Friday, March 28, 2008

More Smiles..giggles..Easter Bunny and FOUR shots..ouch

This past week has gone by really quickly with new and exciting adventures to tell in Will's life. He smiles all the time now, when he wakes from a nap you can get anywhere between 5-15 smiles. It is the cutest thing to see his personality start to appear. He has also started to giggle, we have noticed it a lot in his sleep, to see a 2 month old laugh is the most amazing thing. We could just stare at him for hours, our new favorite show is the "Will Show".

We saw the Easter Bunny which was pretty much uneventful considering we had to wake him up, he looked like he got swallowed by the Easter Bunny! I think next year will be a little better, I just hope that he will not be scared of him.

Then Will had to get his 2 month shots this week which I was dreading because they say a fever and fussiness come with the territory. Will is usually a calm and quiet baby well, we saw the wrath of what shots will do to him! He only ran a fever for a day but the fussiness was out of control. He did however have the best sleep, as did I since he has been born. He almost slept through the night! The doctor said that he is actually doing really well with his sleep schedule and might start sleeping through the night sooner than we think. I can't wait for that night! The doctor also diagnosed him with a case of acid reflux, arching of the back, shrilling cries when eating. I am relieved that it has started to work even though we are only in our second day he seems to be adjusting to it and it is making his feedings more enjoyable for us both.

Will's Stats:

12 lbs. 5 ounces-75 %

25 1/2 inches-95%

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