Thursday, February 27, 2014

See you later's been real

Mommy/Willsy selfie. First day of basketball fun/Willsy with the ball. Someone is a tad excited for the first day of basketball. 100th day of school fun, and where has the time gone? Two sickies becoming Picasso's on a cold, winter day. Early wake up, calls for a nap at 7am with the weighted blanket. Double ear infections and a dump truck...ugh. One of the many weighted lap pads I have made this month for Eli's Weighted Blankets. Someone running free at Will's basketball practice.

Early morning ER visit when Eli was very sick. High fever, double ear infections and an upper respiratory infection. No fun. Method of weighted blanket/lap pad making. Chevron lap pad for an amazing 11 year old. Someone doing a #2 behind that curtain. Potty training is in the near future. Eli painting for the very first time, a huge step forward! Proud and happy mommy here. Batman lap pad for Will, who is already doing great things at school with it.


Anonymous said...

What an awesome month!! Yay for lots of lap pads and for basketball! LOL at the hiding behind the curtain. Wooohooo on the painting!!

amanda said...

babies in the er are the saddest :( so sorry friend! hope he is back to his old self!!

ps - tomorrow we might get to 40!! squeee!! i am sitting here giddy over the dripping snow melting from our roof!!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Oh the hide and poop...we aren't there yet, so I'm thinking we aren't close to doing the whole training thing. I hate that!

And, yay for painting. I love it.