Friday, June 15, 2012

the onesie...

First off...How cute are these crocs?  I found them at a kid's consignment shop for $1.  Pretty pointless for my little Eli, but they are too cute on him!  

Will got some new ones at the croc store and got to pick out dinosaur jibitzs's for them.  Soon Eli, you will be able to get brand new ones too!

Eli at almost 8 months wearing a the 6-9 month old onesie.

Will wearing the onesie at age 3 1/2. 

 Last summer.  

Why is this onesie so special?  Because of the choo choo trains on it of course!  Will even tried to put it on again this morning when I put Eli in it.  I had to convince him to put on a Thomas shirt instead.

Just how we have that favorite pair of jeans, shirt or pj pants.  My boys have their favorite onesie.  Too funny.


Anonymous said...

hehe too cute!! Eli looks so big all of a sudden!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

That's awesome! I remember Mr. Serious putting N's 9 month pants on a 3 year old Iz! Not their choice like your little man!

Natalie said...

Ha ha hilarious! They are too cute!

amanda said...

i love favorites :)