Friday, June 29, 2012

Seeing Purple...

1. Yummy Lavender and Lemon cookies that I whipped up after our lavender fields trip 2. Lilly and Will getting ready to cut lavender.  You can tell my jokester was just thrilled to be there. Yes.  That's me holding Mr. Eli in the background. 3. Eli taking a little break in the middle of the lavender fields. 4. My beautiful niece, Lilly.  Love those curls! 5. Best part of the trip for these two, holding the bunnies. 6. Auntie Mimi holding Eli.  He's totally done with the photo shoot, clearly.  Love the flower in her hair that day!

Happy weekend friends!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

8 Months and Almost 4.5...and loving it

Eli better known as Squirmy and E I:
  • You just turned 8 months old and I cannot believe how fast the time has gone!  I often feel like each day is a bit deja vu "like" but you are finally starting to really shine.
  • You are a lover of pretty much any kind of food!  This weekend you tried black beans, guacamole, and while mommy wasn't looking some frozen yogurt.  You can thank your Auntie Mimi for that one.  And of course you loved it.
  • You have become a total rock star at sitting up.  If you are laying on your stomach you will push yourself off your hands and sit right on up.  So impressive.  It is amazing how quickly you mastered this.
  • Crawling is getting so close and I am having to child proof everything.  You have done a couple crawls and then fall down on your tummy.  It is so cute to see you get yourself ready, you rock back and forth and then...take off!  I think it is the take off that gets you a bit off balance.  We are hoping that you will be crawling by the time Nana comes next week.  That could be wishful thinking though.  
  • You sit up in your crib and have now started to grab onto your bumper to pull yourself up on your knees.  You have also done this with your bouncer as well and it totally scared mommy and Will because you were so un-steady!  But, I am so impressed and in awe of how quickly you have mastered some of these new milestones.
  • You seem to be doing a lot of more "milestones" and getting into everything more than Will did.  I have a feeling you are going to be my little dare devil.  Please, just don't put on a super hero cape and think jumping down the stairs is a good idea.
  • You are majorly teething.  You have four teeth.  Two bottoms and your K'9's.  To say your smile is not just the cutest thing ever is an understatement.  I could totally eat you up!  But, I think your top teeth are wanting to make an appearance soon.
  • You love your walker and Will rides his plasma car around while you cruise.  It's kind of your guy's game.  And so it begins.
  • Knock on wood this past weekend you started to sleep through the night.  I am thinking it's all these new milestones making you tired or a serious growth spurt happening.  I am loving it! 
  • I can't believe in 4 months you will be one.  And this is probably the last time I will celebrate a 1st birthday.  I just can't imagine you not being the baby of our family.  

Will better known as Willsy...stinker or Bubsy
  • Next month you will be 4 1/2!  I started this blog when you were just a couple of months old.  I chronicled every little detail about your life from bumps on your head to giving up binki's.
  • You are super sensitive.  You don't want to kill any bugs but would rather us let them go.  Although, you would like to take the lizard we often see on our front steps in as your pet.
  • You definitely have a love for all animals.  Dogs, cats, fish, lizards, birds and even ants.  
  • You have been wondering when we will get another dog and often talk about Ella and you even pretend that she is here at times.  Totally melts my heart and makes me miss her terribly.  She was our sweet girl who loved you so much.  A little protector through and through.
  • Food.  Don't get me started.  You are picky and you are stubborn.  Not a good combination. One night you made yourself gag after sitting at the table for over an hour.  Over macaroni and cheese.  What kid doesn't like it?  You.  I have to say, I think a lot of it stems from your chronic ear infections in your second year because you were constantly on some kind of medication which made everything taste different to you.  Before that, you ate everything!  Loved broccoli, loved macaroni and cheese.  I just keep telling myself you will get past this.  I hope.  Any helpful hints?
  • You love digging in the dirt and making rock towers.  And just making a mess of the garden. Which, I am okay with because honestly, I don't have a green thumb.  
  • You haven't quite grasped that we are moving.  But, you do say I can't wait to go to Georgia and see your cousin Annie who is just a month older than you.  I am so excited that you guys will be such good friends growing up together.
  • You always protect mommy.  When you hear daddy tickling me, you always come to the rescue.
  • You love cupcakes.  In fact, you haven't met one you didn't enjoy.  Kind of like your mommy.
  • You have a memory that is out of this world.  You often tell me about your tube surgery at the age of 2 and how you were calling for mommy and daddy.  
  • You love puppy movies, especially the "Buddies" movies.  I think we have them all.  I actually like to watch these ones with you.
  • Dino Dan is one of your favorite shows along with Pound Puppies...go figure.
  • Happy almost 4 1/2 years my fun, loving Bubsy.  You have taught me so much.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Flower Cupcakes!

You all know how much I love baking.  I have even considered doing a baking blog because I just adore it so much.  Good thing I am a Personal Trainer and workout, or else I would be in trouble with the sugar over load.

I made these cupcakes for my sister Misti's birthday.  It was kind of big birthday, so I wanted to do something special for her.  I have to say they turned out above and beyond what I thought they would be.  

First.  Take your favorite cake recipe or if you want you can use a box mix.  Keep it simple.  You can make your own frosting, whether it be a butter cream or a cream cheese one, just make sure it is white/vanilla.  Bake in white or silver cupcake holders.  

Second.  Take colored marsh mellows and cut them on a diagonal.  Holy they look like a petal or what?  So cool what things around your house can be turned in to.  If you can't find colored marsh mellows you can use the plain ones and dip the sticky side down into colored sugar.  Which would look great too!  

