Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's time . . .

to tell you the happenings of a little bubsy.

I thought I would actually do a post that related to the title of my blog, well, bubsy's blog.

  • Since his tube and adenoid surgery this little guy is such a talker! Lew and I are so surprised of by the conversations we are now having with a 2 year old.
  • His favorite saying, "oh, dear!" It's hilarious folks! For instance, "Oh, dear! Percy is stuck on tracks, mama!" And yes, he does say it with much enthusiasm. Too funny.
  • Today he put his hand in the dishwasher and was talking to it as if it were a person, "Okay hand, I help you get un-stuck!" He was tugging on it and pretending it was stuck, this kiddo is such a comedian, I tell you.
  • When he gets excited he says, "Oh boy, oh boy!" over and over.
  • He is most well mannered 2 year old around, always saying, please, thank you, excuse me and even sorry if he has done something wrong. Such a sweetie!
  • Having been on antibiotics for practically the whole year from all the ear infections, his taste buds have really been affected. Yes. He is two and a lot of two year olds are picky, but this little bubsy is extra picky. Some of his top ten foods are...Blueberries, bananas, chex mix, popcorn, cheese, rice, pasta with cheese, french fries, chocolate milk(horizon organic-very good!) and baked bbq chips. Believe me, I try and try to get creative but this kid is just like his mama, we don't like weird textures. Got any creative ideas you want to share? I would love to hear!
  • He loves, loves preschool! This first drop off was a tearful one but each one got better and better. Now he is so excited to go and play with his friends. Last week was picture day and of course I had to rock him in his Gap plaid pants and collared shirt. Such a cutie! Can't wait to see how those turn out.
  • With Halloween coming up this weekend, we have been really trying to prepare bubsy with all the excitement and get him into the holiday. But to tell you the truth, he seems totally disinterested. I got him a shark costume, which I love all their costumes, anyway, he refuses to put it on. So, I got a back up, skeleton pj's that glow in the dark. At least I know he will wear that.
  • He has a new friend in the neighborhood that he loves to play with and they have such a good time digging and jumping in the leaves together, although they don't say much to each other. Will the dare devil that he is will run up a hill and pretend to fall down and be all dramatic and say, "Need help, hand, help Willsey." Guess you have to be there for that one.
  • Backward pj's have been a success. We don't do it every night but he seems to kind of forget about it and not pull his pj's and diaper off.
  • As for potty training, he has been doing really well. I am not totally hardcore right now but he definitely knows when he has to go potty. Baby steps.

Thanks for listening to our bubsy's happenings!


Anonymous said...

aww so sweet! Yay for talking so much! Yay for liking preschool and having new friends!

Krystyn said...

So glad the surgery went well and has helped his progress.

Iz started saying "Oh, Lord" the other is an interesting place!

Liz said...

Backwards PJs - brilliant!

I love that he is doing so well following his surgery. And leave it to him to chat it up about trains!

Heather B. said...

We are picky eaters over here too! It gets old some days but oh well!!

Glad his surgery helped him so much!!!

Sippy Cup Mom said...

Yay! Sounds like things are going so well!

KLZ said...

Oh man, I forgot how good pasta with cheese is. I think I might have to make some tonight.

Glad he's chatting with you nicely and healing well.

Brandi said...

What a little doll! That's cool that he's talking so much since the surgery.

Great idea with the pj's!

amanda said...

potty training is all about the baby steps friend!

Natalie said...

Oh Dear. That's so cute ;)

Tater is full of funny stuff, too...our favorite right now is "listen up, guys".

Glad he's liking preschool!