Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Early Birthday Willsey...

My Dearest Willsey/Bubsy/Will...

The last couple of days have definitely been rough on you and I am sorry for that. If I could have stopped your fall, I would have. Now you are in a cast on the eve of your 2nd Birthday.

I have had to carry you around the last two days, which I do not mind one bit. It's like you are my little baby again. But you have quickly adapted and scoot around on your rear. I always knew you were super creative and efficient.

You have done so much for me in the last two years, I don't even know where to start.

You are always my sunshine, even if I am having a bad day. You make me smile. My heart melts and sometimes I cry when you do something new. You have become such a talker lately and I just love our conversations even if we don't understand each other sometimes.

I love that you are predictable and that you adore your blueberry waffles and pp&j. In a sense I think you are like me in that aspect. I could eat the same thing everyday and be content and happy.

As we look forward to this next year with you, I am filled with a little sadness as well. That you are getting so big and growing so fast. I feel sad that you were not able to meet your Grandma or your Grandpa. Because I know for sure that your Grandma would have spoiled you rotten. She just loved/loves her grand babies so much. But you do have so many cousins, aunties and uncles that love you just as much.

You have learned so much in the last year, like starting to count and you are repeating a lot of the alphabet. But a wise man told me, It's not how fast you learn, it's just that you learn.

With that my sweet Willsey, Happy 2nd Birthday! I love you more than air.


Brandi said...

Awww, bless his little heart! I hope he has the BEST birthday!

Happy Birthday Bubsy!!! :)

amanda said...

oh poor buddy!!

happy birthday sweet boy!

Lindsay said...

awww boo on the cast!! Glad he is doing well adjusting! Yay for birthdays! Can't wait to hear all about his birthday :-)

Christy said...

Happy birthday! Sorry to hear about the cast. He'll be better before you know it:)