Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Looking at the calendar and seeing that it is now January 9, I think where is the time going?  We moved here October 29.  This year my first born will be going to kindergarten!  Crazy.  In my mind, I am rambling and going a million miles a minute.  But, then I look outside and things seem the same.  See.  Rambling.
I really, really, really am trying to get used to this move.  I am sure you are tired of hearing about it.  But, moves are challenging.  I was so excited for it to happen, but of course there will always be challenges.  I miss my clients, I miss training.  Being a full time mommy, all the time, is tough.  Those hours that I was able to get away during the week, really did help.
I have to say, I did join a moms group.  Haven't met any moms yet.  Will and I are going to a Mommy/kid yoga class on Saturday, so I will hopefully meet some there.  Who knows, maybe they might give me a job?!  Just trying to stay positive my friends.
And because I am kind of lazy at the moment, I did not collage these.  Not even going to enlarge them. :)

Had to capture a rare moment...Will eating a hamburger! He is becoming a bit more willing.  A little bit.

My sweet niece, Lilly Bear trying on her nerd glasses we got her for Christmas.

Will fell asleep after Lilly snuggled him up with all her stuffies.

 Mr. Eli so excited about his lightening mcqueen push car!  It was a hit.
 Lego Trex Dino extravaganza!  Happy Boy.
 Downtown pretty during Christmas.
 The inch of snow we got, was enough to break in the new sled.  He loved it!  Come on snow!
 Cookies for Santa...he loved them!
Santa came!
Stocking presents..
Not sure if I had mentioned but we were able to go back to VA the day after Christmas.  It was a great trip and the boys did amazing!  Missed Lew, but it was so great to see my other family too.  I will have to do a post about flying soon, it was an adventure for sure.


Anonymous said...

What fun! Love the boys with their presents and your cutie niece with her nerd glasses!

amanda said...

so not tired of hearing about the move...i am right there with you friend. good and bad :)

love the peek at the holidays - so fun!!

ps - i think you should just start training bloggy friends virtually? a whole new business model!!

Natalie said...

So glad the boys traveled well and those cookies look so yummy!

Amanda said...

Love the look of the Christmas tree. And even though I didn't make as big of a move as you, when I moved out of the first place that I lived since my parents I felt really lost, alone and challenged. There's just something about trying to figure out where your place is in this new physical place, ya know? You're not alone. It definitely takes some time to adjust.

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

I can't even imagine moving now. I mean we moved here without kiddos, so we could go out and hang with people, but trying to meet moms and friends now? I can see how it would be so emotional.

I hope you find some clients soon..I know that would be motivating.

Carly said...

I love the little moments captured here. The cookies look amazing and make me hungry. Precious family memories.