Friday, April 9, 2010

I Need Mom Advice. . . Pronto !

I never thought my 200th post would be this post. A I need help kinda post. You know when you are thinking, man my day is going great and everything is honky dori? Well that was my day up until about 8pm.

Will has always been an excellent sleeper. We did the Ferber method on him when he was 4 months old and it worked. He did not need mommy and daddy to rock him to sleep or any other device to help him.

But lately he has gotten attached. Particularly to me. Which I knew would happen because we spend every waking minute together except when I go and train.

Anyway. I tell Lew to not drag out bedtime with games and running around. But that never happens. When we put Will in his bed last night he was fine. I turned on his music and he was playing with one of his trains we allow him to have in there. Then Lew is over there asking for more hugs and kisses and the kid starts to freak out. I knew it. So who does he want mommy. I sit and rock with him for about 5 minutes and then tell him its night night and he is going back in his bed.

I do just that. Then he throws his binky(which he can only have for bedtime now) out and the train. I come down the stairs and I hear him crying. I think he will have to fall asleep eventually. But oh no. What do we hear but Will at the top of the stairs!

He climbed out of his bed! I just thought, man so much for me reading my book tonight. So I go upstairs and I think he is tired but he is just pretty much being Will's bad twin. Throwing stuff, hitting, telling me no he's not going back in his bed. So what do I do? Put him back in the bed and he climbs out again. So... I shut his bedroom door with him not in his crib. For a good 10 minutes I listen to him bang the door, throw stuff and god knows what else. I tell Lew I am going to go upstairs and read my book so I can keep a listen. Lew said he was going to go to bed. Thanks!

When I am in bed, trying to read. Not happening. Will is still in there crying and shaking the door knob. Lew comes in and sets the alarm and is like how am I supposed to go to sleep?! Are you kidding me? Like. Hello. I know you have to get up early and all but I am just as tired. I wanted a relaxing evening with my husband but that did not happen.

So I say fine. Let me go and cuddle with Will until he falls asleep. Well. To make this long story short. Will lost his one and only binky in his throwing tantrum. Lew got up and searched the whole room for it and we could not locate it. Finally Will seemed to be fading. Lew went to bed and I was rocking Will who at this point was definitely tired and talking gibberish. His eyes were closing and I thought for sure I would be in the clear. Nope. He is now wailing for his binky. That damn thing is seriously going to be the death of me. I look at the clock. It is now 10pm.

I go and change out of my pj's and put my shoes on. Grab Will and we head out to the 24 hour Rite Aid. Yes. You read that right. I was desperate. I gave in to those stinkin' binkys. We make it to there about 10:15ish. Pay for them and then I rip those suckers open. Hand him one. Pull out of the parking lot. Look back.

He's out! Out!

So my question to you is, what the heck do I do about all this. The binky? The climbing out of the crib? He did not climb out this morning maybe because he was calm and not trying to be Will's bad twin. I can't wait to deal with nap time this afternoon. Mommy needs a break! Please help!


Brandi said...

He is 2 or 3? My first one was a lovely sleeper. I would just tell him to go to bed and he would, but he was a late bloomer and had a bad case of the 'terrible 3's' instead of the 'terrible 2's'.

Maybe it's time for a big-boy bed? Does your crib convert? We converted ours with Bubba and then later bought him a little toddler bed that he slept in until he was about 5. We made a BIG deal out of him being a 'big boy' and sleeping in a 'big boy bed' and let him pick out a special pillow and Scooby Doo bedding. For the most part, he was pretty excited to go to bed every night.

I didn't have to worry about the passy, because the dentist took it away from him at his first dental visit. I was shocked, but the dentist told him if he was old enough for his first visit, he was old enough to stop using a passy. Remarkably, he never asked for it again. I lucked out there.

Maybe he was just having a bad night and it's an isolated incident? Good luck, though! Those kind of evenings test the nerves for sure!

Anonymous said...

oo the paci we went cold turkey. The first night was heart breaking. Then after that each night got better. He was over it in a week. We had however switched him to the big boy bed prior to taking that away. He had been in it for a few months before we took it away. Good luck!

Krystyn said...

Hmmm...the much fun. We sent ours to the paci fairy.

For the crib, you could either do the toddler bed/big boy bed...or get a crib tent. I hear those work wonders.