was doing and Lew missed out on some opportunities.  So, Lew has taken it all into his own hands.
  • I have started planning Eli's birthday party.  It is going to be Dr. Seuss themed!  I will post a pic of the invite, it turned out so cute!
  • Cleaning...what's that?  I am a total neat freak but lately, I just don't care.  With two little ones, there is always something else to do.  Vacuum...ha.  That happens once a week, maybe twice if I am lucky.
  • My sister got sick last week and ended up having to have surgery.  It makes me realize how much I love her, and when we move, I will not be able to run to her side like I did.  Being a grown up stinks sometimes.  It also makes me miss my mom.
  • Have you watched Parenthood?  LOVE.  Has to be my favorite show.
  • Just got a new crock pot, one pot meals make me happy.
  • Finally have started to pamper myself a little.  I always feel so guilty buying myself something, even if I really need it.  I haven't bought myself new sweaters/winter clothes in years.  Yesterday.  I bought myself 3 sweaters!  It felt good and I didn't second guess myself, because I do NEED them.
  • Being a mom, has to be one of the hardest jobs.  It makes me wonder how my mom did it all.  She worked and still managed to make me feel special.  I hope I am as great as she was.

Monday, September 24, 2012


I have been meaning to post these for about the last two weeks but just have been too busy!  My life in a nutshell...Train clients, take Will to school, workout, chase after an almost 1 year old who thinks he is turning 2, pick up from school, run errands, make dinner, possibly train again, throw in a walk and some outside fun, then dinner in there somewhere.  

Not only is it exhausting for me, but for my Willsy too.  He has been sleeping so soundly, and late I might add.  He loves school, never wants to be picked up at the end of the day.  Today he told me that a girl wanted to marry him but he said no because he is just a boy.  Then he said he didn't like girls, but he loved me.  Can we keep it that way?  Forever?

Lew just had an interview last week, keep your fingers crossed for him.  We are quite anxious at this point and really hoping to be moved before the holidays start to hit.  Who knew and transfer could take this long!

My sweet Willsy on his first day of Pre K!

Monday, September 17, 2012


I have always been a bit anxious, but when I had the boys, my anxiety sky rocketed.  With Will I was a bit over bearing.  Being a first time mom, I think that that is expected.  He broke his foot before his second birthday, bonked his head multiple times learning to walk, and the year of ear infections added to it all.  Needless to say, I became a bit over protective and tried to manage my anxiety with medication, which didn't work.

Now, with Mr. Eli, he really makes me anxious.  He was crawling early, and started pulling up on things by the time he was 7 months.  Started walking last month at 9.5 months.  Hello...ANXIETY!  I have to say, I have gotten better about bumps and bruises with him.  A little bit calmer, but the nervousness is still there.

Until this weekend.  My little, sweet, precious, dare devil Eli was walking around like the drunkin' sailor and scared the crap out of me.  I was washing dishes and I hear him padding around behind me, and the next thing I know, he has pulled the over door open on himself!  He is tall, so he reached on the dish towel that was wrapped over the bar and pulled!

At first I thought for sure he knocked his bottom two teeth out, because they just looked pulled forward.  He was crying hysterically and his bottom lip was a bit swollen.  No blood, no bruising.  But, mama was totally freaked out.  He wouldn't let me stick my finger in his mouth to check the teeth, so I decided to take him to the doctor.

At this point, I am so tense, totally freaking out that my baby messed up his teeth.  And then I am blaming myself for not locking the oven door.  When the doctor checked him out, he probably thought I was crazy because he said he looked fine.

It is so strange to me how my anxiety totally took over and I never took a moment to analyze the situation.  My baby was fine.  But, in my mind it felt like the world was crumbling.  This is the first time, I really freaked out with Eli.  I am hoping that the next time something happens, I can walk myself through it a little better.

Because after all, I have two rambunctious boys.  I think I need to start doing Yoga again!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Beach Overload...

So...there is major picture overload.  I think there was close to 1000 photos to go through.  Crazy?  Yes.  Let's start from the beginning.

1-3.Passed on this last year but since Will loves monster trucks, we knew we would have to make this stop this year.  Of course, he loved it.  Grave Digger headquarters with a mini pet farm, a cafe, garage and mini monster truck track.  Oh boy!! 4. Sweet little Eli checking out the beach house.  That! 5. Willsy checking out the goats at Grave Digger's headquarters because what monster truck place doesn't have a pet farm? 6. Crazy baby climbing on furniture.  7. First night at the beach and already digging and fishing.  Boys. 8. Why..hello little sand crab. 9. Beach house view.  Can't go wrong hearing the ocean at night.  love.

