Friday, July 13, 2012

how did you get so big?

You.  Mr. Eli.  Squirmy.  Totally surprise me.

Sitting up a month ago.

Army crawling 2 weeks ago.

Crawling today.  Like super fast.

And standing.  Like on your own.  What?!

Pulling yourself up from sitting to standing.

Grabbing onto everything in site.

Never phased when you fall from standing to your tush.

How did this all happen within weeks?

You are amazing.

Teeth?  Holy cow!  You have had a couple sleepless nights because of them.  2 bottom, 2 k9's and now the top two, at the same time.  Crazy.

Your hair is growing like a weed and getting blonder by the day.  It amazes me how much you looked like Will when you were born.  But, now you are looking more like Eli and yes, your momma.  I totally love it.

In less then 4 months you will be 1.  How did that happen?  I realize we will be in Georgia by then.  Don't worry.  I plan on throwing you the best first birthday, no matter what!  And secretly hoping Aunt Mimi will be able to make it.

Eli.  Squirmy.  Bruiser (nana's nickname for you and so fitting).  Please slow down.  You are my last baby and I am totally trying to savor every moment with you.

As always...I love you more than air.


Anonymous said...

oh he is growing up so fast!! Wow on the teeth!!

Barbara said...

He is growing up so fast!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Sweet as sweet can be!

Natalie said...

He is growing up fast...slow down please :)

Amanda said...

So fast is right! He's definitely growing so fast and already standing!!! Have a great weekend :)

amanda said...

so crazy that just last night i was saying how big he is getting and then today you post the facts to prove it!!