Thursday, April 15, 2010

No Nap = Major Crankiness !

I am sitting here listening to Will up in his room when he is supposed to be napping. It is 2:44. He has been up there since 2:00. He fell asleep on the way home from errands so I put him up in his room thinking he would continue to sleep.


He only slept for 5 minutes in the car!

All I hear are MaMAMaMAMaaaaaaa's coming from his room.

I am so tired!

The last two nights he has woke up looking for me and has come into our room to sleep in bed with us. He falls right to sleep. What the heck?

This morning he had me up at 5:45. What is he thinking? This whole bed thing has screwed with both of our sleeping habits.

To make it worse Lew has been going to work at 5am all week so he never hears a peep...or that is what he says.

Now he is banging on the door.

I was hoping for an hour of peace fullness. Not happening.

I also gave him some Zyrtec because our allergies have been horrible. I wonder if that stuff made him hyper or something?

11 more minutes and then I will go up there.

Great. This means I get to take a cranky toddler with me to train. This is going to be interesting.

Breathe Jenny. Just breathe.


Anonymous said...

oo thats the worst! If Sammy falls asleep in the car he wont nap either! I promise it does get easier to keep them awake in the car!

Krystyn said...

The bed thing is really a tough transition.

We actually turned the door knob around on Izzy's door and we lock her in. It sounds terrible, but she kept getting ups.

Good luck...and hugs.

bbcd mama said...

I feel for you! Oooh, nap/sleeping is my biggest reason for mommy anxiety!!

And isn't it so amazing how the shortest of naps makes them think they are well-rested and raring to go?

Helene said...

UGH, I totally feel your pain! My 3-yr old twins just started giving up their afternoon nap and it's killing me!!

I try really hard not to be resentful towards my husband. He leaves for work everyday around 8:00 am and then comes home around 5:30 pm. We have dinner almost right away and then the kiddos are all so tired that they go to bed around 7:00'ish.

Then he wonders why I'm so tired!! I wanna hit him over the head with a frying pan sometimes!!!

Brandi said...

GAH! I hate it when they fall asleep in the car. It's like they power nap or something.

Bubba used to take Zyrtec when he was a toddler and he was a loon. Recently, another momma posted something about Zyrtec and some research she discovered about it causing hyper children, and some other very interesting things but my brain is failing me right now and I don't remember what all she said.

Will he stay in his room w/a baby gate?

Gosh, just hang in there. He'll get the hang of it. :)

Christy said...

My kids haven't been napping good lately, but it isn't as bad as it seems. They go to bed super early (7pm), and then I have lots of free time before bed.