Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Competition is Fierce Peeps...

Okay...not so great on the title but it is so true when looking for a Preschool in our area. Where we don't really go to public schools. Everyone goes to private. We are in a great school district for public schools don't get me wrong. It is just that everyone here sends their kids to private for some reason or another.

This is even true for Preschool! I am sorry but I do not want to see my little bubsy in a school uniform at the age of 2. For crying out loud, he has barely had time to express himself!

Case in point. I tried to join a local moms group. First off, nothing against any of these ladies but where I live, everyone is a bit upity-if that is even a word. So I knew it was going to be a challenge for me. I come from a middle class family and had to work when I was 16 for what I wanted. I think you are catching the drift. The mommy group didn't work for me. All they could talk about is so and so got in here and the uniforms are just so cute. Not for me.

Anyway. I started my search for a Preschool for bubsy. Believe me, I want the best for him. I want something small, intimate, a place where there is a comforting grandmother like teacher for him. When I was calling and setting up appointments for this week, I was shocked at what some of these schools cost for a 2 year old! For him to go twice a week, half days at a very prestigious school it was going to cost around $500 a month! That just seems a bit outlandish to me. Then I thought, okay he could do the once a week which might be better for him at first anyway. That is almost $300!

Then I decided I was going to skip out on the most prestigious and well known schools in our area. I am not one of those moms. I just want Will to find a place where he can learn and have fun. I found two local church Preschools that we often pass on our errand trips. They are much more reasonably priced and when I say that, they are not going to cost hundreds of dollars. No uniforms. They sounded like the experience I wanted for my bubsy. So this Wednesday we are going to go and visit their 2 year old classes, get a tour and all that jazz. I am looking forward to it. Finally.

My bubsy deserves the best and I hope I find it at one of these schools. With that said. What do you look for in a Preschool? What made you decide on a school or to even home school? Do you think a church Preschool is better than a private or vice versa. I would love to hear what you have to say.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bubsy's Mini Birthday Bash...

For Will's birthday we were supposed to go to the Jump Zone which is all moon bounces and slides. Unfortunately that had to be cancelled do to the foot. So we decided on a little family get together of cake and Mexican food. Both are bubsy's favorite.

Some pics from his big day...

Daddy went and got blueberry doughnuts...

So Yummy....

Opening some presents from Aunt Mimi...nice paper Mimi!

Will laughing at his cousin Lilly playing with talking Percy...

Time for some cake...and no it is not Thomas. With all the drama of that week, I just did not have the time...but it was delish!

Cake and ice cream everywhere!

Finally had to strip him down...he doesn't get a lot of he was enjoying it!

Once his foot is healed we promised to go to the Jump Zone. Which I know he will love. We are also going to go on a little train excursion at the end of April. In Baltimore Thomas the Train is going to be making a visit. So we thought that that would be a nice treat for Will.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Scooting for Nanas...

Will has started scooting around on the plasma car to get where he wants to go. I think he is getting tired of army crawling everywhere.

I like the way my bubsy thinks!

and yes...we are working on getting rid of the binky after the cast comes off. What can I say, I am a major sucker!

Monday, January 25, 2010

A Blue Cast For You...

Our little bubsy ended up having to get a cast on his foot. All before the big 2.
Let's go back to the night that it happened. Wednesday. Getting ready to have some yummy yogurt before bedtime. If only Wednesday had been a normal night.

You and I were coming down the stairs. You were coming down like spider man like you often do. Your foot got caught in the over hang on our railing. On the last step. You lost your balance and fell to your bottom. That's when it happened. You started wailing. Although, I have seen you cry worse. I sat you on the couch so I could investigate. You started flicking at your foot and when you did that you cried worse.

So Mommy called Daddy at work and said...Back to Nighttime Peds. we go. The whole experience there was a nightmare. The doctor acted like he didn't want to be there. Told me it was going to be difficult to get an xray from you. No kidding! HE made you walk on your foot to me and I started to cry seeing you limp. MEAN MEAN MEAN doctor he was. We ended up having to wrap you up in a papoose(sp) to get the xray. Which was not pretty. You just cried and cried, MaaaaaaaaaaaaMaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I felt horrible bubsy. Absolutely horrible. But when we looked on the xray screen you had 2 breaks in your foot. I felt like telling that doctor off at that point. He thought there was not anything wrong from the beginning. I guess we proved him wrong. Not that I wanted you to have a break.

