Tuesday, November 6, 2012

First Week...

This first week has been kind of a blur.  House hunting, going to preschool appointments, checking out Daddy's old stomping grounds, and just taking it all in.

 Is it weird to say, that I kind of feel like I am on vacation and this is not real?  Because, that is how I feel.  A tad overwhelmed and slightly scared.

 I went to the grocery store by myself yesterday.  I felt like a stranger.  Like, why are all these people staring at me.  Truth is, I fit right in.  Maybe that's my problem.

Found Will's perfect preschool yesterday.  Like it's the preschool I have been dreaming of for him.  Small, with an amazing teacher and super nice staff. Once he goes to school, maybe it will feel real for me.

Today is Lew's first day of work.  The kicker.  He wasn't nervous.  He has nerves of steel.  I have sent my resume to a couple gyms and personal training studios and I my heart is palpitating.  I really hope he has a great day.  I am anxious for him.

We decided we definitely want to buy within the next couple of months, rather than rent.  So.  We are staying with nana until then.  We have already gotten in touch with a realtor and have started the process.  I would love to live in down town Palatine, because it has the most wonderful historic houses.  I even told Lew, I would take a cottage.  Just to be down town.  I can't wait to have our own place that is ours.  That I can put our stamp on it.

On tap for today, going to the park.  Bundled up.  Eli is not a fan of his coat, his hat, or his mittens.  Guess he will have to learn quickly to love it.  Will wants to know when the snow is coming so he can put on his snow pants.  Sometimes, I wish I was the kid.  Just go with the flow and play.  The life.

1. Bundled my little marsh mellows up for a little exercise in the cold.  Good times. 2. Eli channeling his Chicago roots. 3. My sweet robin all bundled up underneath his costume.. 4.  I was informed by Will that I had to Mommy cat.  5. Batman off to save the day...and get more candy.  He was so funny.  He would say trick or treat and then say..."I'm Batman!' 6. Ooops missed a picture.  Eli who loves taking my wallet and credit cards.  Actually lost and found a card in a matter of minutes at a store.  Even more good times.


Anonymous said...

So glad you guys are transitioning so quickly! I hope the house hunt turns up successful quickly!

Amanda said...

So weird to think that you are on vacation, but I felt like that even when only moving from my parent's house to my new house 1.5 miles away.
And even when M first moved in with me from Boston, it just felt like an extended weekend, like normal, but not.
I'm excited that you're looking to buy, and I hope you find a home in the area you love.

amanda said...

would it make you laugh or cry to tell you after four months some days i still feel like i am on vacation? or maybe in some parallel universe!

baby steps mama. baby steps.

and when you are ready we can meet in the middle for a sanity check :)

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

So glad you found a school..I'm sure that's a big weight off your shoulders. I know that a gym will be calling soon, too.

So exciting that you will be buying..I can't wait to see what you get.