Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bye Bye Baby...Hello Big Boy

Bet you are wondering what this could be about. Well, remember how I mentioned about that sippy cup? We introduced it to Will at about 6 months or so, when he started sitting his his high chair.

We started with a little water and he quickly got the hang of the Nuby. Lew and I did not realize that Will would get so attached to his sippy cup. But he did. Oh did he.

Not only would he grunt and make weird noises (which are quite hilarious!) until we would give it to him at the dinner table. But whenever he would see it, at Target, or the grocery store he would get so excited, you have seen that excited look.

So then with all the teething happening, I noticed that he started favoring his sippy cup over his bottle. HELLO! I have seen my sisters go through trying to detach their children from the bottle and others...TOMCAT. This was my chance. One morning I put his formula in his cup and he took to it, in fact he was so...excited.

Two weeks later...we are still having success. I did not want to jinx myself by saying anything.

I do feel a little sad that my baby is not drinking out of a bottle anymore but I am glad that he made this transition so easy for his mom. I Could not ask for a more perfect, happy baby...oh, sorry Will, I mean big boy.


Lindsay said...

O thats sad that he isnt taking a bottle anymore. But you are right about the easy transition! Way to go Will!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Nope, he's perfect! The perfect BIG boy :)

Eliza wouldn't take a bottle for anything!! I was a bit frustrated with that sooo, I taught her to drink out of a sippy cup in hopes that it would teach her how to take a bottle.

It worked! But, now, even though she knows how to drink a bottle, she won't. All she wants is that sippy cup!! She's a silly one!

I love it when our babies surprise us with easy transitions. There's enough of the tough stuff so we REALLY appreciate when they go easy on us :)


Shannon said...

Wow - he IS a big boy. I'm a tiny bit envious though b/c Leah *still* won't take a bottle or a sippy cup. I've been giving her a sippy for a couple months with no luck. I think she needs some lessons from big Will :-)

amanda said...

that is awesome!!

huge big boy step will - way to go :)

Chelle said...

Wow, Will, you are definitely a big boy! Way to go!!

Yay for no hard transitions, too--that's amazing!!

Clare said...

Oh Will, you are so big!!! YAY! But, kindof sad for mommy, i'm sure:)

Christy said...

I am still breastfeeding, but I intend to skip the whole bottle thing. We are going straight to the cup too.

Anonymous said...

you're a lot stronger than me. I am SUCH A WEENIE when it comes to tossing the bottle.

maybe it's because I know El is my last baby:-(

4funboys said...

time flies... no more baby...

that must mean you're ready to have another one!

Erin said...

I would have freaked out too! I over-react to everything but it is so hard. We are here to protect our little ones. I actually had those lymphnode things on myself as a child. I found one on my neck when i was on a field trip. I think in I was in 2nd grade. I think we were at the Air and Space museum in Washington. My mom freaked out and thought I had cancer too. One of the nodes actually stayed swollen for years and years....into my late twenties. Glad Will is just fine and don't worry.... we (women) all freak over our little babies!