Thursday, February 10, 2011

because i have to remember these . . .

To say Willsey is a jokester is an understatement. He is down right hilarious and I want to remember every little joke, comment, smirk, and funny face he does.

So, here are some Willisms' from none other than the little dude himself...

"Oh, SNAP! I tootsied!"

or just plain old "tootsied" when he does it

"I can't find my winkie."

"I shake off my winkie"

"I tickle my winkie"

(yes, he has a bit of an obsession with it. his ped told me it was okay. haha)

when he has a "tootsie" in the bath tub he says, "bubbles!''

"tootsie come out of my tush!"

"i not mad anymore, i happy!"

"chocolate milk make my tummy feel better.''

when driving in the car, "mommy, hold my hand." totally melts me.

"i love you mama, so muches." followed by "sweet dreameees mommy" followed by "santa gonna bring me presents." this usually happens at bed time. but if i tell him I love him him, he always says, "so muches mama!"

Those are just a few of will's little funny sayings, but something I will remember forever.

I love you Will, so muches, more than air, and to infinity and beyond.


Clare said...

i love them, oh snap is my favorite though!!

Anonymous said...

hehe what a silly boy!! I am with Clare "Oh Snap!" is my favorite!!

Rachel said...

Oh gosh - those are meltingly sweet!

Too funny that he is great about announcing his tootsies!

And I've developed quite a back and neck problem due to stretching around to hold that little hand too! :)

Liz said...

See, it's posts like these that show me I have no idea about raising boys!

Callie said...

Great idea for a post! My kids are always saying funny things, but I forget to write them down.

(I'm new to Bloggy Moms and am just checking out others from the website. Yours is so cute!)

amanda said...

thank goodness we have the blog!!

here's to remembering all the little things :)