We did not get out of there tell late. But you were happy and content when they put a soft cast on it for support.

The very next day I got you in to the best orthopedic practice in our area. They took care of you. They were very good doctors. The girls there gave you lolly pops, and stickers and even made a balloon out of a glove for you. As we left with the little blue cast on your leg. Everyone looked at you and said, "Ahhhhhh." I have to admit only you can pull of the blue cast. I even signed it for you. After that Daddy got you a chocolate milk shake and french fries. Which you totally loved!

You are adjusting okay to the cast although, you do not put any weight on that leg. You have managed to get yourself around like a champ. You are a champ!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Early Birthday Willsey...

My Dearest Willsey/Bubsy/Will...

The last couple of days have definitely been rough on you and I am sorry for that. If I could have stopped your fall, I would have. Now you are in a cast on the eve of your 2nd Birthday.

I have had to carry you around the last two days, which I do not mind one bit. It's like you are my little baby again. But you have quickly adapted and scoot around on your rear. I always knew you were super creative and efficient.

You have done so much for me in the last two years, I don't even know where to start.

You are always my sunshine, even if I am having a bad day. You make me smile. My heart melts and sometimes I cry when you do something new. You have become such a talker lately and I just love our conversations even if we don't understand each other sometimes.

I love that you are predictable and that you adore your blueberry waffles and pp&j. In a sense I think you are like me in that aspect. I could eat the same thing everyday and be content and happy.

As we look forward to this next year with you, I am filled with a little sadness as well. That you are getting so big and growing so fast. I feel sad that you were not able to meet your Grandma or your Grandpa. Because I know for sure that your Grandma would have spoiled you rotten. She just loved/loves her grand babies so much. But you do have so many cousins, aunties and uncles that love you just as much.

You have learned so much in the last year, like starting to count and you are repeating a lot of the alphabet. But a wise man told me, It's not how fast you learn, it's just that you learn.

With that my sweet Willsey, Happy 2nd Birthday! I love you more than air.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

and he went boom...

I am going to have a make this a short entry as who knows how long Bubsy will sleep for but last night he was coming down the stairs, missed the last bottom stair and fractured 2 bones in his foot! so scary for me! We raced to nighttime peds. (i think we should just have a cot with our name on it) and the doctor who shall remain nameless was not the best. i will go more into detail on that when I have more time. Xray was done and there are 2 fractures. So they bandaged part of his foot up and now today we are headed to a ortho. doc. I am kinda being really hopeful that he will not have to get a hard cast but, I am thinking him being so young, they probably will have to.

more to come...sorry if i am not reading blogs and commenting for a few days. will and i will miss you!

ps..keep Bubsy in your thoughts...thanks!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Brandi at My Three Bubs has given us the Beautiful Blogger Award! We feel so special. Especially since it is coming from a super mom with three bubbas! She is such an awesome mom and her boys are too cute with their surfer hair!

So...I must tell 7 things about myself that you might not already know...

1. I am totally and utterly obsessed with reality tv. Teen Mom on MTV is one of them. Anything on bravo.
2.Even though I am a personal trainer I do like sweets and in fact that is my weakness
3.I grew up in Northern Virginia
4.I hate when Lew and I are watching tv he sometimes picks at his finger nails. Drives me crazy.
5.I love to run in the spring and fall. only then.
6.I was born in the good ole' cornhusker state of Nebraska
7.I have a junior high friend who I still talk with and write emails to. Its kind of like beaches. We have been through everything together from a distance. But I am glad to know that I have such a good friend in her.

So here are some bloggers that I think are super beautiful!

Lindsay at Bytes of Memory. Lindsay does it all, works, teaches her little Sammy and is constantly busy. A super mom!
Claire at Diapers to Designs. Claire is super classy and has wonderful taste. She has a cute 3 year old named Bradley and a baby girl on the way.
Chelle at Winey Mommy. Chelle is a blog that maybe one day I can aspire to be like. She has 2 wonderfully beautiful girls and keeps busy with her blog. Doing giveaways galore and always has something interesting to say!
Heather at A Big Boy, A Baby Girl, and A Precious Pug. Heather to, is a super mom! After battling cancer and getting into remission. She never let anything slow her down. Also she is one talented sewer. You need a tu tu for your little princess? She is the one to see.

Thanks ladies for your stories and pictures each and everyday. I am glad to be a part of this Mommy-bloggywood.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Summer Posts We Missed...

