Wednesday, September 26, 2012


  • Right now I am watching Dance Moms reunion.  Why?  I don't know.  Total entertainment.  Another show I started watching, Breaking Amish.  Addicting.
  • I took Will to school today and the parking lot was empty.  Hello, holiday.  Will was quite upset.  That's how much he loves school.
  • Finished my Christmas shopping for Will today.  I am sure I will pick up a few things but, the big stuff is DONE.  Yeah!
  • Is there such thing as fall allergies?  Because I totally think I have them.  Lew said they don't exist.
  • Eli still wakes at night.  Not sure why.  He walks, climbs and is non-stop.  By the end of the day, I am exhausted.  But, he still wakes.  Sometimes he falls back to sleep, other times I give water bottles to him.  A sip of that and he is back to sleep.  I have to say he is a totally different baby from Will.
  • Will ate pancakes last night.  Doesn't seem like much but, being sick his whole second year of life, really screwed up his eating habits.  So.  I take what I can get.
  • This transfer/move is stressful and exhausting.  Lew found out that his boss, wasn't doing some follow ups that he said he was doing and Lew missed out on some opportunities.  So, Lew has taken it all into his own hands.
  • I have started planning Eli's birthday party.  It is going to be Dr. Seuss themed!  I will post a pic of the invite, it turned out so cute!
  • Cleaning...what's that?  I am a total neat freak but lately, I just don't care.  With two little ones, there is always something else to do.  Vacuum...ha.  That happens once a week, maybe twice if I am lucky.
  • My sister got sick last week and ended up having to have surgery.  It makes me realize how much I love her, and when we move, I will not be able to run to her side like I did.  Being a grown up stinks sometimes.  It also makes me miss my mom.
  • Have you watched Parenthood?  LOVE.  Has to be my favorite show.
  • Just got a new crock pot, one pot meals make me happy.
  • Finally have started to pamper myself a little.  I always feel so guilty buying myself something, even if I really need it.  I haven't bought myself new sweaters/winter clothes in years.  Yesterday.  I bought myself 3 sweaters!  It felt good and I didn't second guess myself, because I do NEED them.
  • Being a mom, has to be one of the hardest jobs.  It makes me wonder how my mom did it all.  She worked and still managed to make me feel special.  I hope I am as great as she was.


Anonymous said...

hmm never watched Dance Moms or Breaking Amish. Holiday? today? I love that he was sad.. well not sad but that he loves it so much! woohoo on Christmas shopping! I haven't done much yet.. I need to get started on that! There is totally fall allergies and they are killing me! I need to start taking Clartin again! ohh cleaning.. I am so so so behind! Must catch up! I can't wait to see the Dr. Seuss themed stuff... boo on the boss not doing what he was saying he was. I hope your sister made a speedy recovery!

amanda said...

christmas shopping? that is amazing!!

hope your sister is feeling better :)

and here's to lew taking thing things into his own hands!!!

Amanda said...

I can't believe you finished Xmas shopping already! You're way ahead of the game! And what holiday?