Monday, April 18, 2011

On our way to the beach ...

We are headed to florida...with bad colds but hoping the sunshine will make us better! Have a great week.
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Monday, April 11, 2011

being schooled by a picky eater . . .

The picky eating is totally out of control in this house. To the point it drives me mad and to one point it doesn't because lately I have needed some predictability. Will is so picky that I can literally name all the foods he will it goes. Pretty much any cereal, lucky for me he likes the healthy ones. Blueberries Bananas Apples Raisins/Crasins , Anything that contains peanut butter, PBJ sandwiches, BBQ Baked Lays chips, Goldfish, Pretzels, Tortilla chips with salsa, Grated cheese...must not be pre-grated. ugh! French fries, Chocolate milk, Apple juice, Loves water, which I love. Donuts..yeah i know. Pasta, Yogurt sometimes, Popcorn, Cheese Chips better known as shredded from the block cheese on baked tortilla chips. That is pretty much what he eats. He hates to try new things. The other day at school, jello was brought in for them and when I picked him up, he told me it was yuck! In fact, if I am cooking something and he doesn't like it, he tells me it's too yuck to eat! Does anyone have any helpful hints on how to get kids to try new things? Do you make your child eat what you make and if they don't eat it, that's it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Friday, April 8, 2011

And . . .

The BIG winner of the Mommy's Medicine Cabinet Giveaway is #6 ....Lindsay at Bytes of Memory! I will be emailing you soon and you have 24 hours to respond. Thanks to everyone who entered! If you are still interested in getting a bag please let me know as Mommy's Medicine Cabinet is giving a discount to all Happenings of a Bubsy readers. Also, I wanted to thank all my readers and friends for the well wishes. I really appreciate it! Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pour Your Heart Out . . . our journey towards a baby .

Today, I am linking up with Shell @ Things I Can't Say to let it all out. Thanks, Shell for the link up! If you want to check out some more amazing bloggers, go check her out.

As a lot of you know Lew and I have been trying to have a second child for quite some time now. It definitely has been a long road trying. My journey to mommy hood came easy with Will. I got pregnant within a month of getting off birth control and was actually quite surprised it happened so quickly! But he was a little blessing in disguise and was exactly what we needed at that time. I could not have asked for a better newborn, infant, toddler and now preschooler. He simply is an amazing little guy to us.

We decided to start trying last April 2010. I thought for sure by summer time I would be pregnant and welcoming a new little addition by late winter/early spring. Obviously, that didn't happen. At first I was not discouraged to say the least. I knew if we put too much pressure on ourselves it wouldn't happen. By fall I was beginning to wonder if something was the matter with me. I became moody and just not fun to be around. Lew kept telling me, it will happen when God wants it to happen for us. I believed him to an extent because, Will definitely came when we needed him.

Fast forward to the New Year and a conversation Lew had with his mom, led her to sending me Polish tricks to help get pregnant and a bunch of ovulation tests and pregnancy tests. I took it all in stride because after all, I think my mom probably would have done the same thing if she were alive. So, I started taking the ovulation tests a couple days before I thought I would be ovulating because a faint line is supposed to show up if you are getting close. Well, almost a week and half of taking those stinkin' tests and not a thing was showing up. Talk about disappointment. UGH! I just pretty much said, forget it. I am not taking another stinkin' test tomorrow and I didn't. The day after that, after I had composed myself, I took another one. HOT DOG! I was finally ovulating! Later than I had ever imagined, which is why for months, nothing was happening.

Lew had a really bad cold around this time and I said you better be ready tonight! Poor guy was so tired after a long day at work and to top it off a fever. But he took one for "our" little family and baby making was on. I'll spare you the details but for the next couple of days we were exhausted. I was patiently waiting for the period to come and I even started to have signs that it was. Big failure again! I was so annoyed and just plain tired of dealing with it all, I felt like giving up. That weekend I decided a little sister bonding time was in order and my sister and I had a nice long walk with the kids and then we snacked on some of my mom's famous bean dip with a couple corona's. Just what the doctor ordered for me.