We spent a lot of the Summer of 2009 in our own backyard playing in Will's pool, sandbox, swing and just enjoying out little Bubsy splash away in the hot sun.

But here are some pics from our many adventures we did over the summer...

At a friend's house who lives on the water...crabbing and fishing

Eating at a cafe in the National Zoo. Will giving us his best "Cheese"
One of the many animals we saw at the zoo...Will liked the snakes best.

Will stripped down. We went to a park that had a beach and he got soaked!

He was so sandy and did not want to get re-dressed. Luckily we had an extra t-shirt and blanket.

This is where he got wet. How can you say no?


Enjoying some more time at the beach

He just loves to swing!

Thirsty Bubsy

Mr. Blue eyed bubsy

Gotta love the upside down pic
Cheesing it up

I just love you in blue!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Sweet, Sweet, Sweet boy...

The other day I was making oatmeal cookies for a friend when a little visitor decided he wanted to help. Bubsy. He grabbed a chair from our dining room and pulled it into the kitchen. He climbed on up and was watching me pour in each ingredient until it was ready to be put in the oven. So cute. But that is not even the cutest part.

He does this thing when he wants to get your attention. He cocks(i hate that word but it is the only description that best suits) head so he is looking underneath me and he says, "Num, Num. Pease." In Bubsy translation, Num Num is something this is soo.....good. Being the freak and health conscience person that I am, I am reluctant to give him some cookie doe. But with him saying, "Pease." I could not resist. So I have him just a little taste and of course he loved it!
I said, "Say Thank you." He said, "Tank ooo." I said, "Your welcome." He left the kitchen still savoring his cookie doe and said, "Welcome."

I feel like I am talking to a little person these days! It is so cute. Finally I am not alone when Lew goes off to work. Not like I can have worldly discussions with him but hey, I'll take what I can get.

Speaking of him...I hear you upstairs talking to yourself.

One more thing. Everytime I go and train in the evening, Bubsy is doing something new that daddy taught him. Sometimes funny, sometimes not.

His latest and greatest is "nucks". If you seen people do fist bumps, that is what he is doing. It is actually hilarious to see. Lew says he is getting him prepared for when he is playing for the cubs. lol.

Also, after he takes a drink, he says, "Ahhhhh." Daddy taught him that one also.

Well...I better go get the bub's before he tries to climb out of the crib.

Leaving you with some pics of Will playing with his early birthday gift and his new passion.

Yes...nice scratches on his face. He woke up from his nap one day with them. I am also in his way as he is watching his lunchtime show of Yo Gabba Gabba. Sorry Will.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Randomness...

We normally have a lot to post about but this week we have been laying low. Everything has been about Thomas this week. Will has to watch his new dvd every single minute of the day! Don't get me wrong but I feel like I am on Thomas over load.

I have been researching making my own Thomas cake for him. I hate getting cakes from the grocery store b/c God only knows what they stick in them. So I am thinking I am going to try and make one for his big bday coming up.

I am so sick of the cold weather we are having. It is so cold that even bundling up does not help. Will and I miss our walks that we used to take everyday.

Will also still has a nagging lingering cough. His nose is still stuffy. His ped. said it is RSV and it takes along time for it to pass. Well, I am starting to get concerned though, probably because I have been on web md freaking myself out. I turn to web md all the time. I am always trying to diagnose problems.

I am getting really excited b/c our Wee Sale, which is a huge consignment sale, is coming in March. I get so excited when I find bargains for Will. They have everything, toys, socks, shoes, clothes, books, and everything kid related. They also have local kid boutiques come and discount designer duds. Will has to look stylish! The nice thing about the area where I live, all the boys either wear Gap or Polo. So Will really makes out. Can't wait. I will have to show you my loot when I come back from that.

On another note my sister has been bugging me to get scrap booking. I make paper bag scrap books and they do actually take some time to make. My sister thinks you can whip these things out like that. So I might get back into that this weekend. I do have one for Will, which I guess is a start. My sister is not the creative one in the family so she thinks being crafty is easy. Hello, its not always easy!

I also want to start knitting again. I know I said i was going to get started after I read the knit book but I do really want to start. I just feel like I do not have enough time. I am with Will most of the day and then I do most of my training at night. So I just really do not have a whole lot of time. Where to fit it all in?

