Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Will loves Pasta..make that anything...

I just love you so muches Will...sometimes I wish you could stay this age forever. You make my day. xoxo Mommy

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Over protective Mommy...

Well...i meant to write about this awhile ago but it just popped into my head since Will is going for his nine month check up this week. Unfortunately he is not going to be able to see his normal doctor but he is going to see a doctor, that i think suspects i am a over bearing, over protective mommy.

Let's see it all started about 3 months ago when Will was running a fever and he was throwing up a bit. I took him to the pedi and he said that it was a viral infection and to just make sure that Will had plenty of fluids and that I kept an EYE on him. I emphasis EYE b/c whenever something small happens to Will, I suspect it is something more than it is. Any other mommy out there do that?

Will was on the mend and I was giving him a bath when I was shampooing his head, I felt a pretty big lump on the back of his neck and I just about freaked out! Cancer is in my family so I do not take any chances. I called my sister and she said call the pedi right away. So I did and the receptionist got us in that afternoon. Needless to say I am sure she has heard what I told her on the phone a million times.

We got to the pedi and he said these are not tumors...they are lymphnoids. Which are very common when anyone is getting over a virus. He said in fact he has some in his groin area as well. Heaven for bid if I would have found them there too! I would have rushed him to the emergency room.

Meanwhile Lew and the pedi were kind of laughing at me.

I said to them both...it is better to be over protective!

I just wish that Will was able to see his normal pedi all the time. Because he would not have laughed at me except for the fact that you cannot get into see him for 3 months!

Any mom ever experience what i did? would love to hear your thoughts.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hey Mommy...look what i can do!

Our little climbing machine...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bye Bye Baby...Hello Big Boy

Bet you are wondering what this could be about. Well, remember how I mentioned about that sippy cup? We introduced it to Will at about 6 months or so, when he started sitting his his high chair.

We started with a little water and he quickly got the hang of the Nuby. Lew and I did not realize that Will would get so attached to his sippy cup. But he did. Oh did he.

Not only would he grunt and make weird noises (which are quite hilarious!) until we would give it to him at the dinner table. But whenever he would see it, at Target, or the grocery store he would get so excited, you have seen that excited look.

So then with all the teething happening, I noticed that he started favoring his sippy cup over his bottle. HELLO! I have seen my sisters go through trying to detach their children from the bottle and others...TOMCAT. This was my chance. One morning I put his formula in his cup and he took to it, in fact he was so...excited.

Two weeks later...we are still having success. I did not want to jinx myself by saying anything.

I do feel a little sad that my baby is not drinking out of a bottle anymore but I am glad that he made this transition so easy for his mom. I Could not ask for a more perfect, happy baby...oh, sorry Will, I mean big boy.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wow...look how much we got!

As you all know I went to Dani's Duds which is a huge warehouse consignment that happens only twice a year. Once in the fall and once in the spring.

Well, I tell you what. My sister and I had great success!

All that you see below I got for $99!

That is about 7 sweaters, 10 shirts, 6 pants, 3 overalls, 2 sets of Pjs, 3 Fleeces, 2 pairs of shoes, 2-6 packs of socks, 3 polo onesies, a xtreme Elmo, 8 books, and a Lamaze octopus. I did even better than I did in the spring. I was so shocked when they said only $99!

Had to throw in this photo of Will Havoc playing in the leaves. He also found them pretty tasty!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh YES, Willsey is cute..but he is full of havoc!

This morning as I was awakened by my sweet, adorable 8 month old child at 4am, I thought to myself. Self, do you know when this teething is going to end? The shrilling crying at that time is quite the rude awakening but my first reaction is to comfort Will. I got him back to sleep and then an hour and half later he is in his crib trying to climb his railing.

So I feed him his sippy cup full of yummy smelling formula( i will tell more on the whole sippy cup story this week), thinking he might go back to sleep. Nope!

He has also found his voice and likes to scream at the top of his lungs and then do this fake cough, which is hilarious but not the screaming at 6 in the morning.

So, I put him in his play yard and what does he do? He is chewing on it and sticking his toes through the holes and climbing up it! This baby thinks he has his own little rock wall. He can climb half way up it. If he climbs any higher he would fall over it!

I decide then that I will make some breakfast, thinking this will calm him down, since he is such a big eater. While I am making breakfast he continues to scream and cough.

Then Lew wakes up and says he cannot sleep with all the noise, ah yeah, no joke.

Oh, I forgot to mention the constant rolling around and kicking when trying to put a diaper on this baby...is impossible! I have to bribe him with whatever is around us, so that he is entertained and that I can quickly put the diaper on. Havoc I tell you, complete and utter havoc.

