Sunday, April 27, 2008

To Ferberize or not to ferberize..that is the question...

As I mentioned last week, we have been trying to get Will to sleep in his crib. Well we are going on our 6th consecutive night. We are thrilled! We tried Dr. Ferber's method of leaving him in his crib for a certain amount of time and then going in and checking on him. That did not work! He was so furious with us. So we will continue to rock him to sleep. I figure once he gets more active he will be putting himself to sleep. Sleeping in his crib has changed his sleeping patterns a little but I will take that over him sleeping in his bouncer. I do get a little paranoid and check on him a lot but I think it is me just getting used to him being in another room. So the next thing that we will work on is getting him to sleep a little more through the night. I have heard of a book called "Baby Wise" so I am going to check that out and see if it has any helpful hints for this.

I have noticed that at 3 months there is a lot that Will wants to grab onto and suck on but he can't quite get it to his mouth, sometimes he is successful though. At this stage you can also see when they are getting bored, need more entertainment, or just want to be held. This weekend my next purchase for the little guy will be one of those activity saucers. He has pretty good stability, his neck is getting much stronger, so if he is only in it for a couple of minutes, hey it is a couple of minutes. That will be exciting.

You can see his personality coming out as well, he definitly knows who his mommy and daddy are and if you leave from his sight and he is in a mood, he will let you know.

I have been debating on when to go back to work and if I wanted to go full time. I have been doing a little bit of Personal Training on the side. I actually had an interview last week for a Personal Training position that would give me the chance to work for myself, which is kind of nice. I can make some of my own hours, which would be perfect for Will. So we shall see what pans out.

Oh, we got rid of our big gas guzzler Tahoe and got a Ford Escape. It is really cute and perfect for our little family.

Here is a pic of Will, with one of his fishing hats on.. He does not really like hats but he will definitly need them in the summer! Too Cute!!!

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Aunt Shannon said...

How about this dont Ferberize, lol! Ah Will you look so cute, did you catch anything?

We love and miss you much!