1. Someone is obsessed with me. 2. Not sure about this sand mom. 3. Okay..I guess I can deal with it. 4. Hey mom..think you got enough pictures of me? 5. Fine.  I am not looking at you crazy, obsessed lady. 6. No really. Stop taking my picture and get my hands out of this sand. 7. I am out of here.  Shark butt and all. 8. Okay.  I love you mom and I can't get enough of you either. 9. I am obsessed with you too, so here's the perfect picture.

1. Smoochable face. Love. 2. Hey mom, look at that dead fish.  No.  Not sure what it is. 3. That's the fighting chair.  Didn't do much fighting but for one fish.  Boo. 4. First catch on the beach with Daddy.  We catch and release. 5. Checking out those shiners. aka..bate fish. 6.'s a big one! 7. Umm...Daddy?  Where are the fish?  Daddy's response...that's why it's called fishing.  Nice. 8. Shiners..aka Will's pet fish.  9. Cool dude with his spider man glasses and eating messy donuts.

1. Back floating cannonball. 2. Touching the ocean for the first time with mommy. 3. Sandy toes...a complete set. 4. Building a construction site in the sand.  5. Daddy and baby boy. 6. Another smoochable face. 7. Hey Daddy...look I am at the beach! 8. Major cheese smile with a bit of sun in the mix. 9. Ahh....this is the life.  It's 5:00 somewhere, right Eli?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

first day jitters...

This definitely depicts my little, silly dude.  
The class clown/social butterfly, spread his wings yesterday and started a new adventure, Pre K!
He was ready and I was a bit emotional.
Can't believe this is the same boy that clung to my leg in the 2's class.  
Now, he can't wait to go and hates to leave school.
I told him I would miss him so much.  He told me, I will miss you too but don't worry, I will come back.
Needless to say, he had an amazing first day and loved every minute of it.
To many first days, and teary mom eyes, my sweet butterfly.

Love you always, more than air.

Friday, August 31, 2012 we come!

We are taking a break.  A much needed one.  With a summer kind of put on hold because of this transfer looming, we didn't have anything planned.  Well.  Two weeks ago we decided that we would go ahead and book that beach trip to the Outer Banks.  With Will having two weeks left until school starts, its the perfect opportunity.  And we are going for it.

I am really excited that we are headed there because this will be our last time there, for awhile.  Moving to Atlanta or Chicago will not allow us this easy drive to the Outer Banks.

We will get to share and create new memories with our boys.  We are going to get our pictures taken, as a family of four.  Hoping the boys cooperate and we get some great shots.  

Speaking of boys.  Wow!  Mine are a handful.  I hear it's hard when they are young and as they get older, a lot easier.  Who knows.  All I know is Will is growing up before my eyes and Eli wants to do everything Will does.

Did I tell you Eli is full on walking?  Like, it's all he wants to do.  He just turned 10 months.  Crazy!

Will loves making movies with his trains, godzilla and really anything.  We have even recorded a couple.  Such an imagination.

So...we are off.  For a week.  

Eli on his 10 month birthday.  I gave him a miniature cupcake.  Yep.  He loved it.

My sweet and curious first born.  Those long lashes and rosy cheeks.  Love.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Because it's one of our favorites...

Broadneck Park.  A wonderful little jewel that Willsy and I fell in love with when we moved over to our little peninsula.  Trails, dog parks, fields, the exercise loop, and of course the park with the "new" not so shaky bridge.

We have had fun showing Eli our little gem the last couple of months.  He loves the swings and this last trip he walked across the "shaky" bridge with mommy's help.  He got to drive the fire truck and it's big ole' wheel greatness.  He loved it just as much as Willsy does.

Willsy of course continues to swing on his belly, using his wonderful imagination.  A super hero one day, Godzilla the next.  Flying through danger and thunderstorms, he always saves the day.

He is Mr. Social Butterfly, always plays and makes new friends easily.  I hope this quality stays with you forever because it surely makes me smile, all the time.

We continue to make memories in our favorite places, as the uncertainty of our move is constantly lingering.  To add to the mix of it all, there might be a chance Lew is transferred to Chicago.  I know.  I know.  So crazy.

It wouldn't be our life, if there wasn't a little chaos involved.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Brotherly Love...

