Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Checkout My Teeth..and look what my Daddy got me!

"Wait Daddy, I am not ready. I need to get my smile on."

"Hi all my girl friends! Check out these teeth. Yep! I have 6 teeth. I have one on the bottom that is going to make an appearance any day. I tell you what though, these babies keep me up at night!"

So...Mommy said that she tried to fix this so you could see it better. But she didn't feel like dealing with it. So do what I do and turn your head side ways so you can see it. You do not want to miss what my Daddy got me!

Later Bloggy Friends...



amanda said...

oh my goodness honey look at all those teeth!!

i wonder if beans will ever catch up!

Marketing Gurl said...

He is all smiles so cute!!!

Andrea said...

So cute!

Clare said...

i can't believe all of his precious teeth! what a cute smile...I hope you are getting some sleep though! XO, C

Chelle said...

Oh, Will, I love all your little teeth!

You have been a busy little guy, haven't you?!

And as always....too freaking cute!

Aunt Shannon said...

ok so can I get some more pics of the little cutie and maybe some more video. We miss you so much Bubba, we cant wait to see you, soon we hope!


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Eliza says: Hey Will, what are teeth?

I can't believe he's got 6 teeth! That is awesome and a LOT of hard work!

My kids would go bananas over that Elmo stocking!