Monday, January 25, 2010

A Blue Cast For You...

Our little bubsy ended up having to get a cast on his foot. All before the big 2.
Let's go back to the night that it happened. Wednesday. Getting ready to have some yummy yogurt before bedtime. If only Wednesday had been a normal night.

You and I were coming down the stairs. You were coming down like spider man like you often do. Your foot got caught in the over hang on our railing. On the last step. You lost your balance and fell to your bottom. That's when it happened. You started wailing. Although, I have seen you cry worse. I sat you on the couch so I could investigate. You started flicking at your foot and when you did that you cried worse.

So Mommy called Daddy at work and said...Back to Nighttime Peds. we go. The whole experience there was a nightmare. The doctor acted like he didn't want to be there. Told me it was going to be difficult to get an xray from you. No kidding! HE made you walk on your foot to me and I started to cry seeing you limp. MEAN MEAN MEAN doctor he was. We ended up having to wrap you up in a papoose(sp) to get the xray. Which was not pretty. You just cried and cried, MaaaaaaaaaaaaMaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I felt horrible bubsy. Absolutely horrible. But when we looked on the xray screen you had 2 breaks in your foot. I felt like telling that doctor off at that point. He thought there was not anything wrong from the beginning. I guess we proved him wrong. Not that I wanted you to have a break.

We did not get out of there tell late. But you were happy and content when they put a soft cast on it for support.

The very next day I got you in to the best orthopedic practice in our area. They took care of you. They were very good doctors. The girls there gave you lolly pops, and stickers and even made a balloon out of a glove for you. As we left with the little blue cast on your leg. Everyone looked at you and said, "Ahhhhhh." I have to admit only you can pull of the blue cast. I even signed it for you. After that Daddy got you a chocolate milk shake and french fries. Which you totally loved!

You are adjusting okay to the cast although, you do not put any weight on that leg. You have managed to get yourself around like a champ. You are a champ!


Lindsay said...

aww poor Will! He totally pulls the blue off! How long does he have to keep the cast on?

Chelle said...

Your poor Will! Can I just say that he looks so cute in those pictures? What a trooper!


Brandi said...

That little tiny cast just breaks my heart! He can definitely pull blue off, though. Hope he doesn't have to wear it for long. :)

Clare said...

oh poor little guy!! that doctor sounds awful!