Willsy...You love having a baby brother and often try and be a big helper.  Although, there are moments when you like to close your door and play by yourself.  I guess that is to be expected since you are a little older.  This summer has been rough because we haven't done a lot of the stuff that you love because of this move.  It is now almost September and I regret not getting you into more camps.  But, we just didn't know if we would be here.  So...digging, swimming in your pool, going to the playground, fishing, and taking exploration walks have been our summer.

I am thankful that I was able to get you into your preschool, because again, we are still here.  You love school and being with friends is a great outlet for you.  I have to admit, I will miss you those first couple of days.  You will get to go for lunch bunch and spend the whole afternoon at school, like the big kid you have become.

And because this summer has been low key, no vacation was had.  Daddy and I decided we needed a getaway.  So, we are headed to the Outer Banks in two weeks!  I love sharing a place like the Outer Banks with you because this is where I spent a lot of my summers growing up.  You will get to fish, build sand castles, and most importantly dig and swim in the pool.  Can't wait to spend this time with you, my sweet Bubsy.

Eli...Where to begin.  You are something special.  Definitely the baby.  Always wanting mommy to hold you.  But, if Willsy is around, forget it.  You would rather be close to him and do what he is doing.  It is the best of both worlds.  I have a feeling you will be easy to potty train because you will want to do what Will does.  Thank goodness for that.

You are still not the best sleeper.  Part of it, I know is that you need your own room.  You will go a couple nights, sleeping all the way through.  Then you just randomly wake up and want me to hold you and give you a bottle.  I know that you will start to sleep through the night on your own.  There are nights when I do ignore the crying and you fall back asleep, it is so hard when you are right there though.

You love to eat.  You can almost eat as much as your brother!  The only thing you haven't loved so far is pears.  Maybe it is the grainy texture.  Not sure.  You love protein for sure.  Chicken, hamburger, turkey, roast beef.  I think you might be a meat and potatoes kind of guy.

You are a bruiser, which is the nick name that Nana gave you.  You get into everything, climb everything, try and walk everywhere.  You are a VERY adventurous little baby!

Willsy and Eli...My wish right now is that you grow up to be best friends.  That you support and love one another, no matter what.  I love you both, always more than air.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Making Memories

With a move on the horizon, I realized that I need to capture as many photos in all the place we love.  Even if some of them are from our own house and backyard. This year has flown by and both my boys have grown so much.  Being a mom can be sad sometimes.  When you see your babies sprout up like weeds and knowing they won't be that tiny again.  But, you have those amazing firsts, and being their mom, I get to witness a lot of those.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Meet Ruby...

Our brand new VW Routan minivan! Yes. We like naming our cars here. Have a great weekend!

Monday, August 6, 2012

It's Bananas I Tell You!

What you are about to see, totally amazed me!  I have to say, I am one proud momma!  9 Months...that's how old you are in the video, Eli.  You surprise me everyday.  

Love you more than air.

P.S. Didn't have a shower at this point in the day.  So, I am kind of a hot, morning mess.  Ignore.  Please look at cute baby.  :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Favorites and Random...

=> Loving Deer Park Orange Sparkling water.  Delicious.  Plain water gets old after a while and I needed a change. => Still no news on our move.  Lew is in a meeting today, so hopefully something good comes out of it.  Keeping my fingers crossed. => Totally cried when Gabby won the gold medal, like I was her mom.  => Peanut Butter M&M's.  Yes.  Oh Yes.  Not on the meal plan but oh so good.  =>  Getting really anxious about this move because so much will have to be done.  Getting Will's schooling figured out.  Definitely been a challenge. => good and wish I could eat it everyday.  =>  Kashi Go Lean Berry Crunch good.  Who needs Fruity Pebbles?!  =>  Wish we were headed to the beach again but with this move looming we have been staying close to the home front.  =>  At the end of the month we will be getting a new car.  A VW Routan (mini-van).  I could not be happier for this switch as my Jeep is just not cutting it anymore.  Many thanks to my sister who is hooking us up, since she works for VW.  => Anything lavender.  Bath and Body works cream and Body scrub in Lavender chamomile is amazing.

1. Look at those lashes.  Totally gets it from daddy.  2. He is getting Justin Bieber hair and I love it!  I am not planning on cutting it anytime soon!  3. In a trance from baby einstein.  4. Brotherly love for the moment.  It is hard to keep two boys still for a second.

Happy Friday and weekend!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sleep and Weight

I know.  How original can that title get?

