Friday, September 28, 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


  • Right now I am watching Dance Moms reunion.  Why?  I don't know.  Total entertainment.  Another show I started watching, Breaking Amish.  Addicting.
  • I took Will to school today and the parking lot was empty.  Hello, holiday.  Will was quite upset.  That's how much he loves school.
  • Finished my Christmas shopping for Will today.  I am sure I will pick up a few things but, the big stuff is DONE.  Yeah!
  • Is there such thing as fall allergies?  Because I totally think I have them.  Lew said they don't exist.
  • Eli still wakes at night.  Not sure why.  He walks, climbs and is non-stop.  By the end of the day, I am exhausted.  But, he still wakes.  Sometimes he falls back to sleep, other times I give water bottles to him.  A sip of that and he is back to sleep.  I have to say he is a totally different baby from Will.
  • Will ate pancakes last night.  Doesn't seem like much but, being sick his whole second year of life, really screwed up his eating habits.  So.  I take what I can get.
  • This transfer/move is stressful and exhausting.  Lew found out that his boss, wasn't doing some follow ups that he said he was doing and Lew missed out on some opportunities.  So, Lew has taken it all into his own hands.
  • I have started planning Eli's birthday party.  It is going to be Dr. Seuss themed!  I will post a pic of the invite, it turned out so cute!
  • Cleaning...what's that?  I am a total neat freak but lately, I just don't care.  With two little ones, there is always something else to do.  Vacuum...ha.  That happens once a week, maybe twice if I am lucky.
  • My sister got sick last week and ended up having to have surgery.  It makes me realize how much I love her, and when we move, I will not be able to run to her side like I did.  Being a grown up stinks sometimes.  It also makes me miss my mom.
  • Have you watched Parenthood?  LOVE.  Has to be my favorite show.
  • Just got a new crock pot, one pot meals make me happy.
  • Finally have started to pamper myself a little.  I always feel so guilty buying myself something, even if I really need it.  I haven't bought myself new sweaters/winter clothes in years.  Yesterday.  I bought myself 3 sweaters!  It felt good and I didn't second guess myself, because I do NEED them.
  • Being a mom, has to be one of the hardest jobs.  It makes me wonder how my mom did it all.  She worked and still managed to make me feel special.  I hope I am as great as she was.

Monday, September 24, 2012


I have been meaning to post these for about the last two weeks but just have been too busy!  My life in a nutshell...Train clients, take Will to school, workout, chase after an almost 1 year old who thinks he is turning 2, pick up from school, run errands, make dinner, possibly train again, throw in a walk and some outside fun, then dinner in there somewhere.  

Not only is it exhausting for me, but for my Willsy too.  He has been sleeping so soundly, and late I might add.  He loves school, never wants to be picked up at the end of the day.  Today he told me that a girl wanted to marry him but he said no because he is just a boy.  Then he said he didn't like girls, but he loved me.  Can we keep it that way?  Forever?

Lew just had an interview last week, keep your fingers crossed for him.  We are quite anxious at this point and really hoping to be moved before the holidays start to hit.  Who knew and transfer could take this long!

My sweet Willsy on his first day of Pre K!

Monday, September 17, 2012


I have always been a bit anxious, but when I had the boys, my anxiety sky rocketed.  With Will I was a bit over bearing.  Being a first time mom, I think that that is expected.  He broke his foot before his second birthday, bonked his head multiple times learning to walk, and the year of ear infections added to it all.  Needless to say, I became a bit over protective and tried to manage my anxiety with medication, which didn't work.

Now, with Mr. Eli, he really makes me anxious.  He was crawling early, and started pulling up on things by the time he was 7 months.  Started walking last month at 9.5 months.  Hello...ANXIETY!  I have to say, I have gotten better about bumps and bruises with him.  A little bit calmer, but the nervousness is still there.

Until this weekend.  My little, sweet, precious, dare devil Eli was walking around like the drunkin' sailor and scared the crap out of me.  I was washing dishes and I hear him padding around behind me, and the next thing I know, he has pulled the over door open on himself!  He is tall, so he reached on the dish towel that was wrapped over the bar and pulled!

At first I thought for sure he knocked his bottom two teeth out, because they just looked pulled forward.  He was crying hysterically and his bottom lip was a bit swollen.  No blood, no bruising.  But, mama was totally freaked out.  He wouldn't let me stick my finger in his mouth to check the teeth, so I decided to take him to the doctor.

At this point, I am so tense, totally freaking out that my baby messed up his teeth.  And then I am blaming myself for not locking the oven door.  When the doctor checked him out, he probably thought I was crazy because he said he looked fine.

It is so strange to me how my anxiety totally took over and I never took a moment to analyze the situation.  My baby was fine.  But, in my mind it felt like the world was crumbling.  This is the first time, I really freaked out with Eli.  I am hoping that the next time something happens, I can walk myself through it a little better.

Because after all, I have two rambunctious boys.  I think I need to start doing Yoga again!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Beach Overload...

So...there is major picture overload.  I think there was close to 1000 photos to go through.  Crazy?  Yes.  Let's start from the beginning.

1-3.Passed on this last year but since Will loves monster trucks, we knew we would have to make this stop this year.  Of course, he loved it.  Grave Digger headquarters with a mini pet farm, a cafe, garage and mini monster truck track.  Oh boy!! 4. Sweet little Eli checking out the beach house.  That! 5. Willsy checking out the goats at Grave Digger's headquarters because what monster truck place doesn't have a pet farm? 6. Crazy baby climbing on furniture.  7. First night at the beach and already digging and fishing.  Boys. 8. Why..hello little sand crab. 9. Beach house view.  Can't go wrong hearing the ocean at night.  love.

1. Someone is obsessed with me. 2. Not sure about this sand mom. 3. Okay..I guess I can deal with it. 4. Hey mom..think you got enough pictures of me? 5. Fine.  I am not looking at you crazy, obsessed lady. 6. No really. Stop taking my picture and get my hands out of this sand. 7. I am out of here.  Shark butt and all. 8. Okay.  I love you mom and I can't get enough of you either. 9. I am obsessed with you too, so here's the perfect picture.

1. Smoochable face. Love. 2. Hey mom, look at that dead fish.  No.  Not sure what it is. 3. That's the fighting chair.  Didn't do much fighting but for one fish.  Boo. 4. First catch on the beach with Daddy.  We catch and release. 5. Checking out those shiners. aka..bate fish. 6.'s a big one! 7. Umm...Daddy?  Where are the fish?  Daddy's response...that's why it's called fishing.  Nice. 8. Shiners..aka Will's pet fish.  9. Cool dude with his spider man glasses and eating messy donuts.

1. Back floating cannonball. 2. Touching the ocean for the first time with mommy. 3. Sandy toes...a complete set. 4. Building a construction site in the sand.  5. Daddy and baby boy. 6. Another smoochable face. 7. Hey Daddy...look I am at the beach! 8. Major cheese smile with a bit of sun in the mix. 9. Ahh....this is the life.  It's 5:00 somewhere, right Eli?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

first day jitters...

This definitely depicts my little, silly dude.  
The class clown/social butterfly, spread his wings yesterday and started a new adventure, Pre K!
He was ready and I was a bit emotional.
Can't believe this is the same boy that clung to my leg in the 2's class.  
Now, he can't wait to go and hates to leave school.
I told him I would miss him so much.  He told me, I will miss you too but don't worry, I will come back.
Needless to say, he had an amazing first day and loved every minute of it.
To many first days, and teary mom eyes, my sweet butterfly.

Love you always, more than air.