Thursday, October 9, 2008

very random day..

Well...i am having an off day. Not sure how Will is doing as he is still at the sitter. Hope his day has gone better than mine. Do you or did you ever get the feeling that you are in the wrong job? I LOVE LOVE being a Personal Trainer but the place that I am at is starting to get me down. The lack of clients, the lack of marketing, is really discouraging and depressing. I am trying to stay positive b/c there is a new and exciting gym opening up soon and I am hoping to go there. There will be more walk in traffic and everyone will want to go to it. So..i am sucking it up. Have you ever had to do that, just deal? I hate doing that. But I will wait patiently b/c I know that there is a rainbow at the end of it all.

On another note, I am so excited b/c Dani's Duds is happening this weekend in Va. It is a huge consignment of upscale baby and kids clothes and toys. We all consign and then we shop. This i hate to say will be the highlight of my week! I cannot wait to shop for Will and get him some new clothes and toys. My sister and I are planning on getting there early b/c there is always a mad rush of moms wanting to bombard you. So I have my list and I am ready. Watch out moms, I am on a mission for Willsey Bubsy!

i have become addicted to Starbucks...every morning i am so excited to go and try a new coffee! i never drink coffee until about 2 months i am hooked!! i wish i was not but, i tell you it is so yummy!
will got his first real haircut the other night. he was starting to get a little shaggy. Lew did not want him to get it cut b/c he thinks it is bad luck to cut a baby's hair before their first bday. but by his first bday he probably would not be able to see. it turned out great and i think that we might be able to spike it again, only when we feel in the spiking mood.

TGIAF-Thank goodness its almost friday!


Lindsay said...

oo good luck sticking through the job... you are right there is light at the end of the tunnel. OO that consignment sale sounds awesome. I am totally loving the hair cut :-)

amanda said...

sorry bout the off day...i totally understand. i swear i have been off for like a week and a half!!

it will get better!!

love the new haircut :)

Clare said...

i hope that things work out with the new gym!!! I will be thinking of you:) I am interviewing at the smaller gym on monday.

BTW, I didn't know you lived in VA, we are in Charlottesville! how funny:)

Lindsay said...

Hey I gave you award on my blog :-)

Shannon said...

I'm sorry about the off-day - I hate those . . . I hope the business picks up soon and you have many new clients. (I would become your client in a heartbeat if I lived closer!!!)

First hair cut already? Will, you're so big!! Leah is still dreamin' of having hair one day :-)

And Starbucks? Don't get me started, love that place and especially the pumpkin spice latte!!

Marketing Gurl said...

Okay so I don't know if this will make you feel better...but my dream job is a personal trainer. I love fitness and healthy eating...although I feel like they are challenging. I would love the gift of being able to be around them all day. I understand though. I do...because I have days like that too. Love, MG

Chelle said...

Jenny, so sorry for your off day :( Off days just suck!

That store sounds amazing...first the 2 story Target, now this?! Lucky girl!! Take some pics of your new things!

And his haircut? SO CUTE!! He is beyond adorable!

4funboys said...

I know I could sure you a personal trainer!!! off days bite!!! usually, into a big fat chocolate bar... apparently I've had one too many...ha

hope the new place works out for you.

gotta say... love the face!!! how sweet is he.

Christy said...

I am way jealous of his hair! Both of my children are still practically bald!

Anonymous said...

look at that doll face!!!!!

don't you love the accountability that your job brings to your life? You feel obligated to take care of yourself because you're being paid to:-) neat!!