Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy 15 Months Willsey...

Today my baby is 15 months old! Not really a baby anymore but in my eyes he is. Things that you are doing now...

climbing up stairs
climbing on our bed
climbing on furniture and getting yourself down
you are almost able to take a step up by yourself
you know when you have made a "poo" sorry...thought he might like to know
you can point out balls and snakes in the books we read
outside you know where to find flowers and how to smell them
you scrunch your nose to smell and it is the cutest pic ever
you are such a good love any berry and pretty much any veggie
you can drink a whole sippy cup of water in less than 3 minutes which shocks us
you smile so big when you see baby Einstein come on and you love to sit in daddy's lap
you have a mouth full of teeth and are now working on your K9's
soon we are going to start a swim class and I know you will love it just as much as you love water in general
you have the most beautiful crystal blue eyes that melt my heart
when you do something amazing, I tear up
people say you are wise beyond your year, I think so too
you sometimes like to sit in your room and "read" your books by yourself
you jump up and down in your crib like a monkey
at night when I go to bed, I always fix your blankets and watch you sleep. I kiss my hand and press it to your face
i am so blessed to have you in my life and so happy that today on your 15 month birthday the sun is shining for you
happy 15 month birthday my sweet Will


Anonymous said...

ooo yay Happy 15 months Will!

Marketing Gurl said...

Happy 15 months! I love reading this list seeing all the wonderful things I have to look forward to! Btw: I can't shop now with out buying something for the babe! Being a mom changes us in ways we never knew or thought possible.

Clare said...

very cute!! i love all of the little things about him:)

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