With the teeth, lack of naps b/c of the teeth, the almost heart attacks on my end from him climbing everything, he is now known as Willsey Havoc.

I mean c'mon you can just see the mischief in this face. I feel like I can just read his mind.
"Not another picture of me guys, not another or else I will wake you up at 2am by climbing out of my crib and surprising you in your room! So Mom, Dad, not another pic." Willsey

Thursday, October 9, 2008

very random day..

Well...i am having an off day. Not sure how Will is doing as he is still at the sitter. Hope his day has gone better than mine. Do you or did you ever get the feeling that you are in the wrong job? I LOVE LOVE being a Personal Trainer but the place that I am at is starting to get me down. The lack of clients, the lack of marketing, is really discouraging and depressing. I am trying to stay positive b/c there is a new and exciting gym opening up soon and I am hoping to go there. There will be more walk in traffic and everyone will want to go to it. So..i am sucking it up. Have you ever had to do that, just deal? I hate doing that. But I will wait patiently b/c I know that there is a rainbow at the end of it all.

On another note, I am so excited b/c Dani's Duds is happening this weekend in Va. It is a huge consignment of upscale baby and kids clothes and toys. We all consign and then we shop. This i hate to say will be the highlight of my week! I cannot wait to shop for Will and get him some new clothes and toys. My sister and I are planning on getting there early b/c there is always a mad rush of moms wanting to bombard you. So I have my list and I am ready. Watch out moms, I am on a mission for Willsey Bubsy!

i have become addicted to Starbucks...every morning i am so excited to go and try a new coffee! i never drink coffee until about 2 months ago..now i am hooked!! i wish i was not but, i tell you it is so yummy!
will got his first real haircut the other night. he was starting to get a little shaggy. Lew did not want him to get it cut b/c he thinks it is bad luck to cut a baby's hair before their first bday. but by his first bday he probably would not be able to see. it turned out great and i think that we might be able to spike it again, only when we feel in the spiking mood.

TGIAF-Thank goodness its almost friday!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What's in a name?

When I got pregnant, I had a definite name in mind for my little one, it was not Will. I wanted to name him Brody or Sheldon. But Lew really wanted to name him after him, to keep the "NAME SAKE" going. I was not too thrilled, I wanted my child to have his own identity and frankly, I do not love the name Lewis William.

With all my hormones raging, somehow I gave in and I said yes but with a stipulation. He would be named after him but we would call him Will.

I thought Will was a good name that he could be a child in and if he decides to go into the corporate world as an adult, it was a solid name. If he decides to be a professional athlete, Will would definitely be a manly, sporty name.

I knew from the beginning that I would give him a nickname, or several nicknames. After all my mom called me Boogie. I never got the story of why she called me that, hopefully it was my great dance skills. Every time I heard her say it, I felt extra special. She called me that tell the day she passed. No one else calls me it now. Lew's mom called him Sparky, because when he would walk, his feet would make a popping sound, and yes, they still do it today!

As for Will, we called him Bubba when he was inside of me. Nothing fancy, just our little Bubba. When he came out, he definitely looked like a Will. Then the nicknames started to roll.

After 8 months here is the list of names that we call our Will...

Willsey,Willseys, Bubsy, Bubba, BaaPa, Tigger, valosoraptor, and sweet baby comes out a lot too.

So I ask you, do have any nicknames for your children, significant other or a nickname of yours that you would like to share?

What's in a name, obviously a lot.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Apples...Pumpkins...what a fun day!

Daddy surprised us with a trip to a not so local apple orchard/pumpkin patch/raspberry farm. In the morning, the air was crisp and cool. The leaves crunched beneath our feet. As the day went on the sun came out and warmed us up.

Will had fun in his Base Camp carrier on Daddy's back. We gave him an apple to chew on but he did not seem that interested. Will wanted to share some pics from his fun day out with Mommy and Daddy.

The sun in his eyes but he managed to give us one of his gorgeous smiles

Hey Girls...check out my threads! Gotta love Old Navy...

C'mon Mommy and Daddy let's go and get our pumpkin!

Daddy, not so sure I like THIS pumpkin.

Where's Will?

There he is hiding in the pumpkin patch!

Hey, guys can you kind of get me out of this mess here?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Our 100th...

When I was trying to figure out what to do for this post, I thought I should do something special. But then I realized that I do not have a lot of time to do something uber special.

I decided to do what other bloggers before me have done. That is to tell you a 100 things about us. The Bubbas...

