Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Randomness...

We normally have a lot to post about but this week we have been laying low. Everything has been about Thomas this week. Will has to watch his new dvd every single minute of the day! Don't get me wrong but I feel like I am on Thomas over load.

I have been researching making my own Thomas cake for him. I hate getting cakes from the grocery store b/c God only knows what they stick in them. So I am thinking I am going to try and make one for his big bday coming up.

I am so sick of the cold weather we are having. It is so cold that even bundling up does not help. Will and I miss our walks that we used to take everyday.

Will also still has a nagging lingering cough. His nose is still stuffy. His ped. said it is RSV and it takes along time for it to pass. Well, I am starting to get concerned though, probably because I have been on web md freaking myself out. I turn to web md all the time. I am always trying to diagnose problems.

I am getting really excited b/c our Wee Sale, which is a huge consignment sale, is coming in March. I get so excited when I find bargains for Will. They have everything, toys, socks, shoes, clothes, books, and everything kid related. They also have local kid boutiques come and discount designer duds. Will has to look stylish! The nice thing about the area where I live, all the boys either wear Gap or Polo. So Will really makes out. Can't wait. I will have to show you my loot when I come back from that.

On another note my sister has been bugging me to get scrap booking. I make paper bag scrap books and they do actually take some time to make. My sister thinks you can whip these things out like that. So I might get back into that this weekend. I do have one for Will, which I guess is a start. My sister is not the creative one in the family so she thinks being crafty is easy. Hello, its not always easy!

I also want to start knitting again. I know I said i was going to get started after I read the knit book but I do really want to start. I just feel like I do not have enough time. I am with Will most of the day and then I do most of my training at night. So I just really do not have a whole lot of time. Where to fit it all in?

Well, I am done rambling on and on. Oh...just read The Secret Life of Bees. Such a good read.


Brandi said...

I ♥ random! The Wee Sale sounds great! This past year, I've been going to the outlet malls in a neighboring town and buying the out of season stuff on serious clearance. It takes a little calculating to figure out what sizes the boys are going to be in, but it's so worth saving the money.

You should definitely make Will's cake! I made Bubba's cake one year and it was alot of work, but it was so much fun (and he loved it).

Have fun with Thomas! ;)

Clare said...

i wish i knew how to knit!! i hear you about the cold weather, i am so sick of it!

Chelle said...

I love random posts! So fun!

I hope he feels better soon :( Poor little man!

And have fun shopping at the sale--I can't wait to see all of the fun things that you pick out.

Good luck w/your cake, too! I admire your skills--I can bake some mad cupcakes, but big cakes? Ha!

Lindsay said...

LOL so I just wrote a random post.. and in it I talked about the movie cars and how we watch it all the time!

You can do it.. my sister made her own tractor cake for Bradley's first birthday.. I am thinking about making a Lightning McQueen one for Sammy in April.

I am sick of the cold weather too! We got out and walked yesterday because it was 50. Finally!!

oo we had RSV last year.. it was tough and it did last a while! I even took him back in for a recheck but nothing else was wrong for us.. I hope Will feels better soon!

oo love consignment sales.. ours here suck.. I wish I lived in a better area at times because you get better things at those sales.

oo I love paper bag scrapbooks but they do take a ton of time! I am going to have a crafty night with my friend this weekend I can't wait!

I want to learn how to knit.. I might have to look and see if there are any classes in this area!

I have The Secret Life of Bees book.. I need to read it!

Krystyn said...

You are busy and have a lot going on. A friend did a Thomas turned out good, but man did that icing do a number...all of that black and blue! Wow!

Good luck with the scrapping.