Monday, January 18, 2010

Summer Posts We Missed...

We spent a lot of the Summer of 2009 in our own backyard playing in Will's pool, sandbox, swing and just enjoying out little Bubsy splash away in the hot sun.

But here are some pics from our many adventures we did over the summer...

At a friend's house who lives on the water...crabbing and fishing

Eating at a cafe in the National Zoo. Will giving us his best "Cheese"
One of the many animals we saw at the zoo...Will liked the snakes best.

Will stripped down. We went to a park that had a beach and he got soaked!

He was so sandy and did not want to get re-dressed. Luckily we had an extra t-shirt and blanket.

This is where he got wet. How can you say no?


Enjoying some more time at the beach

He just loves to swing!

Thirsty Bubsy

Mr. Blue eyed bubsy

Gotta love the upside down pic
Cheesing it up

I just love you in blue!


Lindsay said...

aww love all of these summer pictures! It makes me miss the warm.. I am trying to enjoy winter for what its worth and get ready for some fun in the sun this summer!

Chelle said...!

And these pictures? Totally make me want it to be summertime again!


ps-thanks for the email! You are such a sweetheart!

amanda said...

oh summer i miss thee!

can't wait for this summer!!

Brandi said...

Anxiously awaiting warmer weather! He has the BEST smile! OMGosh, cuteness!!!

BTW, something for you at my blog. ;)