Sunday, April 3, 2011

He Amazes Me !

I wanted to write down some things that Willsey has been up to lately and of course so I don't forget when he started doing these things.

  • He can count to 15! Totally amazes me. He counts the stairs as he goes down and the first time he did it, I cried!

  • He loves salsa and hot salsa...he definitely is my child.

  • As you know he is obsessed with trains. Now he repeats lines from his favorite Thomas movies. The one that gets me every time is "Sizzling fire boxes" or "I like to whistle, long and hard". Hilarious. Lew just got tickets for Thomas Day out for himself and Will. I know they will have a great time and I get to have a much needed mommy day.

  • He loves school! Can't wait to go on Fridays. It is such a blessing because for a while there, he hated it. Now he loves going. I try and come a little early for pick up so I can see him in his class and what he is up to. I think he is the caring kid. Which I like.

  • Our new thing at bedtime, we give smooches. Then we blow kisses and hug ourselves. It's the cutest.

  • He loves donuts. I mean to the point where for breakfast, he won't touch anything else. It's awful. I have tried other things but haven't had much luck. He will usually eat the fruit with whatever I give him and leave the rest. Anybody have a good whole wheat donut recipe you want to share? haha.

  • When we brush teeth, we sing..."back and forth like a choo choo and up and down like the sunshine." It actually works pretty well.

  • He definitely has a sweet tooth which you can already tell, by the donuts. He loves to make cookies with me and eat the dough. Which I can't blame him because it is so good! But, I am trying to limit his sugar to just fruits and so far we have done pretty good.

  • He repeats just about everything and his favorite line in the car is, "watch out dude!"

  • Willsey loves cheese but it has to be shredded from the block of cheese, not pre-shredded. He could eat cheese for a meal. This is another thing we need to work on as he is not one to try new things, at all! Any hints here? Make him eat what we are eating or nothing at all?

I am hoping to post some pictures tomorrow of our circus adventure, which was so much fun! Have you checked out my giveaway with Mommy's Medicine Cabinet? You don't want to miss it!

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Anonymous said...

aww love all of his little sayings! What sweet memories you just recorded :-)