Third.  Frost your cupcakes with a very thin layer but enough to get the marsh mellows/petals to stick.  

Fourth.  Starting on the outside, line the marsh mellows up close together going around the cupcake.  Now, do the same for the second row and final row.  Key is to make sure you keep them close together, so as to not show much of the frosting.

And now you have beautiful cupcakes!  I definitely recommend eating them within the day as the marsh mellows tend to get a little hard.  I just think they look amazingly pretty and I will definitely make them again.  Who doesn't love a cupcake?  

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

soccer days...

1. mommy caught me mid wink...lucky shot and a good one 2. coach ross...also known as shrek since he's from Scotland, giving a pep talk 3. kicking the ball around the field and watching coach ross be silly 4. water break on this hot 100 degree day 6. first day of soccer camp and I am ready to go 7. getting ready to do a big kick down the field

so far days 1,2, and 3 have been great at soccer camp.  you sometimes get wrapped up in the games and forget to kick the ball but you are having a great time and that is all that matters.  you can definitely dribble the ball well and are pretty fast when focused.  can't wait to see what days 4 and 5 bring.  love you buddy, more than air.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

totally obsessed

Totally obsessed with my boys...picmonkey...collages (hello fun!)...cupcakes...cherries (gotta be on sale though)...bath and body works lavender sleep lotion, linen spray, body wash (totally amazing)...reality tv (guiliana and bill-so happy they are having a baby! the housewives, flying wild alaska (makes me want to learn to fly a plane..kind of, so you think you can dance (can't dance, but wish I could) don't be tardy for the wedding (don't ask me why I watched this show, so mindless but somehow entertaining) house hunters (because soon we will be doing that!) target (who isn't obsessed, i even know some cashiers by their first names!) turkey hill chocolate peanut butter ice cream..yummy!

and just to give you a little tidbit about the move.  it's happening.  Lew is putting in for his transfer this week.  We also got lucky and found a house to rent in the sil's neighborhood and he is willing to let us go month to month, in case we find THE house.  We are hoping for the middle of August but all depends on Lew's transfer date.  Preschools are being researched and narrowed down.  House hunting has begun and a realtor found.  We just have to find the area we want to be in.  I am hoping we will be in OUR house sooner rather than later, that way Will is going to be set on an elementary school.  Totally exciting and scary at the same time.  And the family, they took it pretty well.  A bit sad but that is to be expected.  Because I am a tiny bit.

Friday, June 15, 2012

the onesie...

First off...How cute are these crocs?  I found them at a kid's consignment shop for $1.  Pretty pointless for my little Eli, but they are too cute on him!  

Will got some new ones at the croc store and got to pick out dinosaur jibitzs's for them.  Soon Eli, you will be able to get brand new ones too!

Eli at almost 8 months wearing a the 6-9 month old onesie.

Will wearing the onesie at age 3 1/2. 

 Last summer.  

Why is this onesie so special?  Because of the choo choo trains on it of course!  Will even tried to put it on again this morning when I put Eli in it.  I had to convince him to put on a Thomas shirt instead.

Just how we have that favorite pair of jeans, shirt or pj pants.  My boys have their favorite onesie.  Too funny.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

pool fun!

1. Can you tell we are brothers? 2. Yep. That is a baby butt in big brother's face. 3. Snuggling up in the shark towel. 4. Silly Eli smiles. 5. Big brother Will watching out for his little.

1. Cannot resist those gummy smiles with a few teeth. 2. So. In. Love. With these boys. 3. Daddy got a good shot of the water splashing Will.  4. Will's fake cheeser smile and Eli is totally over this photo shoot.

I am the luckiest mommy in the whole world.  Even on my bad days, there is always something good that turns it all around.

Monday, June 4, 2012

holy randomness...

  • the blog is a bit of a mess at the moment and frankly its not really a priority.  i used to care what everyone thought about it but now not so much.  it will get there.
  • preschool is out for the summer.  although i just got a really cool preschool book for will in hops that i can attempt to keep the learning going for the summer.  we shall see.
  • trains are on the back burner and will totally loves godzilla. who knew he would grow up?
  • will got to play soccer with his cousin the other day and he loves it.  he is pretty fast and so, we are going to sign him up for a soccer camp this summer.  i think i am more excited than him.
  • been on the hunt for an anniversary gift for lew...6 years this weekend and then we have to figure out what we are going to do for father's day.  any ideas?
  • eli has his second ear infection in a month.  can i we go again.  really hoping that we are not heading down the same road that will did.  he had a fever all weekend long, which made me paranoid.  so it was motrin then tylenol.  followed by cool baths.  finally it broke yesterday afternoon.  thank goodness.  
  • he is starting to sit up better but falls to the side after a while.  he used to be a chunky monkey but i have to say he has really shot up in his height and thinned out!  i think he is going to be taller than will.  he gets himself in the crawling position and will rock back and forth until his arms can't hold him any longer and then he drops.  
  • we decided not to join the pool this summer because it would be too hard with eli's schedule.  will likes to be at the pool for a couple of hours and with a baby, it is just not possible.  lew works such long hours that i wouldn't have much help.  so..we got a pool for the backyard for will since he is a water baby!
  • i love baking.  it is weird that i have finally found my calling?  i would love to have my own little business even if it was out of my house.  more news on the whole house thing later.  we still have to tell my family about all that.
  • does anyone have the bob stroller?  is it worth the money?  i have been checking out craigslist everyday for a deal but so far...nada.
Well...i better get off.  I have work to do and blogs to catch up on!