But.  I have been struggling.  Sleep deprivation is something that I can manage but not for 9 months.

And neither can my weight.  I am currently holding on to my last 5 "eli" pregnancy pounds.  I am so over it.  I work out.  I eat healthy, most of the time.  I preach to my clients about eating right, getting enough sleep, and doing the right amount of exercise.

I never thought I would be in that position where I am struggling to lose pregnancy pounds.  Now I can relate to my "mom" clients.  In a way its a good thing.  Show them what works.  Frankly, I really haven't found that magic ticket yet.

With lack of sleep, I am not working out like I did before Eli.  I am doing what I can at this point.  I am probably not eating enough, considering I try to shovel food in my face while feeding the boys. Which, just doesn't work.

I need to find my time again, my motivation, and possibly get some sleep so my metabolism speeds up again.  UGH.

So, to all my fellow moms out there, I understand.  The jeans fit but just not the same.  Yoga pants feel better because your stinkin' exhausted, and frankly why disappoint yourself trying to fit into those jeans.

I think I just might repeat the mantra, "Sleep through the night, Eli" over and over while doing yoga.  Maybe that's the ticket.

Monday, July 30, 2012

A Big Deal...

I recently decided it was time for a change in the hair department.  My hair grows very fast. Which in the past, I have much appreciated after bad cuts.

When my mom was going through chemo and radiation, I literally chopped my hair off.  Think Halle Berry-esque.  Not one of my greatest cuts or moments in my life.  Which is why I probably did it.

Fast forward to now...I have had my hair short twice in the past 10 years.  Then and now.  Except this time I am doing it for a cause.  For someone other than myself.  Yes.  I needed a change but I also wanted to do something in honor of my mom, since July is the month she passed away in.

After a couple extra months of growing my hair out, it was long enough to cut and donate to Locks of Love.  I may not love short hair on me, but I do love the fact that some little girl will be able to feel normal again with my hair.

And for the record, I do love this cut.  It is just so hard to get used to short hair.  I went to my mom's stylist,  who still cuts my sister's hair.  It just made the moment that much more special.

If you have ever thought of donating your hair, I highly recommend it.  It can help so many, who REALLY need it.  After all, it does grow back.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy 9 Months Baby Boy!

Today you are 9 months...holy cow!  I feel like I was just being taken over speed bumps by your aunt mimi to get you out.  We are still amazed that you decided to come on the 23rd like your brother and your daddy.  Definitely had some Angels working that day.

At 9 months you...crawl.  Everywhere.  You pull yourself up on to...everything!  You let go of whatever you are holding on to and try and stand.  Sometimes successful.  You walk along the furniture holding on.  

You would rather eat "grown up" food then anything pureed.  You will pitch a fit when you absolutely refuse it.

You are my baby and definitely get your way.  I pick you up all the time and smother you with kisses.  Because, I cannot get enough of you.

Beautiful long lashes like your Daddy and Willsy.  Totally envious.

 Often smothered a little too much by your big brother.  It seems he has been deprived of that sibling for a little too long.  You love him and often follow him wherever he goes.

And of course, that smile.  Melts my heart and brings tears to my eyes at the silliest of moments.  You are my baby through and through.

Happy 9 months Eli!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

First little dude...

Life has been crazy lately. Not our normal summer. Because of the move looming, I have been trying to do special things with you. But, you seem to be into your toys lately. Making "movies" and letting your imagination run wild. Sometimes not needing mommy so much.

I just wanted you to know that I love you so much and thanks for handling this big transition so well.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Go in spurts on sleeping through the night.

10 days here.  1 day there.  It makes me tired, buddy.

You eat well.  So.  I know you are not terribly hungry.  But, a bottle seems to be the only thing to put you back to sleep.

You have become Mr. Busy Body.  You are constantly on the move.  Crawling.  Standing and moving from one position to the next.

You would think you would be zonked.  In fact I think you are.  


In the last have gotten 4 new teeth.  The top ones are slowly and I mean slowly making their way in.  Then the other day, I felt some more teeth-ers on the bottom.  If those ones decide to make an appearance soon, that will be 8 teeth.  That is like one tooth per month of your life kid.

Please slow down.  And please sleep through the night.  Maybe I should have a talk with the tooth fairy and ask her for a little help.  Sprinkle some magic fairy dust so those teeth don't cause so much pain.  And let my baby sleep through the night.

It won't last forever.  That is what I keep telling myself.