Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Over protective Mommy...

Well...i meant to write about this awhile ago but it just popped into my head since Will is going for his nine month check up this week. Unfortunately he is not going to be able to see his normal doctor but he is going to see a doctor, that i think suspects i am a over bearing, over protective mommy.

Let's see it all started about 3 months ago when Will was running a fever and he was throwing up a bit. I took him to the pedi and he said that it was a viral infection and to just make sure that Will had plenty of fluids and that I kept an EYE on him. I emphasis EYE b/c whenever something small happens to Will, I suspect it is something more than it is. Any other mommy out there do that?

Will was on the mend and I was giving him a bath when I was shampooing his head, I felt a pretty big lump on the back of his neck and I just about freaked out! Cancer is in my family so I do not take any chances. I called my sister and she said call the pedi right away. So I did and the receptionist got us in that afternoon. Needless to say I am sure she has heard what I told her on the phone a million times.

We got to the pedi and he said these are not tumors...they are lymphnoids. Which are very common when anyone is getting over a virus. He said in fact he has some in his groin area as well. Heaven for bid if I would have found them there too! I would have rushed him to the emergency room.

Meanwhile Lew and the pedi were kind of laughing at me.

I said to them both...it is better to be over protective!

I just wish that Will was able to see his normal pedi all the time. Because he would not have laughed at me except for the fact that you cannot get into see him for 3 months!

Any mom ever experience what i did? would love to hear your thoughts.


Lindsay said...

Jenny I feel like I do that all the time! Sammy fell a few weeks ago and split the thing that connects the upper lip to the gums.. there was lots of blood.. It was walking in ours on Saturday so we took him in. By the time we got there it has stopped bleeding. We didnt see our regular ped either and she was like well if it doesnt stop bleeding in 15 minutes then take him in.. I wanted to be like 15 MINUTES ARE YOU CRAZY! But I resisted the urge and said oh.. okay. I am with you, I would rather be safe than sorry. (HUGS)

Chelle said...

I took Isabella in a couple of months ago....she had a fever (pretty high) and I also found those lumps on her neck! Needless to say...I. freaked. out.

Cancer is so big in my family and I was so sick thinking that Isabella had tumors or cancer.

The ped was very sweet and very impressed that I found them :) That made me feel good--even though we are over protective, hey, we CARE!

Will is lucky to have a momma as attentive as you are, Jenny! Don't feel bad :)

Hailey said...

i'm clearly a mom that freaks out too. no big deal... i just worry a lot... i'm not a crazy woman i promise. :-)

Anonymous said...



Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I totally did the same thing with Eve. I was completely freaked out! Afterwards I felt pretty silly :)

One can never be too careful, though.

Glad he's just fine!!


amanda said...

pretty sure freaking out and being over protective is exactly the kind of moms we are supposed to be :)

i know i am!!

Shannon said...

I was definitely worse with the first baby - I took him in one day when he was crying and the doctor said "he's teething". I felt so stupid so now I rarely ever take the kids to the doctor for anything that's not super serious!!

Good for you for being over protective and loving your little guy so much!

Erin said...

Not sure why my first post posted on a different blog entry...............I would have freaked out too! I over-react to everything but it is so hard. We are here to protect our little ones. I actually had those lymphnode things on myself as a child. I found one on my neck when i was on a field trip. I think in I was in 2nd grade. I think we were at the Air and Space museum in Washington. My mom freaked out and thought I had cancer too. One of the nodes actually stayed swollen for years and years....into my late twenties. Glad Will is just fine and don't worry.... we (women) all freak over our little babies!

Clare said...

i would have totally freaked out as well! that is crazy, I am so glad it wasn't anything abnormal!! bradley got roseola when he was 8 months, thousands of bumps all over and it totally scared me! we had an emergency call into the pediatrician too!