Saturday, October 30, 2010

The first kid who doesn't want candy . . .

A couple weeks ago I was so gung ho and got Bubsy's Halloween costume at Old Navy. I love their costumes because they are warm and they are good quality.

Well, as you know I got him a shark costume. HE REFUSES to wear it. We haven't even tried it on my friends. Lew was in love with the costume, I personally wanted him to be the green dragon. Bubsy pretty much had no say and really still to this day after endless Halloween shows and trick or treating at school, has no clue what this is all about.

So what is he going to be you ask? A skeleton. They are pj's that I had to order online from Amazon because you could not find them anywhere in his size. I went on a wild goose chase all over town looking!! How original. Oh well. At least next year I know he will be a little more into it and want to pick out his own.

I am off to go and bake some spooky goodness with my....skeleton.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's time . . .

to tell you the happenings of a little bubsy.

I thought I would actually do a post that related to the title of my blog, well, bubsy's blog.

  • Since his tube and adenoid surgery this little guy is such a talker! Lew and I are so surprised of by the conversations we are now having with a 2 year old.
  • His favorite saying, "oh, dear!" It's hilarious folks! For instance, "Oh, dear! Percy is stuck on tracks, mama!" And yes, he does say it with much enthusiasm. Too funny.
  • Today he put his hand in the dishwasher and was talking to it as if it were a person, "Okay hand, I help you get un-stuck!" He was tugging on it and pretending it was stuck, this kiddo is such a comedian, I tell you.
  • When he gets excited he says, "Oh boy, oh boy!" over and over.
  • He is most well mannered 2 year old around, always saying, please, thank you, excuse me and even sorry if he has done something wrong. Such a sweetie!
  • Having been on antibiotics for practically the whole year from all the ear infections, his taste buds have really been affected. Yes. He is two and a lot of two year olds are picky, but this little bubsy is extra picky. Some of his top ten foods are...Blueberries, bananas, chex mix, popcorn, cheese, rice, pasta with cheese, french fries, chocolate milk(horizon organic-very good!) and baked bbq chips. Believe me, I try and try to get creative but this kid is just like his mama, we don't like weird textures. Got any creative ideas you want to share? I would love to hear!
  • He loves, loves preschool! This first drop off was a tearful one but each one got better and better. Now he is so excited to go and play with his friends. Last week was picture day and of course I had to rock him in his Gap plaid pants and collared shirt. Such a cutie! Can't wait to see how those turn out.
  • With Halloween coming up this weekend, we have been really trying to prepare bubsy with all the excitement and get him into the holiday. But to tell you the truth, he seems totally disinterested. I got him a shark costume, which I love all their costumes, anyway, he refuses to put it on. So, I got a back up, skeleton pj's that glow in the dark. At least I know he will wear that.
  • He has a new friend in the neighborhood that he loves to play with and they have such a good time digging and jumping in the leaves together, although they don't say much to each other. Will the dare devil that he is will run up a hill and pretend to fall down and be all dramatic and say, "Need help, hand, help Willsey." Guess you have to be there for that one.
  • Backward pj's have been a success. We don't do it every night but he seems to kind of forget about it and not pull his pj's and diaper off.
  • As for potty training, he has been doing really well. I am not totally hardcore right now but he definitely knows when he has to go potty. Baby steps.

Thanks for listening to our bubsy's happenings!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fun With Cousin Lilly . . .

Thanks Mimi for our date night!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday . . Willsey Style

Will just loved this 3 day old lamb...

A baby goat, his favorite...

Feeding a baby goat...Thank goodness for purell...

On the muddy hayride with a sleepy Willsey...

Lilly the cow not to be confused with his favorite cousin Lilly...

Sweet Willsey taking a moment to rest in the leaves...

For you Liz...Urlacher rocks!

He just can't get enough of fall and neither can I...

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Through His Mommy's Eyes . . .

he sees...

Someone who loves him more than air.

Someone who will play trains with him until he gets bored, which usually won't happen.

Someone who will ride bikes around the house with him.

Someone who plays catch with him.

Someone who will play diggers in the dirt with him.

Someone who will jump in the leaves and take tons of pictures of her happy boy.

Someone who plays endless games of chase and mommy monster.

Someone who sings songs in the car just to make him laugh.

Someone who kisses ouchies and makes them all better.

Someone who would go the end of the world and back for him.

Someone who loves him more than air.

Please go check out a bloggy friend of mine, Clare. This post was inspired by hers.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Falling For Fall . .Part 2

I am so in love with this season! The leaves changing colors everyday, pumpkins, Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving, I just love it all.

