Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's been a long...long...long...time...

It has been 3 long months since last posting! Hard to believe. But the mom/work/wife/side training business was a little hard for me to balance. I am now at home with Will and just doing in home personal training. My boss pretty much screwed me...he cut my hours back and I was not getting credit for all the sales I did. It made no sense to stay there for limited hours and still pay for Will's child care. So I am back...hopefully to stay.

There are so many pics and events that have happened in the last 3 months but I will start here with Easter. Will was not to into finding the eggs but would rather throw them like "balls". Which is his favorite word to say now. He has added Ma Ma, Da Da, Dog, Tank ooo (Thank you), and some more gibberish. I am just so surprised at how quickly my little bubsy is growing up.

It is so great to be back and catching up on blogs and posting about my little man, Will. Missed you all!

Golfer Hat, sweater vest and tie...who said boys are hard to shop for!

My attempt at a purple bunny cake

Will with his Ball

Will's teethy smile...just can't get enough!

Mommy and Her Bubsy

Looks like he is trying to say Ball...of course

What a perfect Easter day...Mommy and Bubsy

I think I smell Mommy's Bunny cake...or maybe I am a Bunny!

My little Tiger Woods in training...

Teething is in full force in our household...what a trooper!


Clare said...

so glad you are back! we have missed you. i hope things will work out with the training! love the easter outfit too:)

amanda said...

yay!! welcome back :)

looks like it was a wonderful easter!

A Crafty Mom said...

Is he seriously that cute? He's adorable. Leah still wants to marry him :) Glad you are doing well, the pics are amazing, but sorry to hear you got screwed by your boss. Looking forward to more posts!!!

Anonymous said...

ooo ooo welcome back! Missed you bunches! I changed my blog name but it still me that designed this one :-)! I can't believe how BIG Will has gotten!! Can't wait for all of the updates!

Chelle said...

Yay!! You're back!! I am sorry about your boss--but it really sounds like you guys have the perfect thing going on now.

Will is such a doll! When did he grow up so fast?!

I missed you!

Patrice said...

So glad you're back!! I've missed you!! Adorable pictures, totally worth the wait! ;)

Marketing Gurl said...

Where did you get that adorable outfit! I love the pants!