Friday, April 5, 2013

Pre trip Pre easter Pre bloggy break

We have been on a bit of a break.  Home schooling.  Oh the joys... Moving.  Unpacking.  Many Target trips thrown in the mix for mindless things.  Decorating.  Making our new house, a home. 

A fun day of crafting thrown in the mix, to put smiles on all of our faces.

There is nothing like your smiles.  Will and Eli, you make my world so much brighter.  Thank you for the giggles, the brotherly love, the hugs and smooches (from Will).  And Eli, thank you for the warm, and sweet snuggles.

Big milestone happened today.  We signed you up for Kindergarten today, Will.  Didn't mean much to you, but my heart warmed and tears filled my eyes.  You are amazing. You taught me how to be the mommy I am today. Thank you.


Lindsay said...

Super sweet post! Glad to see you back! Glad things are going well :-) Love the bunny ears!

amanda said...

love, love, love the bunny ears!!

hope all is going well in your world and you are finally feeling like you are "home"!!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Those headbands are adorable.

So fun to make a house a home...just wish it didn't cost money!

And, Kindergarten. Seriously? Too fast.