Friday, September 13, 2013

Holy Batman...We're Back!

Time to dust off the blog.  Wow!  Did not think the last time I was on here was July.  Life happens, and blogging takes a back burner.

Instead of trying to fill in 2 months worth of stuff, I will just start off with the Will's first day of school. He started August 20th, on a hot summer day with both his mom and dad there to see him off.  His teacher is amazing, a veteran and it is exactly what Will needs. He has done so well adjusting to full day kindergarten, but boy do I miss him!  He also has brought home a couple colds and a stomach flu.  No fun.  Hoping all those germs are building his little immune system.  

Will sits next to girls, which has been a blessing.  He now loves to color and is very meticulous when it comes to doing his homework.  I think those girls have motivated him and I like it!

Of course I can't leave my littlest dude out.  He started speech therapy this week.  He is going to have his hearing tested in two weeks and I am trying my hardest to come up with things that he enjoys.  He loves trains and cars and makes the sound of them all the time.  Good thing we live near the train station, which we try and go by everyday.  My little guy has had me so worried, that every spare minute I have, I want to spend nurturing and loving on him.

So...this is not the last of us.  We will be back, I promise.


Carly said...

SO CUTE! Happy first day of school. My son loves trains too. He would be in heaven if we lived close to a train station!

Anonymous said...

So glad Will is adjusting well to full day Kindergarten! Praying for you and for Eli.. so stressful but I am sure you will see some progress soon!

amanda said...

welcome back batman :)

baby steps right?

happy week friend!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

So so glad school is going well for Will.

I hope the speech therapy is quite the success, too!