Thursday, January 7, 2010

Choo Choo Show!

Bubsy has become completely and utterly obsessed with Thomas the Train. Daddy and him were snuggled on the couch last night when I was out training and Will suddenly became entranced with that blue and red train.

When I mean obsessed, I truly mean it. The show was not coming on fast enough this morning and he started to get tears in his eyes. He is just like his mother! HA!

Last night was another rough night with coughing. Nothing seems to work for him. His Ped. said that this cough could linger for some time. GREAT!

So since Will is not totally there this morning as am I, Thomas the Train can play over and over for a little bit.

Happy Thursday!


Lindsay said...

yay for some Thomas! Man I sure hope he feels better soon!!

Brandi said...

My kiddos use to love Thomas. They've ventured out of that phase and now they like really stupid Nickelodeon shows that they probably shouldn't be watching in the first place. Blah. Hope little Bubsy feels better SOON! Poor guy. :)