The next day I had to train 2 clients and I just felt like crap. I came home and felt like I was going to pass out. I was dizzy and starving. Which who isn't starving when their period is coming?! Monday came along and I really started to question if i was getting the flu, which I thought Will could have brought home from school on Friday. Late on Monday, I felt like I should get a pregnancy test just to rule it out if I was in fact getting sick. Off to Target I go. I buy the pack with three tests, because who doesn't like re-assurance? Come home and go to the upstairs bathroom and take the test. I leave it on the bath tub and go away from it because I am totally tempted to stare down that sucker. Hoping if I stare long enough, I will see two lines. I come back in and what do I see? A second faint pink line! HOLY MOLY COW is what I said to myself. Then, I called down to Lew to come upstairs to double check my vision. He wasn't as positive as I was and said I should try again in the morning. Inside, I was crying and jumping for joy because I knew it had to be positive.

Lew left early for work the next day and I took the test when I woke up. POSITIVE and a lot MORE positive this time. I took a picture of it and sent it to him. He texted back, are you sure it's a second line. Me, ah yeah, totally sure babe. He was so happy, by the end of the day he had told his sister and his mother. I had called my sister that morning and told her and she was super excited as well. A couple of days later I told my Pape (dad) and he seemed over the moon. I felt totally blessed after my conversation with my Pape, I felt like my mom was there with him too. It was definitely a special moment.

I know that this baby is going to be watched over by my mom and Lew's dad forever. Because again, I feel like this little baby is a blessing, that came at just the right time for us. We are going to welcome you little one in the fall, my favoritest (just made that up) season by far! We all love you more than air little one.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

we did it on a whim...and he loved it !

Just another special event with our little man to add to the memory book.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

He Amazes Me !

I wanted to write down some things that Willsey has been up to lately and of course so I don't forget when he started doing these things.

  • He can count to 15! Totally amazes me. He counts the stairs as he goes down and the first time he did it, I cried!

  • He loves salsa and hot salsa...he definitely is my child.

  • As you know he is obsessed with trains. Now he repeats lines from his favorite Thomas movies. The one that gets me every time is "Sizzling fire boxes" or "I like to whistle, long and hard". Hilarious. Lew just got tickets for Thomas Day out for himself and Will. I know they will have a great time and I get to have a much needed mommy day.

  • He loves school! Can't wait to go on Fridays. It is such a blessing because for a while there, he hated it. Now he loves going. I try and come a little early for pick up so I can see him in his class and what he is up to. I think he is the caring kid. Which I like.

  • Our new thing at bedtime, we give smooches. Then we blow kisses and hug ourselves. It's the cutest.

  • He loves donuts. I mean to the point where for breakfast, he won't touch anything else. It's awful. I have tried other things but haven't had much luck. He will usually eat the fruit with whatever I give him and leave the rest. Anybody have a good whole wheat donut recipe you want to share? haha.

  • When we brush teeth, we sing..."back and forth like a choo choo and up and down like the sunshine." It actually works pretty well.

  • He definitely has a sweet tooth which you can already tell, by the donuts. He loves to make cookies with me and eat the dough. Which I can't blame him because it is so good! But, I am trying to limit his sugar to just fruits and so far we have done pretty good.

  • He repeats just about everything and his favorite line in the car is, "watch out dude!"

  • Willsey loves cheese but it has to be shredded from the block of cheese, not pre-shredded. He could eat cheese for a meal. This is another thing we need to work on as he is not one to try new things, at all! Any hints here? Make him eat what we are eating or nothing at all?

I am hoping to post some pictures tomorrow of our circus adventure, which was so much fun! Have you checked out my giveaway with Mommy's Medicine Cabinet? You don't want to miss it!