Wednesday, November 28, 2012

a random kind of day...

  • Tree is up.  I love this time of year.  Which makes it harder being away from home.  The real home.  I did some black Friday shopping.  Totally crazy!  People are seriously serious about getting their deals.  All I went out for was legos.  Santa is pretty much done with Will.  We are, I mean Santa is debating on the whole big boy bike thing.  I always got that big present on Christmas.  Partly because, there were three older siblings and my parents only splurged on Christmas.  I feel like Will does get a lot, but Christmas always meant so much to my mom.  So, I tend to go overboard.  I think Santa might bring Eli a ball pit, which I know he will love.  I am debating on the whole Christmas cards this year.  I really am not feeling it.  Maybe because we are still unsettled.
  • My business cards have shipped!  Hooray!  So excited for them to finally get here.  Once they come, I am going to hit some of the hot spots.  As much as I would like to go into a gym, it is not really practical with two little ones.  A Personal Training studio would be better, so that I can work my hours around Lew's schedule.
  • I have done quite a bit of online shopping.  I have to say, it can be addicting!  My niece requested suspenders and nerd glasses!  I thought it was hilarious but, it is definitely her.  Can't wait to see her face when she opens them up.
  • The plan is for the boys and I to go back to VA the day after Christmas, I think I am totally crazy for doing this.  By myself.
  • Will watched Home Alone yesterday and loved it!  I knew he would.  He is actually trying to create booby traps around the house.  Too funny.
  • Will is full on writing his name.  I know some 4 year olds have been doing it for awhile, but he never showed interest in coloring or writing.  It is so amazing!  I can't believe he is doing it.  His teacher is amazing and actually does one on one writing lessons with each kid.  We got a new app that is helping him spell and learn sounds of the basic sight words.  He is doing great on that as well.
  • I decided Eli might be getting too much sleep during the day hence the 4:30 wake up calls.  So, I took out the morning nap.  I feel like, he is still so young, but I wasn't sure what else to do.  He is doing pretty good so far.  The last two days he was gotten up at 7 and today 6.  Then I try and get him to nap around 12:30 and he has been sleeping tell about 3 or 3:30.  Then bed around 8.  Once we are a week in, I am hoping that he will get the hang of it.
  • My sister is in the Bahamas.  Miss her even more because we haven't been able to do any face time.  She definitely needed a little relaxation.
  • Just finished reading Easy.  Really good.  Easy read, that you won't want to put down.  I have a ton of books that I want to read, but haven't really been motivated.
  • Did I tell you that I was making Will's stocking?'s slowed down to a crawl.  If I want this to be done, then I really have to kick it into high gear.

Off to enjoy some peace and quiet while the baby is napping. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Happenings...

1. Big playing basketball in the freezing cold. 2. Big and his list to Santa.  We mailed it off in hopes that Santa just might write back. 3. Little babies' playing outside in the freezing cold. This kid full on runs, is totally top heavy with his coat, and has taken a few bad falls.  But, gets right back up.  Maybe the next Brian Urlacher? 4. My babies on Thanksgiving day, little being forced by big. 5. Face time with the sister.  Working on my business cards with her.  6. Pumpkin cheesecake by Nana. So good. 7. A not so freezing day at the park, with my rambunctious boys!

There has been a major lack of posting on my part.  I get motivated and then I don't.  Total slacker.  Trying to get in the groove is really hard.  I have had a couple of mini break downs.  Missing my sister, missing our old neighborhood, and missing my day to day routine.  I am really hoping once my business cards get here, and I can get them out, that I can get some Personal Training started again. 

I did go on an interview, and I guess I didn't get the memo to go barefoot because the owner was.  Totally weird.  He just did a weight class too.  I told my sister he reminded me of some guy stuck in the 80's.  He didn't have any clients for me.  Not sure why he interviewed me.  Pointless and I felt sorry for him because the place has so much potential.  I love working and right now, I feel like I am going in slow motion.

