Thursday, June 27, 2013

Trip and More...

Another wonderful trip back home, or shall I say Virginia is in the books.  Home is where your heart is, and that is wherever my guys are.

We crammed so much in.  Sister birthday, a random Grease movie sing-a-long at an amazing venue, shopping at our favorite stores, the pool, other sister's bbq, visit with my pape, a mini vaca to great wolf lodge in williamsburg, and new flowers to my mom's grave.

Before we left, Will got sick with a bad cold and Eli caught it while we were there.  Thankfully my sister's pediatrician was able to give us the okay to fly home. Two hour flight delay, some advil, and m&m's and we finally made it home to Daddy on Tuesday.  It was a whirl wind, but so worth it.

My brave Willsy going down the big kid water slide, totally proud mom moment.  Might have shed a tear. T-Ball prep and we have a pretty good hitter on our hands. Dino camp, bike rides on some amazing trails and tears after landing in Virginia.  Being sick and flying, no bueno.  Before take off trying to get a snap shot for daddy.

Little man Eli all sweaty after running around the park, while big brother is at t-ball.  2 hour delay = one sleepy and sick baby.  I carried, a 30 lb. baby, a shark back pack and a diaper bag on after our second attempt at going home.  Blue blanket hiding.  Sleepy baby after a 4 mile hike. More blue blanket and binki love.  We have done good on the binki and reduced to only bedtimes!  Yeah. Water baby loves his water table and could stay out there forever. Mommy/baby selfie at t-ball. Big boy going down the water slide.  He actually went down bigger ones, but I had to be right there to catch him.  Brave little one year old!  He loves the water and slides.

Sister selfies. Baby boys making their own indoor jump zone. Bike ride through a field of daisies.  Pretty awesome. The family on a morning ride. More water table fun.  Grease sing-a-long fun with sister/bestie. The quilt that has kept me busy for the last month and half.  For my sister's birthday.  She loved!  This was my first sewing project, and a very daunting one! More Grease fun, who doesn't put a brown bag on their head?

I can't believe July is next week and that we have been here for almost 9 months.  I'm still trying to find my groove, I joined a mom's group that is a town over.  But, I haven't ventured to it yet.  It just seems so weird going to a random group.  I wish I had friends out here, I guess with time it will happen.

Puppy is coming here July 13th!  We are so so so excited!  We are going to name her Hartley Grace.  We got to see them a couple weeks ago, and they were so tiny and cute!  Can't wait to have her here.  Daddy will be taking time off in the middle of July, thank goodness.  Will is getting checked out for a possible milk allergy.  All of a sudden, he seems to be not tolerating it well.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Then my sweet baby Eli, has kind of slowed down in the talking department.  He says mama and dada but, and a couple other words, so he is in the process of getting some extra help.  Gross motor wise, the kid is crazy.  Flips, climbs, runs, goes down big boy slides, acts like a big boy and gives me a heart attack!  Thankfully he hasn't tried to climb out of his crib, yet.

Hoping I can be a better blogger and stay somewhat up to date.  It's hard playing catch up!


amanda said...

LOVE that quote :)

and love getting all caught up - looks like summer is in full effect in your hood!!

Anonymous said...

What a great trip!! Glad you guys had so much fun even with colds! Can I ask you how much your flights were? I have been trying to figure out how to get to Chicago for my best friend's birthday August 2nd and I can't find anything cheaper that $300.