Tuesday, March 27, 2012

mom anxiety...but i'm back!

Do you ever need a little break?  Well, I did.  To be honest, I was having a hard time transitioning from mom of one to two.  I was anxiety ridden and really having trouble adjusting and getting us on a semi-schedule.  I was totally on edge and frankly, wanting my mommy!  But, thanks to my sisters and a few good bloggy friends, I made it to the other side.  I am finally feeling like I can tackle this mom gig.

So, what have we been up to besides getting ourselves on a schedule?

Will is sprouting like a weed.  He amazes me everyday.  He has a wonderful memory and loves to act out movies he has seen or even shows we have watched together.  He counts from 1-15.  He knows his days of the week, in a clever little song.  His mind has become a sponge over night!  Lew and I could not be more proud of our little bubsy and how much he has grown over the last couple of months.  We have even turned a corner on the whole eating issue.  He is beginning to try new things and it couldn't make me happier!

My sweet, little Eli is growing rapidly too!  At 4 months and 3 weeks he was 27 inches long and 16 lbs. and 5 oz.!  Such a big boy.  He is definitely following in the foot steps of Will!  He is a rolling machine, rolls both ways.  Gets himself up on his hands when on his tummy.  So strong.  Grabs everything he sees.  Loves being in his bouncer and in his saucer.  He started eating cereal, then we went to sweet potatoes, and bananas.  He loves them all.  We call him our chunky monkey and he just gives us a big gummy grin.  He loves to eat!  We have slowly gotten on a routine of sleep, which definitely has helped my sanity, thanks Clare!

My little Eli and his mini mohawk!

Will running free on St. Patty's Day.  These trees are the entry to our neighborhood.  Love them!

Now that I have found my mom groove, I am hoping to be back more regularly with more pictures of my boys.  They are the sweetest, and I just love them to pieces!


Anonymous said...

yay for breaks and mommy sanity! So glad you guys are getting in your rhythm!

Brandi said...

Glad you're back and SO glad things are balancing out for ya! My goodness, the boys are just adorable and little bit looks so much like his big brother already! :)

Natalie said...

I'm glad to know it is possible to get in a groove with two...I'm nervous about this when my next one arrives! Love those trees!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

How wonderful to see you here and so glad that you're feeling more in control of things. What cuties you have!

amanda said...

welcome back friend!!