Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sore neck..sore knees..sore hips!!!

So with all the rocking that I am doing to put Will sleep my neck, my elbows, my knees, my back, you name it it is hurting!! I feel like I have tendinitis in all my joints. I just got the book Baby Wise today that helps parents get babies on routines, so I am hoping that this book helps me. Lew will try and rock our little guy but it is not the same for him. I think he is so used to me doing the rocking. I will let you know how the book is, I have heard some great reviews on it.
The newest news on Will... lately he has been trying to roll over. If you move a toy over his head and go side to side he really follows it and almost gets over on his side. It is amazing! He is entranced by lights and bright blinking colors. It all happened so quickly, his eyes opened up and he is seeing everything. He is reaching for toys over him, he has grabbed them a couple times and when he does he takes it right to his mouth. So cute! Will also enjoys going in the stroller on warm days..he makes cooing sounds and laughs when the air hits his face. He is the ever changing baby, so I will keep updating often.

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Erin & Jeremy said...

Sounds like he is doing really well! I hope your soreness is feeling better. Poor Mommy!