Will has good and bad days.  He misses home now.  Wants to go back to Maryland.  He has been in school for a week but with the holiday, he hasn't had time to really get in a groove.  I found a kid's play place, so hoping we can get there this week.  He is also getting really good at riding his bike.  So, we think since his birthday is in January, that we will graduate him to a big boy bike.  Can't believe he will be 5!

Eli.  Where do I begin.  He is getting a whole bunch of teeth.  Wakes up at the butt crack of dawn.  Is very attached to mommy.  Is warming up to his Nana and Uncle Nick.  Throws his food when he is done.  Could drink milk all day long.

Visited the dr. yesterday and it looks like the tendons in my ankle are completely inflammed. Not good. This is the ankle I broke and it has never fully healed right.  Going to see an ortho doctor this week sometime.  Boo.

Santa has been busy here.  He told me, Will is finished.  Eli is just getting started.  Tree is up.  Stockings are hung.  Navy blue reindeer ties have been bought for Santa visit.  Online shopping has been my therapy.  Kind of dangerous.

Hoping to not be such a slacker and get motivated again.

Happy weekend!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


1. My baby is getting his one year molars.  Frozen bagels, work like magic. 2. I had my first birthday without my family this past Sunday.  It was uneventful.  I did get some amazing gifts and these yummy cupcakes. And I got a date night with Lew a couple days before.  So...I guess it was good. 3. My first baby started his new school on Monday.  I love it.  Like the teacher is so amazing.  Although, hello cold.  Taking both boys in and out of the car with huge coats on, not fun.  He had a great first day, made a turkey, practiced his name and played with new friends.
Transitioning has been hard. Can I be a baby and say it has been the hardest on me?  Because it feels that way.  As great as this move is for us, its difficult all at the same time.  Lew works really long hours, so we miss him a ton. I am out on my own, venturing around town and it can be lonely.
Bright sister has a business trip planned for the beginning of December and I am going to go visit her after Christmas.  She's amazing.  Not sure what I would do without her.
Now, time to get cracking on Will's Christmas stocking.  Yes.  I am making the impossible stocking, that took my girl friend a year to complete.  I have 42 days.  Wish me luck.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

First Week...

This first week has been kind of a blur.  House hunting, going to preschool appointments, checking out Daddy's old stomping grounds, and just taking it all in.

 Is it weird to say, that I kind of feel like I am on vacation and this is not real?  Because, that is how I feel.  A tad overwhelmed and slightly scared.

 I went to the grocery store by myself yesterday.  I felt like a stranger.  Like, why are all these people staring at me.  Truth is, I fit right in.  Maybe that's my problem.

Found Will's perfect preschool yesterday.  Like it's the preschool I have been dreaming of for him.  Small, with an amazing teacher and super nice staff. Once he goes to school, maybe it will feel real for me.

Today is Lew's first day of work.  The kicker.  He wasn't nervous.  He has nerves of steel.  I have sent my resume to a couple gyms and personal training studios and I my heart is palpitating.  I really hope he has a great day.  I am anxious for him.

We decided we definitely want to buy within the next couple of months, rather than rent.  So.  We are staying with nana until then.  We have already gotten in touch with a realtor and have started the process.  I would love to live in down town Palatine, because it has the most wonderful historic houses.  I even told Lew, I would take a cottage.  Just to be down town.  I can't wait to have our own place that is ours.  That I can put our stamp on it.

On tap for today, going to the park.  Bundled up.  Eli is not a fan of his coat, his hat, or his mittens.  Guess he will have to learn quickly to love it.  Will wants to know when the snow is coming so he can put on his snow pants.  Sometimes, I wish I was the kid.  Just go with the flow and play.  The life.

1. Bundled my little marsh mellows up for a little exercise in the cold.  Good times. 2. Eli channeling his Chicago roots. 3. My sweet robin all bundled up underneath his costume.. 4.  I was informed by Will that I had to Mommy cat.  5. Batman off to save the day...and get more candy.  He was so funny.  He would say trick or treat and then say..."I'm Batman!' 6. Ooops missed a picture.  Eli who loves taking my wallet and credit cards.  Actually lost and found a card in a matter of minutes at a store.  Even more good times.