Monday, July 30, 2012

A Big Deal...

I recently decided it was time for a change in the hair department.  My hair grows very fast. Which in the past, I have much appreciated after bad cuts.

When my mom was going through chemo and radiation, I literally chopped my hair off.  Think Halle Berry-esque.  Not one of my greatest cuts or moments in my life.  Which is why I probably did it.

Fast forward to now...I have had my hair short twice in the past 10 years.  Then and now.  Except this time I am doing it for a cause.  For someone other than myself.  Yes.  I needed a change but I also wanted to do something in honor of my mom, since July is the month she passed away in.

After a couple extra months of growing my hair out, it was long enough to cut and donate to Locks of Love.  I may not love short hair on me, but I do love the fact that some little girl will be able to feel normal again with my hair.

And for the record, I do love this cut.  It is just so hard to get used to short hair.  I went to my mom's stylist,  who still cuts my sister's hair.  It just made the moment that much more special.

If you have ever thought of donating your hair, I highly recommend it.  It can help so many, who REALLY need it.  After all, it does grow back.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy 9 Months Baby Boy!

Today you are 9 months...holy cow!  I feel like I was just being taken over speed bumps by your aunt mimi to get you out.  We are still amazed that you decided to come on the 23rd like your brother and your daddy.  Definitely had some Angels working that day.

At 9 months you...crawl.  Everywhere.  You pull yourself up on to...everything!  You let go of whatever you are holding on to and try and stand.  Sometimes successful.  You walk along the furniture holding on.  

You would rather eat "grown up" food then anything pureed.  You will pitch a fit when you absolutely refuse it.

You are my baby and definitely get your way.  I pick you up all the time and smother you with kisses.  Because, I cannot get enough of you.

Beautiful long lashes like your Daddy and Willsy.  Totally envious.

 Often smothered a little too much by your big brother.  It seems he has been deprived of that sibling for a little too long.  You love him and often follow him wherever he goes.

And of course, that smile.  Melts my heart and brings tears to my eyes at the silliest of moments.  You are my baby through and through.

Happy 9 months Eli!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

First little dude...

Life has been crazy lately. Not our normal summer. Because of the move looming, I have been trying to do special things with you. But, you seem to be into your toys lately. Making "movies" and letting your imagination run wild. Sometimes not needing mommy so much.

I just wanted you to know that I love you so much and thanks for handling this big transition so well.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Go in spurts on sleeping through the night.

10 days here.  1 day there.  It makes me tired, buddy.

You eat well.  So.  I know you are not terribly hungry.  But, a bottle seems to be the only thing to put you back to sleep.

You have become Mr. Busy Body.  You are constantly on the move.  Crawling.  Standing and moving from one position to the next.

You would think you would be zonked.  In fact I think you are.  


In the last have gotten 4 new teeth.  The top ones are slowly and I mean slowly making their way in.  Then the other day, I felt some more teeth-ers on the bottom.  If those ones decide to make an appearance soon, that will be 8 teeth.  That is like one tooth per month of your life kid.

Please slow down.  And please sleep through the night.  Maybe I should have a talk with the tooth fairy and ask her for a little help.  Sprinkle some magic fairy dust so those teeth don't cause so much pain.  And let my baby sleep through the night.

It won't last forever.  That is what I keep telling myself.

Friday, July 13, 2012

how did you get so big?

You.  Mr. Eli.  Squirmy.  Totally surprise me.

Sitting up a month ago.

Army crawling 2 weeks ago.

Crawling today.  Like super fast.

And standing.  Like on your own.  What?!

Pulling yourself up from sitting to standing.

Grabbing onto everything in site.

Never phased when you fall from standing to your tush.

How did this all happen within weeks?

You are amazing.

Teeth?  Holy cow!  You have had a couple sleepless nights because of them.  2 bottom, 2 k9's and now the top two, at the same time.  Crazy.

Your hair is growing like a weed and getting blonder by the day.  It amazes me how much you looked like Will when you were born.  But, now you are looking more like Eli and yes, your momma.  I totally love it.

In less then 4 months you will be 1.  How did that happen?  I realize we will be in Georgia by then.  Don't worry.  I plan on throwing you the best first birthday, no matter what!  And secretly hoping Aunt Mimi will be able to make it.

Eli.  Squirmy.  Bruiser (nana's nickname for you and so fitting).  Please slow down.  You are my last baby and I am totally trying to savor every moment with you.

As always...I love you more than air.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

1. Willsy and Megan at the Bay House 2. Daddy and Willsy on floating pier in Cambridge, Maryland 3. Photo shoot on the of many shots 4. Silly boy hiding behind his stars 5. Big boy in his blue sitting up all by himself 6. Mommy and Daddy in downtown Annapolis 7. Baby boy in his shiny new BOB stroller 8. Taking a bath with big brother...nothing better 9. Showing off the hot wheels tattoo and the winter hat 10. One with stars and one not..oh the joys of two 11. Willsy and weenie the fish 12. Mr. Eli in his walker and the beloved winter hat

Lately blogging just seems so much easier when I let my phone pictures tell the story.  Some days are challenging and others are easy with two kiddos.  We just had Daddy home for 10 days of vacation fun.  Went to the bay house for a weekend.  Then nana came for a visit.  We have been busy doing, going and just being.  Today seems like the first day back reality.  Boo.  And we have colds on top of it.  Knock on wood, Daddy and Willsy haven't gotten it.  We are just waiting for the word on Lew's transfer which is exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time.

Happy Tuesday friends.  Off to the library we go!