Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What's in a name?

When I got pregnant, I had a definite name in mind for my little one, it was not Will. I wanted to name him Brody or Sheldon. But Lew really wanted to name him after him, to keep the "NAME SAKE" going. I was not too thrilled, I wanted my child to have his own identity and frankly, I do not love the name Lewis William.

With all my hormones raging, somehow I gave in and I said yes but with a stipulation. He would be named after him but we would call him Will.

I thought Will was a good name that he could be a child in and if he decides to go into the corporate world as an adult, it was a solid name. If he decides to be a professional athlete, Will would definitely be a manly, sporty name.

I knew from the beginning that I would give him a nickname, or several nicknames. After all my mom called me Boogie. I never got the story of why she called me that, hopefully it was my great dance skills. Every time I heard her say it, I felt extra special. She called me that tell the day she passed. No one else calls me it now. Lew's mom called him Sparky, because when he would walk, his feet would make a popping sound, and yes, they still do it today!

As for Will, we called him Bubba when he was inside of me. Nothing fancy, just our little Bubba. When he came out, he definitely looked like a Will. Then the nicknames started to roll.

After 8 months here is the list of names that we call our Will...

Willsey,Willseys, Bubsy, Bubba, BaaPa, Tigger, valosoraptor, and sweet baby comes out a lot too.

So I ask you, do have any nicknames for your children, significant other or a nickname of yours that you would like to share?

What's in a name, obviously a lot.


Shannon said...

Cute! I think Will will be a professional athlete for sure :-)

We call Leah Thing 3, or Leah Peah or my husband calls her "Gooch" for some strange reason, and lately her brothers have been running around the house calling her "Gooch" too!

I like Bubba, I think it's adorable!

amanda said...

well beans is one of her actual nicknames, but lately i have been calling her monkey!

she just seems to be crawling and walking and diving all over everything!!

Clare said...

bradley is definitely called a lot of cute names, but bradley boo, and booger bear are the two most popluar:)

Lindsay said...

oo love this post.. I love reading everyones nicknames for their kids. Sammy has a lot of nicknames as well.. I think nicknames are so fun! Sammy's nicknames are monkey man, piggie and love.:-)

Christy said...

My nickname as a kid was Cakerwakers - surprise! My kids' nicknames are Porgie and Izzy - surprise!

Erin said...

Its so funny and cute how we all have all these weird nicknames for our kids. Who knows where they come from! I'm not sure Irelynn will know her real name.

We have monkey, monk, monkey-monk, boo-boo, and squidward.