Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Updated News..

So it has taken me a while to get back to the blog thing. Will has been keeping me quite busy and we have all been having issues. But we are back. I will try and be more regular. Who knew a baby would keep you so busy?? LOL!
Will is growing like a weed, he smiles and giggles a lot. He has found his hands and sucks on them regularly. We actually think that he might be in the beginning stages of teething as he is drooling so much and he is chewing on anything that is near his mouth. I thought it was a little early but they say it can happen. He just got his first haircut, if you have seen the pics on this blog you will see why. His hair grows really fast and was getting a little wild.
About a week or so ago we started to give him a little cereal, not much but it has made a world of difference is his sleeping habits. He usually falls asleep between 7-8:30pm and then will usually wake us around 4-5:30. That part is good, but somehow he is has been very difficult for us to get him to sleep in his crib. We have determined that our little man loves vibrations hence why he likes to sleep in his bouncer. But we have been making attempts at getting him in there and we have found a vibration/musical/light doo-hicky that we are going to get that you attach to a crib and it vibrates the crib. The other cool thing is it is voice activated, so when he cries it will start up again. I am hoping this will work. He is getting a little too big to be sleeping in his bouncer at night. I have told Lew though, the next kid(years down the road) will be put in the crib from birth. IT will be so much easier! WHO KNEW! No one worned me about this.
Now, Will is in his crib, I am hoping and praying that he will sleep tell his first feeding, we shall see. I have Seal's "Amazing" on our ipod playing over and over. That is one of his favorite songs.
Oh, almost forgot, Will has been doing really well on sitting him, not un-assited but he is so strong. We did get him one of those bumbo chairs, which he likes. I will post some new pics when I get on our other computer. It is the most wonderful thing to see how a newborn can change so quickly, you think where did those months go? Good night for now.
Jenny :)

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Erin & Jeremy said...

Yea! I'm glad you gave us all some new info on Will. I hope the new bed shaker thing works.