Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh YES, Willsey is cute..but he is full of havoc!

This morning as I was awakened by my sweet, adorable 8 month old child at 4am, I thought to myself. Self, do you know when this teething is going to end? The shrilling crying at that time is quite the rude awakening but my first reaction is to comfort Will. I got him back to sleep and then an hour and half later he is in his crib trying to climb his railing.

So I feed him his sippy cup full of yummy smelling formula( i will tell more on the whole sippy cup story this week), thinking he might go back to sleep. Nope!

He has also found his voice and likes to scream at the top of his lungs and then do this fake cough, which is hilarious but not the screaming at 6 in the morning.

So, I put him in his play yard and what does he do? He is chewing on it and sticking his toes through the holes and climbing up it! This baby thinks he has his own little rock wall. He can climb half way up it. If he climbs any higher he would fall over it!

I decide then that I will make some breakfast, thinking this will calm him down, since he is such a big eater. While I am making breakfast he continues to scream and cough.

Then Lew wakes up and says he cannot sleep with all the noise, ah yeah, no joke.

Oh, I forgot to mention the constant rolling around and kicking when trying to put a diaper on this impossible! I have to bribe him with whatever is around us, so that he is entertained and that I can quickly put the diaper on. Havoc I tell you, complete and utter havoc.

With the teeth, lack of naps b/c of the teeth, the almost heart attacks on my end from him climbing everything, he is now known as Willsey Havoc.

I mean c'mon you can just see the mischief in this face. I feel like I can just read his mind.
"Not another picture of me guys, not another or else I will wake you up at 2am by climbing out of my crib and surprising you in your room! So Mom, Dad, not another pic." Willsey


Lindsay said...

ooo the teething.. so not fun! I think the rolling and crawling while trying to get a diaper change is just a blast :-P I hope Will gets back to normal sleeping soon!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Boys are such fun! ;) Life with Judah, as a baby, was so, so different than life with Eve was as a babay. After he became somewhat mobile, somewhat vocal, and able to express some opinions.... WHOA! I was shocked at how different life became. He kept me on my toes constantly!

All that to say.... I know how it is! I can understand what you are going through. It's fun, exhausting, frustrating, and yes, the heart attack thing is ever present!

Love to Willsey Havoc!


Heather said...

Oh I so understand the teething!! It totally sucks sometimes. Go get some Hylander's Teething Tablets if you don't already have some. They are fabulous. I have given them to both of my kiddos and they just work wonders. They are also all natural which is a total bonus!

I hope Willsey Havoc is back to his old self soon!!!

amanda said...

oh the teething and the diaper wrangling!!

seriously these babes know how to test us don't they!!

thank goodness they are so cute :)

Clare said...

oh I hated all of the diaper stuff, bradley did that for soo long. he still will a little bit, but it has gotten A LOT better! Don't worry that will phase out. I am so sorry about the teeth! I hate it when they don't sleep!!!

Shannon said...

Yep, diaper changing is no longer fun here either, and some days she wiggles herself right into the "brown stuff" in her dirty diaper. YUCK. The teething is no fun either - sorry you were woken up so early . . . you've got one busy little bee on your hands :-) Leah is a little more laid-back then her brothers were, so maybe I've already paid my price!!

Meaghan said...

Look at those little teeth, so cute! My little niece is going through the same thing now and its definitely been tough on my sister.


Chelle said...

That picture is sooo cute! It made me laugh :)

Sorry he is so full of havoc, sweetie--teething sucks!!