Well, I am done rambling on and on. Oh...just read The Secret Life of Bees. Such a good read.

Monday, January 11, 2010

We Got It...

After a weekend of searching and having leads and then not having them. We found a family who lives locally who had a huge train table, with 2 large pull out tables, tons and tons of tracks, 10 of the "Thomas" family trains, about 20 or more brio trains, bridges, and several buildings. We got all that for $150. I was so surprised!

Will is in total shock over it all! When Lew brought it in he got so excited and was yelling, "Train! Choo, Choo!!" It was so cute to see him fall in love with something. When he had to go to bed he got so upset because he just wanted to play with it. He even slept with a Gordon train!

Now, I know what to tell people to get him for his birthday. Anything train related.

I will post some pics of the train set in all its glory tomorrow. For now I am signing off and going to help Will build a new track.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our Mission...

Will has become totally and utterly obsessed with Thomas the Train! What is it with Thomas? I mean he get entranced when he sees the "Choo, Choo" come on the TV. When Thomas was stuck in a ditch he was saying "Oh, no. Choo Choo." It is so funny.

So now we are on the big 2 birthday countdown. Lew and I are on a mission to find a Thomas table and train track/train set at a reasonable price. So Lew has been on eBay and craigslist hunting away. I thought barbies and such were getting expensive but trains. That is another story! Some of these small trains can range up to $25. For a single train! I mean there are people selling a lot of this stuff for like $500 on eBay. So I can only imagine how much they paid new for all of it.

We are looking for the gently used stuff. I am sure we will buy him a train here or there but sometimes used is the way to go when it comes to Thomas.

Our Mission. Find a reasonably priced Thomas set.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Choo Choo Show!

Bubsy has become completely and utterly obsessed with Thomas the Train. Daddy and him were snuggled on the couch last night when I was out training and Will suddenly became entranced with that blue and red train.

When I mean obsessed, I truly mean it. The show was not coming on fast enough this morning and he started to get tears in his eyes. He is just like his mother! HA!

Last night was another rough night with coughing. Nothing seems to work for him. His Ped. said that this cough could linger for some time. GREAT!

So since Will is not totally there this morning as am I, Thomas the Train can play over and over for a little bit.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Teething Sucks!

You all know what i am talking about. Add on an ear infection. One horrific cough that won't go away. A nose that is draining like a faucet. Two year molars making an appearance.

Needless to say Will and I have had some great nights bonding and rocking. But I am reminded of the days when he was an infant and up all night.

Today we were rocking at 5am. It was tiring yes. IT SUCKED. Yes. But there snuggling Will said, "I U." Which in his language is I love you. Then he was playing with my hair and touching my face. It was all so mushy gushy. I am now extremely tired. However, I loved every minute of our early morning date.

I hope you feel better soon bubsy!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

You Know Its Time When...

You know it is time to potty train when your little bubsy has a special pooping spot. Where might you ask is Will's?

Underneath the dining room table. Thankfully not while we are eating.

But he quite enjoy sliding underneath the table with his binky, laying on his belly and doing his business. I don't blame him. Probably helps to get it out. He is one smart little bubsy.

It is the funniest thing too! I ask him if he pooped and he smiles at me and runs in the opposite direction. Little stinker! Literally.

So. This weekend we are going to get some pottys for our little guy and some training pants. I always heard that boys were harder to train than girls. But just maybe I might have hit the jackpot with my bubsy.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Will's Words...

I thought I needed to jot(sp) down all the words that Will currently knows. I have been horrible about keeping his baby book up to date and scrap booking well, I kind of slacked on that as well.
But here we go...

Daddy, Ma Ma, Mommy, Dog, Ella, Aunt Mimi, Juice, Milk, Nana, cheese, popcorn, water, bubbles, bath, shower, show, Wow, outside, bye bye, car, go, no, sit, Lilly, drink, color, 1, 2,3, 4,5,6,7,8,9, a, b, c, d. blue, yellow, red, black, block, eat, awesome.

Who am I kidding?! Like I can name all the words bubsy the chatterbox says on a daily basis. I should have started this list earlier.

When he hears something now, he repeats it. Not so good when you have almost run a red light and say S***! Yes...he has repeated that once in the car. Thanks to Dora the Explorer and Ni Hao Kai Lan he is speaking Spanish and Japanese. Will has become tri-lingual!

My most favorite word is I U. I love you. Does he have to grow up? So sweet!

Will's Words...