And I love these little babies...candy corn! Yummy! My sister, Shannon and I call it candy crack because we can never stop with one bag! I remember after Halloween was over and People's, now known as CVS would discount candy corn down to nothing! I think one year my mom got it for like 10 cents a bag! I will admit the girls in my family have a little problem with candy corn.

So, it was perfect and fate that I would make this next crafty project that I found on a family magazine.

Not only was it easy to do but it was yummy as well! I love a project where I can be productive and snack along the way!

All in all I think I used 3 bags of candy corn, with a few missing from bubsy and myself. If I make it again I think I will get the 14'' round instead of the 12''.

My next fall project, I am on a mission to find a great recipe for pumpkin spice cupcakes!

I just love this time of year! It's me.

Monday, October 11, 2010

He's Expecting Rain . . .

I never thought I would stick a half naked picture of Willsey on the blog and I am sure in the future he won't be to happy but it does have a purpose.

You see, my little bubsy is in the process of potty training. I tried to get serious a couple months ago but then just decided he would let me know when he really was ready. Well. We have gotten to that point.

At night before bed I try and get him to go potty hoping that he will not take off his diaper but he usually ends up like the picture above. I need to try and nip the whole diaper taking off at night in the bud because he is wetting himself and his bed and sometimes the floor! I have put his potty in his room hoping this would help if he felt like he had to go and its not really working. Maybe I should try a pull up at night. Not sure. Any ideas?

For now I will laugh and smile when I see my little bubsy sleeping in his rain boots, waiting for the rain.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Mommy Fail Number . . .


I let a two year old boy get the best of me. I let my bubsy get the best of me. My sweet, loving, jokester got the best of me.

We were at Michael's getting some crafts and Will was sitting in the cart, perfectly I might add. I mentioned to him that he could pick out a surprise once we got what we needed.

But instead he starting heaving items into the cart as we passed by every isle! I am trying to keep my cool and get what I need and get out of there, pronto.

I am putting these items back as he is tossing them in and then he tosses those cheap little plastic animals in a tube into the cart and has a major death grip on them. I proceed to take them away from him which pretty much erupts a major crying fit on his part.

He then tries to take a flying leap out of the cart, luckily that is not the major mom fail because I grabbed him as he leaped.

So I just held his hand got our stuff and proceeded to the checkout where he then decided he was going to take off just as I am scanning my card through.
Leave my credit card or let my son run through Michael's and destroy the place? I mean, seriously. This could have not happened at the worst time ever. Lucky for me I saw him in the flower department smelling flowers.

I quickly went and got him and practically had to drag him out of there. What does he do when we leave? Pulls a huge flower arrangement over, luckily I was able to pick it up with no damage but again, seriously?!

As we walk out of the store he starts a massive demonstration and acts like he's not listening to me, complete dead weight. I hoist him up in one arm, my purse and bag in the other and try and make it to the car without another person staring at us. Have they never really seen a kid have a tantrum?

Once we get to the car he decides he is going to plop down on the street. At this point it takes all my energy just to get him into his seat only for him to arch his back and not want to get into his seat. I think we went on like this for a good 5 minutes before I just yelled..."STOP IT!" Right at him. I felt horrible for yelling but at the same time this boy had just been kicking, hitting and pitching a fit way to long.

He finally let me get part of his seat buckled and then just gave in but that was after the yell.

When we got home he wanted to play outside and I told him he had to sit in his room until he said sorry for acting naughty and hitting. Like that registered! He eventually did say sorry and we did not have another moment like that the rest of the day. Thank goodness.

I can't help but feel that I let a little 2 year old get the best of me. I am the adult. Yet, somehow I felt like crying myself.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Willsey and The Animals...

In honor of farm week at school, I thought I would post a couple pictures that we took of Will when we were in Door County at a petting farm.

He was a bit reluctant at first but definitely warmed up pretty quickly.

Next week bubsy will have his first field trip to a pumpkin patch/animal farm and I cannot wait!

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Friday, October 1, 2010

Update . . .

Just wanted to thank everyone for your kind words the other day.

Will's surgery was a success! Tubes are in and adenoids are out and now I am just hoping that my little guy stays healthy!

The pain meds. that he was on did not fair well with him and we had a couple vomiting episodes which we all know I hate vomit. But I sucked it up and cleaned it up. Yuck!

Now my little bubsy is upstairs taking a nap. Thank goodness! Now I have to go sneak in and put his ear drops in while he's asleep because he hates them.

I tell you what, being a mom, being a SAHM/Part time trainer is a 24/7 job! I need a cocktail on a white sandy beach!