Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the big ouchy

My sister is going to hate me for telling this story but, this is Will's book essentially. I know one day I will want to read what I have put down in this blog, as will he. So, Mimi this is just a part of the Willsey story, hope you don't mind.

Saturday we went over to my sister's house to have dinner with them and my mom's best friend. It was a great afternoon. Will and Lilly played at 3 different parks on the lake trail while we walked my sister's fox red, beautiful lab, Daisy. Will loves Daisy! Will loves all dogs, which I am happy about because as a child I was kind of afraid of big dogs.

As the evening went on Will, Lilly and Daisy played together nicely. Do you see where I am going with this? Until, my mom's best friend was petting Daisy everything was just peachy. Will decided he was going to help her pet Daisy, when all of a sudden Daisy turned around a bit Bubsy in the face. I was out of the room at the time, but this is what I know. Uncle Kevin quickly grabbed Daisy and took her outside. I ran in and grabbed Will, who was uncontrollably crying, couldn't catch his breath, pretty much on the verge of vomiting, kinda crying.

When we were all looking at Will, we noticed she got his face, not that bad, but also bit his lip which was bleeding. Thanks to Uncle Kevin's quick reflexes and grabbing Daisy, it might have been worse. So we are thankful for that. Will stopped crying and eventually told us, Daisy bit my lip. He still is pointing to his face when he looks at it in the mirror, saying, Daisy bit my lip.

Thankfully, it has healed nicely and the action that happened that night was not as bad as we all had made it out to be. So, Mimi if you are reading this, Will is okay, it's fine. Accidents happen and Willsey Bubsy still loves dogs. In fact, the very next day, he was climbing on Ella our rottie.


Anonymous said...

oohh poor boy! But so glad he isn't afraid of dogs! You are right accidents do happen! Glad it wasn't bad and glad it didn't seem to affect his view of his doggy buddies :-)

Sippy Cup Mom said...

Poor poor baby!

Angie said...

Ouchie! I am glad he isn't afraid now! I got bit by a little weiner dog when I was a kid and now have a slight phobia of tiny dogs. Big dogs I am fine with.

Shell said...

Oh, poor thing! And that is why I'm afraid to get dogs for my kids!