Tuesday, January 22, 2013

baby steps...

We did it.  After being a part of this mom's group for a month, we finally met a mom.  WOO HOO!  Not sure if I had an instant connection with her, but her son is a little younger than Eli.  If anything it will be good for Eli to have a new little friend.  I am going to take him to a little play area at the local rec center on Friday, and she said she was going to be there.

First step done.  I can't tell you how much anxiety I have had, just trying to meet people.  I would say I am pretty outgoing, but I have to get to know you first.  Who knows, this new mom might become a good friend.

Then today, I got a call from a gym that I applied to a couple of weeks ago.  I kind of thought my resume might have gotten lost in the shuffle, and was pleasantly surprised.  A gym might be a bit of a challenge working in, because of the boys.  But, being married is a partnership, and hoping we can figure out something, so I can get some me time.

Speaking of anxiety, I have finally realized with this move, that I might have a little case of it.  I tend to be ocd and have always been an anxious person, but can usually get it under control.  Lately, not so.  So..I think I am going to make a drs. appointment to just discuss my options.  I can't go on living with anxiety for the littlest things.  Baby steps, right?

Tomorrow is some one's big 5th birthday.  Holy moly!  He has a busy day planned with school, a little party there.  Then off to a choo choo restaurant for a late lunch.  Cake and presents, and lots of play time with some new toys.  I can't believe he will be 5 at 11:54 am tomorrow!  I feel like I should get a present for the labor that little guy put me through...I remember that like it was yesterday!

Time to get moving on the birthday boy's cake.  Thomas...here I come!


Lindsay said...

woohoo on meeting a mom! I hope you guys hit it off! I can't wait to see how the cake turns out!

amanda said...

honey that is huge!! hope it goes well :)

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

That's wonderful that you met someone finally. It will be fun!

I hope the party is a blast!