1. I was born in Nebraska, in a hospital that is now a mental institution. I know!
2. Lew was born in Illinois
3. He is a huge Cubs and Bears fan
4. Will was born in Maryland after many hours of pushing...definitely worth it
5. I am the youngest in my family, I have 2 older sisters and a brother
6. Will is the second boy in my family amongst on his 5 girl cousins
7. I love peanut m&m's...a major weakness
8. I love to bake, I just do not do it often enough
9. I used to be a total blond but after going through pregnancy and having Will, my hair has gone dark
10.I have major OCD...i check the alarm several times over..i check the oven to make sure it is off...even if i have not used it that day..too weird
11. I am the biggest baby when I have the stomach flu
12. Will tends to puke after he eats b/c he never wants to sit still
13. Will now grunts when he wants a drink from his sippy cup
14. He loves bananas
15. He is the biggest flirt at the grocery store, that the lady in the deli gives him bread and cheese b/c she thinks he is too cute
16. I drive a Jeep Liberty
17. Lew drives a Jeep Wrangler
18. My dream car is a Range Rover Sport
19. One day we want to move to Texas
20. We are the biggest beach people
21. I love chimes outside my window...it is just so peaceful
22. Will holds on to his play yard and is now, trying to walk while holding on to it
23. I was terrified to go into labor...so i was induced...next time I will let nature take its course
24. I hate the #24
25. My mom died of Lung cancer at the age of 47
26. I was only 21
27. I was her care taker
28. It was one of the hardest times in my life
29. My mom was my best friend
30. Sunday night, made for tv movies with popcorn and frozen pepsi was our tradition
31. She had bright red hair..she was the "cool mom"
32. We thought she was invincible...i thought all moms were
33. From this I developed a horrible eating disorder
34. Then I met Lew and he helped me get through it along with my sisters and dad
35. My dad doesn't know it but...i am amazed at his strength after losing the love of his life
36. Lew lost his dad shortly after we started dating
37. Now I am starting a book about the journey my mom and i were on
38. Lew is a momma's boy and so is Will
39. Will hates to get his face wiped, so we have to make a game of it
40. Will started like sponge bob square pants after he watched it with his cousin Lilly
41. I am secretly already planning Will's 1st birthday
42. I am very envious of seeing women my age with their moms
43. I hate garlic, I cannot stand the smell or taste of it
44. I am a huge Mexican food fan, I could eat it every night
45. Lew is not a fan of Mexican food
46. Will eats anything you put in front of him
47. Lew used to be in the Air Force, he did security for a very special plane...that's all i can say
48. My favorite color is green
49. I never wear gray...i have been told it washes me out
50. Will loves to feed our dog Ella his dinner
51. My favorite holiday is Christmas
52. I have always wished for a white Christmas
53. I might have one this year if we go to Illinois
54. The year my mom was born
55. The lady at Starbucks, who takes off her shoes creeps me out a bit...she always stares
56. I now like coffee...pumpkin spice latte is my new friend
57. I have a pen pal
58. Her name is Erin
59. I have known her since 8th grade home ec.
60. We were obsessed with Smashing Pumpkins and 90210
61. We have kept in touch through letters, then email, now blogging
62. She just had her baby, Irelynn in June
63. My birthday is on November 11
64. I always feel so special on that day 11/11...my mom said when the angels are around
65. I hate when grocery stores put the Halloween candy in the entrance b/c i am always tempted to buy it
66. I love caramel apples
67. Will loves going to L's house now
68. He walks with a bunch of ladies every morning
69. He loves being in his stroller
70. He loves being outside
71. When the wind catches his breath, he laughs
72. Will has started to look more and more like me
73. It took Lew 3 years to propose to me and then we were married a year later
74. We were married on the water
75. The day could not have been more perfect
76. My brother in law gave a wonderful speech about my mom and his dad
77. We danced like it was going out of style
78. The day after the wedding..i was bummed that it was over
79. I love popcorn with extra butter on it
80. When I was pregnant all I would want to eat was Jack's Fortune
81. Lew always makes me laugh even when it is not the right moment
82. All my family lives in Virginia
83. I love project runway and any show on bravo
84. I have stopped watching Jon and Kate
85. I love the changing of the leaves
86. I love making caramel apples
87. This year I think we will go and pick apples
88. I am terrified of illnesses
89. When I have the stomach flu, I sleep on the bathroom floor
90. I love bubble baths
91. I love Us Weekly
92. I love the Hills
93. I think of my sister Misti as someone I truly look up to and how she has raised her daughter
94. I love blogging
95. Sometimes I wish I could just be a SAHM
96. But I am a workaholic by nature
97. I love my family
98. I love and miss them so much even though we do not live in the same state
99. Can't believe I made it this far
100. I love my Lew and Will more than air

Here are some photos of Will and me...didn't want you to get bored of reading 100 things about us. Had to entice you with something.