Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pour Your Heart Out- Blogging style

I began blogging way back in the spring of 2008, primarily so my friends and family were able to keep track of Willsey.

But, then I started reading more blogs and it became an obsession to read about other moms and their children in their daily lives. That's what I loved about blogging. It was about real life and all the blogs I visited had tons of pictures and told funny stories about mommy hood.

Some of the blogs that I loved and still love and have never changed their way of blogging are, Lifelong Playdate (one of the first blogs I ever read)...she is a private and awesome blogger. McMommy Chronicles who just recently stopped blogging, totally miss her. Bytes of Memory with Lindsay, who always has great recipes and the cutest pictures of her little guy, Sammy. Naptime Novels with Clare, whom I mentioned yesterday is the queen of craftiness. Another favorite is Mary at Francie and Maisie and now Janie, she is an amazing mom and business owner x 3. I found Mary while at Steece's Pieces which is another favorite of mine. Suz has quads and they are total cuties!

What I am getting to is, I am glad that I have not really changed the way I blog. I am still a mommy blogger, but with the real life aspects of it all. I feel like blogging has changed so much, in good ways and in bad ways. I like showing pictures of Willsey and the "happenings" of him.

The occasional giveaway and entering a contest is nice but I still want to keep perspective of why I started. Which is to share in the rainbow and unicorn moments along with the stormy, dark cloud moments of motherhood with other mom bloggers. Which, I appreciate so much!

I have to say I have met some pretty amazing and fantastic mommy bloggers out there that I call friends even though I haven't met them in real life.

So, to all my bloggy friends out there, thanks for always keeping it real.

Now go check out Shell, who is one of those amazing, mommy bloggers.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Bring on Spring

Clare at Naptime Novels has inspired me to find my inner craftiness! She is like the queen of all things crafty. Seriously talented.

I decided I would jump on the bandwagon and get started on a spring wreath, in hopes it might come sooner!

I started off with a bunch of bright and "spring" like colors. Cut them about 5 inches long and then bunched them together in groups of 6 or 7. Make a loop out of each ribbon and pin them together and pin on to styrofoam wreath. I wrapped the wreath in a plain but bright color ribbon, securing it with pins. Then you just pin the groups of ribbon along the wreath. The "S" is wire and then just wrapped in ribbon. I did use a hot glue gone to secure the ribbon on. Love that added touch!


Next time I think I will use the 16'' wreath, I used the 14'' here and it would look a little better bigger.

Thanks for the inspiration Clare!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Can we say . . .

This boy needs a HAIRCUT!

We have been soaking up the sunshine here but unfortunately,
Will has managed to get pink eye. Gross!
But he tells me, not pink mommy, my eye is blue! Such a cutie.
Hope the sun is shining where you are.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pour Your Heart Out - Cancer Makes You Cry

I ran fast that day.

Tears streaming down my face, arms pumping as fast as they could at my side, hair blowing furiously in the beach wind. Did this just happen?

I made it to the end of the beach on March 26 and looked out into the Atlantic for a miracle.

I cradled my knees with my arms tightly because I needed a hug. I needed this not to be true.

Never had I cried like this before. The tears were just flowing like a water faucet, with no end in sight. I cried for my mom, I cried for everything she was about to go through, and I cried because when you hear cancer, you can only think of death.

I was not ready to lose my mom. She was MY rock, she was my best friend, but most importantly she was an amazing mom that I still needed.

As the tears continued to flow, I decided right then and there that there would be no more crying, unless it was here in this very spot on the beach.

My mom was going to need me more than ever. Unsure of what my siblings and father would do to help, I knew my mom was going to need ME to be her rock.

As I walked back to our house, and entered the door, I saw both my mom and dad staring at me.

With huge, puffy red eyes I said, ''It's going to be okay mom, I will take care of you, I promise."

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the big ouchy

My sister is going to hate me for telling this story but, this is Will's book essentially. I know one day I will want to read what I have put down in this blog, as will he. So, Mimi this is just a part of the Willsey story, hope you don't mind.

Saturday we went over to my sister's house to have dinner with them and my mom's best friend. It was a great afternoon. Will and Lilly played at 3 different parks on the lake trail while we walked my sister's fox red, beautiful lab, Daisy. Will loves Daisy! Will loves all dogs, which I am happy about because as a child I was kind of afraid of big dogs.

As the evening went on Will, Lilly and Daisy played together nicely. Do you see where I am going with this? Until, my mom's best friend was petting Daisy everything was just peachy. Will decided he was going to help her pet Daisy, when all of a sudden Daisy turned around a bit Bubsy in the face. I was out of the room at the time, but this is what I know. Uncle Kevin quickly grabbed Daisy and took her outside. I ran in and grabbed Will, who was uncontrollably crying, couldn't catch his breath, pretty much on the verge of vomiting, kinda crying.

When we were all looking at Will, we noticed she got his face, not that bad, but also bit his lip which was bleeding. Thanks to Uncle Kevin's quick reflexes and grabbing Daisy, it might have been worse. So we are thankful for that. Will stopped crying and eventually told us, Daisy bit my lip. He still is pointing to his face when he looks at it in the mirror, saying, Daisy bit my lip.

