Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Long Over Due...

This post and this trip were and are long over due.  Does that make sense?  Being able to go on a road trip with your sister and kids was something for the memory book.  Being able to be on that road trip to Nebraska to visit my maternal grandparents, was simply amazing.

I have to get it all down before our next adventure, which is happening in just 3 days!  We are headed to the beautiful, Ft. Myers Beach in Florida.  So exited!

1.baby running main st 2. with the grandparents at the cheesecake factory, they were slightly overwhelmed 3. lilly taking baby eli for a ride on grandpa's 3 wheeler 4. baby eli sitting in grandma's chair/he was quite demanding of her attention when we were there, so sweet 5. grandma, jj and myself doing duck lips, too funny 6. lilly was in nebraska and iowa at the same time 7. grandma with baby eli 8. giving grandpa a smoochie...love him 9. will and lilly riding the 3 wheeler, it was pure entertainment for a good hour

1. will at the hotel taking a little swim 2. mommy on the 3 wheeler taking baby eli for a ride 3. swim suit is just a bit too big there eli, total water baby. don't look at my hair. total bed head friz mess! 4. baby model as we now like to call him. at the photo shoot in detroit for vw's summer catalog 4. lilly and will, up to no good 5. see...hours of entertainment on said 3 wheeler 6. will getting his modeling on 7. trying to control baby model 8. eli entertained by the $165 car...yeah i know, ridiculous!

One of my favorite pictures from the trip and of all time.  I love seeing the kids in the back, the endless side walk, the yard that I played in many a times as a child, and sitting on the front steps where I am sure my mom had.  So many memories there as a child, that are hard for me to remember without my older siblings.  Truly blessed to have amazing, loving grandparents and wonderful siblings to share these memories with.

Hoping to be more present on here after we get back from Florida.  With the move, spring break, and getting settled, it's been a challenge to get back in the groove.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Pre trip Pre easter Pre bloggy break

We have been on a bit of a break.  Home schooling.  Oh the joys... Moving.  Unpacking.  Many Target trips thrown in the mix for mindless things.  Decorating.  Making our new house, a home. 

A fun day of crafting thrown in the mix, to put smiles on all of our faces.

There is nothing like your smiles.  Will and Eli, you make my world so much brighter.  Thank you for the giggles, the brotherly love, the hugs and smooches (from Will).  And Eli, thank you for the warm, and sweet snuggles.

Big milestone happened today.  We signed you up for Kindergarten today, Will.  Didn't mean much to you, but my heart warmed and tears filled my eyes.  You are amazing. You taught me how to be the mommy I am today. Thank you.