Friday, October 8, 2010

Mommy Fail Number . . .


I let a two year old boy get the best of me. I let my bubsy get the best of me. My sweet, loving, jokester got the best of me.

We were at Michael's getting some crafts and Will was sitting in the cart, perfectly I might add. I mentioned to him that he could pick out a surprise once we got what we needed.

But instead he starting heaving items into the cart as we passed by every isle! I am trying to keep my cool and get what I need and get out of there, pronto.

I am putting these items back as he is tossing them in and then he tosses those cheap little plastic animals in a tube into the cart and has a major death grip on them. I proceed to take them away from him which pretty much erupts a major crying fit on his part.

He then tries to take a flying leap out of the cart, luckily that is not the major mom fail because I grabbed him as he leaped.

So I just held his hand got our stuff and proceeded to the checkout where he then decided he was going to take off just as I am scanning my card through.
Leave my credit card or let my son run through Michael's and destroy the place? I mean, seriously. This could have not happened at the worst time ever. Lucky for me I saw him in the flower department smelling flowers.

I quickly went and got him and practically had to drag him out of there. What does he do when we leave? Pulls a huge flower arrangement over, luckily I was able to pick it up with no damage but again, seriously?!

As we walk out of the store he starts a massive demonstration and acts like he's not listening to me, complete dead weight. I hoist him up in one arm, my purse and bag in the other and try and make it to the car without another person staring at us. Have they never really seen a kid have a tantrum?

Once we get to the car he decides he is going to plop down on the street. At this point it takes all my energy just to get him into his seat only for him to arch his back and not want to get into his seat. I think we went on like this for a good 5 minutes before I just yelled..."STOP IT!" Right at him. I felt horrible for yelling but at the same time this boy had just been kicking, hitting and pitching a fit way to long.

He finally let me get part of his seat buckled and then just gave in but that was after the yell.

When we got home he wanted to play outside and I told him he had to sit in his room until he said sorry for acting naughty and hitting. Like that registered! He eventually did say sorry and we did not have another moment like that the rest of the day. Thank goodness.

I can't help but feel that I let a little 2 year old get the best of me. I am the adult. Yet, somehow I felt like crying myself.


Shell said...

2 year-olds. They are definitly enough to make any mom lose it.

And Michael's- I can't take any of my kids in there.

Sippy Cup Mom said...

You poor thing! Sounds exactly like mine!

Audrey said...

We all have moments like that. It's harder when you are in public because you feel more anxiety about what is happening and what they are grabbing and who is watching, etc. You did extremely well, I'd say. Some people would have been yelling at him while still in the store. Or yelled more than simply "stop it". Or worse. This is definitely not a mommy fail moment.

Christy said...

I yell at my kids sometimes. Usually when they deserve it, but sometimes when I am just in a bad mood. Kids have a tendency to keep pushing and pushing and pushing until something has to change. If that means raising your voice to get their full attention, then so be it. Don't be too hard on yourself. Everyone's kid acts like a maniac occasionally.

Anonymous said...

oo girl! We have all had days like that! I am glad you guys were able to pull it back together for the rest of the day!

Jill said...

I know I've been there before. (..and I do sometimes go & cry.) Actually I think you handled it better than most of us would have.

Liz said...

Naughty Bubsy! I hate it when you can't even get their butts into the car seat to buckle them in!