Thankfully, it has healed nicely and the action that happened that night was not as bad as we all had made it out to be. So, Mimi if you are reading this, Will is okay, it's fine. Accidents happen and Willsey Bubsy still loves dogs. In fact, the very next day, he was climbing on Ella our rottie.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

because i have to remember these . . .

To say Willsey is a jokester is an understatement. He is down right hilarious and I want to remember every little joke, comment, smirk, and funny face he does.

So, here are some Willisms' from none other than the little dude himself...

"Oh, SNAP! I tootsied!"

or just plain old "tootsied" when he does it

"I can't find my winkie."

"I shake off my winkie"

"I tickle my winkie"

(yes, he has a bit of an obsession with it. his ped told me it was okay. haha)

when he has a "tootsie" in the bath tub he says, "bubbles!''

"tootsie come out of my tush!"

"i not mad anymore, i happy!"

"chocolate milk make my tummy feel better.''

when driving in the car, "mommy, hold my hand." totally melts me.

"i love you mama, so muches." followed by "sweet dreameees mommy" followed by "santa gonna bring me presents." this usually happens at bed time. but if i tell him I love him him, he always says, "so muches mama!"

Those are just a few of will's little funny sayings, but something I will remember forever.

I love you Will, so muches, more than air, and to infinity and beyond.

Monday, February 7, 2011

from the cell phone . . .

If you are like me, you have endless things to do everyday and sometimes a cell phone is the best picture taker around. In my case, I use it for a lot of picture taking!

We recently upgraded Will's crib/toddler bed to none other than a Thomas the Train big boy bed! He absolutely loves it! I kind of wanted to stay away from getting him a themed bed but Lew convinced me that we should feed into Will's obsession...that's my husband for you.

But, I am glad that he did because it has made bedtime so much easier! He has fallen out a couple times which is why I had to put some pillows there.

So, thank you Thomas for making my little bubsy happy!

This past weekend we went to ikea and got a new couch and I am in love! In fact, I am sitting in the lounge part right now! Perfect place to blog and read blogs! Excuse the mess, it's from the bubsy. And of course Ella Bella, our sweet rottie, and yes she really is sweet!

After a long day of tearing the house apart, Willsey Bubsy fell asleep on the couch. I think he loves it too!

Happy Monday friends!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

a letter to you . . .

I remember wanting you to come out and show your sweet, sweet baby face. Wanting to know if you looked like me or your daddy. You came a week before your due date, only because I wanted you out. I could have waited, but I have no patience. At all. When I think about it now, I could have held out one more week, but the 23rd of January sounded like a wonderful birthday for my little man.

I was in labor for 11 hours and pushed for half that time. Unfortunately, your little shoulder was caught and the great nurse Molly was there to help you maneuver out. It definitely was not a fun experience for me, but I knew what my end result would be. You.

In fact as soon as you came out, all I could say was, "Oh, my GOD!" Over and over. On video it is hilarious to hear and your Aunt Mimi and I still laugh about it. I am guessing I was just happy with the 5 hours of pushing being over.

You had dark hair, just like me when I was born. 8lbs. 3 oz. and 20 inches long. If we would have waited a week, you probably would have been over 9lbs, which most likely would have resulted in a c-section. You were already so big for me to push out. I am so thankful Dr. H was willing to induce.

Daddy got to change your first poo, which made him think he could get out of changing all poopy diapers. That didn't happen.

Aunt Mimi was there for the whole thing, and I am so thankful because I am not sure I could have done it. She is an amazing sister and aunt to you and I.

We brought you home on a very blustery, cold day. For the first day at home, you and I snuggled in bed all day. We were both exhausted.

I had no idea what I was in store for. I was totally winging it. You'll understand when you become a parent.

Now, three years later, I am even more excited and thrilled to be your mom. You are such a smart, funny little guy. We call you the jokester because you truly crack us up! We call it the "Will" show. You pretty much run the house, and I am okay with it. You love your blankets. One your great grandma got you, one a friend got you, and another from one of my client's. They are just as special to me as they are to you. Not so sure you will give them up anytime soon and I am okay with that too.

Every time I give you a kiss, you tell me you love me. Sometimes you even say, so much mommy. Which totally melts my heart. You are definitely a little lover, which makes me nervous for those teenage years! All my clients, say you are such a little heart breaker, great! Just promise me you will follow your daddy's ways and be a gentleman. I know you will.

You love so many things, but at the top of the list is definitely trains, then maybe mommy. You love every little thing about trains, you love to watch the wheels turn, Uncle Kevin says you will be very mechanical. I think so too. Another love of yours, blueberries. You can sit and eat a whole container at one sitting. I think this summer we will venture to a blueberry farm, just for you.

I know, I have gone on and on. I feel like I could tell the story of Will and never get tired of it. You are the sweetest, most lovable little guy I know. Every time I am away from you, I miss you so much. Your bright blue eyes and your cheesy smile make my day, everyday.

Happy 3rd Birthday Willsey Bubsy, I love you more than air.