Friday, January 10, 2014

Catching up...

I have made a promise to myself, that I must update this little blog of mine at least once a week.  Not only to remember these special moments, but to see how far we have come.  We are on a long journey for sure, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  Without my 3 boys, my heart would be empty.

Baby boy enjoying the snow and the sounds of the snow plows up and down our street.  Little Hart Hart loves the snow and playing with her brother's in it.  Eli loves sledding but would much rather take in all the sounds of winter.  A long over due photo of Halloween.  They were so cute and Will was beyond thrilled that he was Mario!  He's even having a Mario party for his upcoming 6th Birthday! What! Eli enjoying a little play time at his gym class.  He'd much rather run all over the soccer field. Whatever gets him tired is fine by me.  He is a bundle of energy. Willsy and his Mario stache.  He is the king of make believe with such a wild imagination.  I am one lucky mama! Will, the snow kid enjoying his winter holiday by sledding, non stop. Getting crafty with mom for a school project.  He is just so kissable.

Updates: Eli has been incorporating new sounds into his vocabulary.  The "ish" is more prevalent along with "da" and "ma". Has been doing awesome with fine motor skills, like coloring with bath crayons, and putting blocks in the right spots. His gross motor skills have always been amazing, but now he thinks he can literally step off the couch, jump from the side of the couch and double step the stairs. Que freaked out mama, I have had my heart skip a beat on many occasions.

He still pats his belly or flaps his arms when he is waiting/excited about something that is getting ready to happen.  Toe walks.  Has had a couple "terrible twos" tantrums. Loves water!  Splashes, and dumps water in his head in the bath. Enjoys having his weighted blanket on him when watching Thomas or Super Why. Overall we have seen tons of improvement but still no definite words. February with mark 30 months and that is when we will most likely be seeing a developmental pediatrician.  Which will give us a bit more information about Eli.  Nervous and anxious is an understatement, but I am staying positive because he really is such a smart little guy.

As for my Will, he was so thankful to go back to school after a long winter break. We had numerous snow days and bitter cold temperatures that left us inside.  He really enjoyed Christmas this year and it was amazing to see it through his eyes.  It makes the holidays so much easier to see their smiling faces light up with each toy they open.  He is getting ready to turn 6 in just 13 days!  EEK.  That means I have been blogging for 6 years!  So hard to believe that he is becoming such a big boy.  He wanted to do a home party and invite his friends from school.  Should be interesting since we live in a town house, but we are going to make it work.  We are having a Mario party and he and I have been busy planning away.  I can't wait for it all to come together and see the excitement on party day.

Will is reading!  It is shocking.  A kid that hated coloring, didn't want to write, now loves doing it all. He was so upset when we had three snow days and wanted to go back to school.  He told me he needed to get his learn on!  Hilarious. He is quite the history buff and currently loves watching or reading anything about Titanic.  Hoping we can find a documentary for him because he is obsessed.

As for me, I have applied to many gyms but a lot are either too far or just not hiring.  I guess living in a small town, I can expect that.  That's why I have decided to put my sewing/crafting skills to good use. I am going to start a little business that helps kids with sensory processing disorder, sleep and autism. I mentioned before that I made Eli's weighted blanket for him and how much it has helped.  So...I am going to make blankets and lap pads.  At least for now.  It is going to be called Eli's Weighted Blankets.  I'm going to use the face book outlet and possibly etsy.  I am still getting prices and measurements together, so hopefully by February, I will have something to show. I am really excited to get started and hopefully help others.

Happy Weekend!


amanda said...

love the catch up friend!

and can't wait to see where your new little biz takes you this year!

ps and dude it's RAINING!! yay!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the delayed comment.. I am catching up on my blog reader after Sammy was sick last week! So glad you are going to keep us updated on how your sweet boys and your family is doing! Yay for some new sounds from Eli! I think the blanket business sounds awesome!! Yay for reading and Mario birthday parties! That was what Sammy's was when he turned 6 too :-)